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Avatar f tn Take it for a headache. Intended effect: headache pain goes away. Side effect: blood gets thinner. OK, now take aspirin to reduce heart attack risk. Intended effect: thinner blood. Side effect: tummy ache. (But hey! Your headache is gone!) Let's try -chocolate! Take it for release of endorphins, but also get zits and constipation. (or is it the other way?) You get the idea.
Avatar f tn Well, there is something called the Thomas Recipe. It will help. Look up the member "goingtomakeit", click on his name. It has listed in his journals. I would post it here, but it is long.
4041825 tn?1359292686 I'm so sick of coughing and hacking to no end! The cough syrup I'm using isn't working, nor are the cough drops, chloraseptic spray, gargling salt water, vicks vapor rub....ect ect. Any of you ladies know of a home remedy to get rid of a cough? My ribs and my belly feel like they're about to split! Plus I can't sleep.
Avatar f tn I just went to the washroom and whatever skin tag/wart that may be on my perineum is bleeding since I applied the tea tree oil.......I have no clue!
Avatar n tn hi welcome to the forum sice your tight onmoney tell us what is bothering you the most and will try to treat your worst symptoms like for restless legs walmart carys highlands restful legs its only like 4 bucks and works wounders if thats got ya as fro most symptoms a simple hot soak in the tub will do the most for you ebsom salt helps it cheep and forces magnesium into your system vitimin b-12 will help with energy again walmart 6 bucks but give us som feedback on whats tormenting you and will
Avatar n tn almost swollen shut and my eyelids are itchy and scaly. I took allergy medicine but nothing seems to help. What could this be from and how do I remedy it?
Avatar m tn Use reputable allergy avoidance products throughout your home. Wash your hands after having contact with your pet and avoid using carpeting, draperies and upholstered furniture in your home since allergens will collect there. Also wash and brush your pet each week. Replace carpets with linoleum or wood. Vacuum(with HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners) soft furniture and curtains as well as floor Wash carpets and upholstery with special cleaners, such as benzyl benzoate or tannic acid spray.
792848 tn?1237098953 Hello, my husband nose bleeding a while ago, he has a headache, slight fever and cough for almost 5days now. He is a seaman, he just left to china last saturday morning(7am) and arrive at hotel around 9pm. Work environment: Until now they still at hotel since the ship not completely done and ready to go. The hotel is far from the shipyard. Travel time from hotel to shipyard is 1hr. History: He has an allergy and every morning, itching and sinus is very normal to him.
436469 tn?1248973845 t take it now the best thing for me is to catch before it becomes a migraine and just take tylenol eat or sleep depending on if it came on by not eating or sleeping. There are also home remedy books for headaches and migraines you could check those out.
935339 tn?1289952951 I agree this is an ALLERGY to something in your home but most likely the food she is eating....if the ingredient is chicken switch to something else right now for starters...also are you positive there are no flea's has she been treated?? Has she seen a Vet??
Avatar f tn I know with this virus you get a fever and headache. For the last 48 hours I have had both and nothing I have taken seems to help ( ibuprofen). Is there something that you guys can recommend to help relieve this killer headache and fever, thx.
577603 tn?1217700205 I also have food allergies but I am trying to work out the latest allergy. In the last year I have been woken up in the night with what feels like flu- hurting all over, including my face and I have shortness of breath and find it difficult to breath. I'm normally wiped out for the day and have had to take time off work before. Most of these incidents have happened while I was at my mums house and she has wet rot in the beams- I'm wondering if I'm allergic to the mold spores?
Avatar f tn I wake up with avid relfux and it really *****, I am also trying to figure out a home remedy lol
Avatar f tn Hello mummies . Please tell me that the headache is normal at this point . I'm 16 weeks now and I've been suffering from terrible headache for a week . Any remedy recommended? Thanks.
Avatar f tn I just read about a natural remedy today actually! Put your wrists in cold water (the tap turned on cold works) and put a heat pack on the back of your neck. Worth a try!
Avatar n tn Is there a nasty tasting home remedy we can make to spray on him to get him to stop. He is not lonely, always someone home and we have another cat, we have not moved or changed anything about the cat's diet, schedule, etc. He just obsessively licks.
Avatar f tn If you dont want to pump tylenol go to walmart and get a fifty cents bottle of peppermint oil in the candles section and rub it over the spot where the headache is. Works like a charm for me and is a natural home remedy. Im not sure about the sharp pain though, im sorry!!
Avatar m tn She has a swelling inside her nose. It gets red whenever she has common cold or any allergy. also some headache. the swelling appears whitish color when there is no cold. swelling is not visible from outside. please give your opinion. thanks.
2048234 tn?1330814100 Thanks both of you I will try that when I get home. I just thought it was strange at 40 days.