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Avatar f tn t know names of medicine but u could try lemon, honey and garlic tea for the sinus headache. The garlic should clear it up. Heartburn I eat tums but it doesn't always work :( A warm rag on ur forehead could probably help ur fever and even a headache. If ur google natural ways to get over sinus headaches or fevers while pregnant u should find a lot of suggestions. Just giving u different options since ur doctor's not helping.
Avatar m tn Ive had this headache for 4 weeks now i woke up with it one morning. it was above my left eye. it has since migrated to around my eyes and then towards the back of my head and has decreased in intensity. its not throbing but hurts when i exert myself or bend over. if i sneeze it hurts my head pretty bad for a couple minutes. about a week ago i started having hearing problems. I have loud ringing or buzzing in my ears and voices sometimes sound like robots.
Avatar f tn my headache specialist said that melantonin has some of the same effect on this headache as indomethacin. Perhaps that is a medication you could try to avoid your allergy triggers...
Avatar f tn I know that Benadryl is safe during pregnancy but that stuff knocks me out and the rest of my day is shot... Any suggestions on what other allergy medication is safe to take? That won't make me drowsy?
Avatar m tn Did your chest pain start after the headache? Sometimes allergy medications will increase your heart rate or disturb the rythym of your heart. Do you have a history of allergies or heart problems? Have you ever been diagnosed with a heart murmur? Is this the first time you have ever had this feeling in your chest? You mentioned you are stressed and you take medication for depression?
Avatar n tn I have a son who is a chronic allergy sufferer. He can have a constant runny nose, itchy eyes, etc. He takes allergy medication (OTC) year round and it definitely helps. However, he also gets colds, viruses and infections. You get those BEFORE you get the symptoms that are like allergy symptoms but they also can be signs of a cold. :>) How often does this happen?
Avatar f tn You sound alot like I did a year ago! Every single thing that you have mentioned, I have expierenced. Yes, when the weather changes, my allergies spin out of control. When I finally went to my Doctor, he put me on Omnaris Allergy Nasal Spray. It works wonders for me! If your Doctor hasn't suggested an allergy medication, this may be an option for you. Before a year ago, I had never had allergies, nor had I taken allergy medication.
Avatar f tn Prolonged or chronic headaches may also be caused by cluster headache or Hemicrania continua, a rare type of chronic daily headache. Cluster headaches also present with pain in the vicinity of the eye while hemicrania continua may vary in intensity but it never completely disappears. The precise causes and risk factors are unknown but medication overuse, stimulants such as caffeine, anxiety, sleep disorders and even obesity have been linked. Check with your doctor for proper evaluation.
Avatar f tn I had very similar things going on, with dizziness too. The doctors told me anxiety was a great deal of it, now that I'm on anxiety\depression medication it's not as bad.. I also go to a neurologist for the headache that still occurs.. Naproxen is a good medication for them. It could be a great deal of many small things, I also have fibromyalgia so docs say sometimes these things happen.
Avatar m tn But I have a chronic headache... ( tension headache + sinus allergy )....I am in medication and I am recovering from it very well......beside I see some changes in my penis and just above that area.......before taking this medication,i had severe headache and sinus allergy and wheneve i do hand practice, the very next day i will be tired and energyless.....
Avatar f tn Does anyone know of some safe headache medications to take?
Avatar m tn You can take the celebrex as an acute medication while the topamax may be your preventive medication. Discuss this with your doctor for proper management. Take care and regards.
Avatar m tn So I guess one of the reasons causing my headache is allergy. For one thing, I can not bear the smell of grass, especially when I see people mow grasses outside. I will start feeling itching in the eyes and nose, then, bad headache. So I took Excedrin for pain relief. It worked well after a little while. But the worst of all, I seem to rely on the Excedrin whenever I had the same kind of headache, which I do not really know a name for the kind of headache.
Avatar n tn Ceftriaxone) that didn’t go well. The medication did cure a Urinary Tract Infection quickly, but it left me with damages that I still suffer today.
Avatar m tn Ask a pharmacist. However, I took an allergy medication with zoloft. I took the allergy medicine an hour before my zoloft. It may cause more drowsiness but its ok to take. At least my doctor said it was and I was fine while doing so.
1025806 tn?1333572690 I would suggest instead of treating these headaches as sinus headaches in the beginning, treat them as migraine headaches right away (since that is what they turn into) and use a triptan (prescription migraine medication) at the first sign of the headache. The reason why I suggest this is because it has been discovered that almost all sinus headaches aren't actually sinus headaches but are in fact migraine headaches.
Avatar n tn Keep trying some artificial tears, consider a mild allergy drop like Elestat, have an allergy workup. Keep in close contact with your doctors and avoid smoking and make sure you take good care of yourself. Look into medication side effects, and environmental factors as contributing factors. You need caring, excellent doctors to help you with this one.
14134394 tn?1433069640 You should try some sinus/allergy medication. This is the season.
Avatar f tn What about allergy and sinus? You may have an allergy to something at work. I get back of the head headaches that I call my chem headaches. Larger doses of something airborne like chemicals would cause these headaches. Just a thought.