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Avatar f tn -FAAN Food Allergy conference is May 9, 2009, Tarrytown (teen summit is 11 yrs and up) Link for New Jersey State Guidelines from the Dept of Ed.
Avatar n tn you do not have a hiv have tested past the required guidelines. whatever your problem is not hiv.
Avatar f tn My granddaughter is one-month-now weighs 8 pounds - has been diagnosed with Gerd, milk allergy - however, I think it is the case that she has been getting two much formula from day one - she is now on 35 ounces (and being increased) of formula a day - is now on hypoallergenic formula and THREE medications. This is way over the amount of formula recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics - and anywhere else. My daughter has been told to "just stay the course" by her pediatrician.
Avatar f tn There are many people on Thyroid Chat that say that the ACCE guidelines that state subclinical would be TSH over 10 with normal t/3 t/4 or TSH 5-10 with normal t/3 t/4 and goiter or antibody are outdated and todays guidelines say that TSH should be at 1 or at least below 3 EVEN with normal t/3 t/4.
Avatar m tn I am trying to get something in writing to show that this decision does not follow within the accepted guidelines for treatment of his form of Hepititis. I believe the Dr. in Az. may have made this decision not realizing he did not have a 12 week blood sample. My son is 43 years old and in otherwise good health. He has not had any symptoms of Hep C nor has he had any side effects from the treatments.
Avatar m tn Another thought would be your dust and pet allergy. Do you have allergy proof bedding covers on your matress, boxsprings and pillows. Those will go a long way to help reduce morning allergy symptoms. Also, you should keep any pets out of your bedroom. Lastly, showering before bed will wash away any allergens you have picked up during the day.
Avatar f tn If she is growing normally according to pediatrician and is within weight guidelines all is fine. Sometimes they go through being picky eaters. Does she like orange juice with calcium? Do you make a special kind of pizza? Many recipes (sure you already know this) out there. Does she take injections?
Avatar m tn We can develop allergies to different things throughout our lifetimes as the allergy develops in response to a repeated stimulus. If you haven't undergone formal allergy testing, that might be beneficial. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn is there anyone who can tell us more about the new ATA guidelines ? according to their research, they are saying the standard treatment for hypo thyroid should be synthroid drugs, that they found none of the others work... well I was on synthroid for two years, it was not converting to t3... I felt horrible... then I asked my Dr. to put me on armour, and WOW it was like somebody turned on a light switch.. my thyroid panel levels all normal, feel like a million bucks....
Avatar f tn Hey. Here's CDC's updated testing guidelines stating that the test is conclusive 3-4 weeks sooner than their previous testing guidelines (6-8 weeks)
Avatar n tn I suddenly thought about how much my older child could have and the guidelines say only 2g. I have seen that this is only 1/3 of a teaspoon and have started to think about the fact that I do add a sprinkle of salt when making meals from sctratch for everyone in the family. A friend said that she never adds salt to the family meals and now I am concerned that I have inadvertently done the wrong thing for my son. If I stop this now will it have any repurcussions?
Avatar f tn A person can eat gluten products, such as regular breads and pastas for many years in the person's lifetime, then suddenly start having these symptoms. This is not uncommon. Allergies work the same way. Just note that while Celiac sufferers have to treat gluten like an allergy, it's not really an allergy. There is more going on than an allergy, because it's an autoimmune illness with the symptoms triggered by gluten.
Avatar n tn I have been sick for 5 years (immediately following a total hysterectomy and hypercritical year in '05). Initially my symptoms started with itching of my upper arms (from shoulder to elbow), migraine and neck and upper back pain/spasms. 2 years ago a whole new set of symptoms emerged, in my mouth with burning, swelling of tongue and tissues of my cheeks/lips and sores on roof of mouth and under my tongue. Included in the symptoms is sore throat and dry mouth.
Avatar f tn I am on 200 mcg fentanyl patches X 48 hours. Due to the hot sticky weather, an allergy to adhesive overlays and sweating caused by a systemic staph infection infection my patches are not sticking at all to me. They do however stick to clothing, sheets, the floor and each other very well. I replaced a few at times because I needed some help with the pain (end stage osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, RA and systemic lupus.
4545793 tn?1394592544 It's amazing......all the stories my mom told me. She was saying that she was giving my brother and I eggs by about 4-6 months. Now that's a huge no no I guess (still trying to figure it all out). I guess the way I look at it, there are tons of things that we did that wasn't so bad and I'm not sold on the reasons for it now. There are also some things that I will absolutely follow today's guidelines. Critical thinking skills......they key to a balance.