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Avatar m tn So I guess one of the reasons causing my headache is allergy. For one thing, I can not bear the smell of grass, especially when I see people mow grasses outside. I will start feeling itching in the eyes and nose, then, bad headache. So I took Excedrin for pain relief. It worked well after a little while. But the worst of all, I seem to rely on the Excedrin whenever I had the same kind of headache, which I do not really know a name for the kind of headache.
Avatar m tn This appears to be a sinus headache. Sinusitis causes collection of fluid in the sinuses which puts pressure and causes headache. You can try steam inhalation and OTC decongestants and see if that helps. Another cause could be an allergy. Allergies can cause headache. Are you allergic to something?
Avatar n tn Can you elaborate on your headache? Are there other symptoms present? There are many possible causes of headache and if pain relievers do not help, stronger prescription medicines and avoidance of possible triggers will. Anti-histamine like benadryl may help also especially if this is allergy-related. If it persists, check with your doctor for proper evaluation. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn Benign intracranial hypertension also causes dizziness with headache and a spinal tap is confirmatory. It can be a migraine attack too. But yes, all these causes should be evaluated. Discuss with your doctor. Take care!
14134394 tn?1433069640 Your eyes are controlled by 6 muscles. When you are sick you may feel extra strain on these muscles causing the pain. Also, when you have a fever the eyes may feel drier.
Avatar f tn Prolonged or chronic headaches may also be caused by cluster headache or Hemicrania continua, a rare type of chronic daily headache. Cluster headaches also present with pain in the vicinity of the eye while hemicrania continua may vary in intensity but it never completely disappears. The precise causes and risk factors are unknown but medication overuse, stimulants such as caffeine, anxiety, sleep disorders and even obesity have been linked. Check with your doctor for proper evaluation.
Avatar n tn I do not have any severe allergic reactions ever but due to the constant headaches and alot of sinus infections we went to shots. Other avenues of my headache causes have already been exhausted. I have no structural problem in my sinuses and my MRI was clear. On my allergy testing.. they told me I am allergic a little bit to just about everything they tested for but especially mold. My headaches have a throbing feeling and often get so bad I get sick at my stomach.
Avatar f tn Hi Melissa, Tongue tingling can be a MS symptom but it can also occur with some types of migraine headache and even other causes. If you google BAM Migraine headaches, and even Hemiplegic migraines etc. it will give you some of the symptoms of this type of headache, from memory you have no weakness? Just pins and needles? sensory stuff? Worth a read, also you can get migraines without the headache.
Avatar m tn This could be due to primary headaches such as tension headache, often associated with stress as well as exertion headache which occurs during or after an exertion like running. If it has been happening for months already, it is best that you have this checked by your doctor or be referred to a neurologist. Avoidance of triggers and prescription medication may help. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn This happens due to impaired CSF absorption. A generalized throbbing headache worst felt in the morning and last thing at night. This headache is generally relieved on standing (consistent with raised intracranial pressure). This also causes visual defects. It is difficult to determine the cause on net. Please consult your PCP to start with. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
365714 tn?1292199108 MJ, even if you do find out you're allergic to cats it doesn't necessarily mean you would have to get rid of your cats or anything. We found out my oldest son was allergic to cats and dogs and this was after having pets for awhile! The doctor just said to have him wash his hands after petting them and to not let them in his bedroom. He needed one place where he could be without cat hair, etc. He also was taking allergy medicine and then the allergy shots for awhile.
Avatar f tn Been having any allergy symptoms? This has been a bad allergy spring because there's a nationwide drought that's just ending, and that's made the spring very bad for allergies (as the climate warms, this will get worse). That would explain the dizziness, the scratchy throat, and the headache. Something else to mention to your doctor. As for migraines, could be, that also causes dizziness, but it usually starts with blurred vision, then the headache follows after awhile.
Avatar m tn But when I get up in the morning the headache comes back and restarts. The headache is on the left side of my head on the lower part of the head. Some other problems i've been having is a jerk when I go to grab something, or I lose my concentration and do something else, along with confusion, pressure on the left side, a burning sensation on the left side, light sensitivity, panic attacks, pressure behind eyes, and my judgement is not as good as it should be.
Avatar f tn HI and welcome to the Gerd forum. It is possible to go thru what I call flares where the gerd is worse than at other times......U did not mention if u r on meds or if u were seen by a GI dr. U really should not self medicate and should have a dr oversee ur the meantime u can take some OTC meds and watch ur diet. We have a section called Health Pages which has a list of foods to avoid and foods that r safe for people with gerd. U will have to see what is better for u ....
Avatar n tn I have been sick 85% of my life. I hate to post such a basic question, but I have received some conflicting information -- and my own health experience seems to disagree with experts as far as the cause of "allergies". Most web sites state that allergies are simply an "overreaction" of the body's immune system to foreign agents/particles.
Avatar m tn I am having cold problem from last 20 years. Now from last 8 years I am facing headache and clogging of cold in sinus passage. I do have cold and dust ( old accumulated dust) allergy and hence if I do some cleaning of old articles or spend more time in water, I get immediate cold problem. Cold accumulates for 2-3 months and then headache starts. Now days I also get pain back of my head, ears or some time below ears and jaws back side. Can anyone guide me about treatment for such sinus issues.
Avatar n tn There are many possible allergen including latex allergy, as mentioned above. To identify the underlying cause, allergy testing may be done. Check with an allergologist for proper evaluation. Try to wear hypoallergenic materials, whether clothing or in your toiletries. Antihistamine medications may also help provide relief. Take care and do keep us posted.