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Avatar f tn An otolaryngology, neurology, allergy, and primary care consensus on diagnosis and treatment of sinus headache. [42 refs] SourceOtolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery. 134(3):516-23, 2006 Mar. While "sinus" headache is a widely accepted clinical diagnosis, many medical specialists consider it to be an uncommon cause of recurrent headaches.
Avatar m tn Since having my gallbladder removed I have had 3 pancreatic attacks. I went to cleveland clinic and had multiple tests and scopes done. With every attack I did eat a kiwi. The doctor decided it was a kiwi allergy or sphincter of oddie dysfunction. I recenlty took a small bite of kiwi and went into another attack. My AST and ALT levels were elevated. Does anyone know if this is indeed an allergy? I used to eat them all the time. I cannot find anything online with these symptoms.
Avatar n tn I was diagnostised with HPV 4 years ago. The Paps havent shown HPV for the last 3 years, my boyfriend and I have been having sex with condom but he wants me to take the pill or any other contraceptive...what are the risks of it?
Avatar n tn low risk HPV was detected in me like...5 years ago...I never showd symthoms or else...and since 3 years more or less is no more to find... my question is... Im I still contagious ?
463897 tn?1468013750 Hi Rosebudd and All, Here's our link to our Allergy Health Chat: To see all our archived heatlh chats, go to the top toolbar and click on "Experts", then the dropdown menu for "Health Chats" and then click on "Archives". Glad to help - (I sent similar info to Rosebud via PM last week .. let me know if you have any questions).
Avatar n tn ve paid my money to have a consultation and to get my personal forecast. Well, the astrologist looked at my birth date, and place where I was born, and my partner's. The forecast wasn't good at all, she said to me if I decide to have children with my partner it's better not to have them, as she can see that all our children will die (she didn't tell me how, it could be bad pregnancy, anything). I was shocked, we were planning this year!!
Avatar m tn Have posted this here about how R & D reflects Gilead's standing in the future in large part due to it's HCV drug. If this belongs on the " Social Side" Great.. Never paid much attention to which side my info.goes. Cheers... Will In addition to assessing forecast trends in prescription drug sales and R&D spending, World Preview 2018 also looks at therapy area growth and the performance of marketed and pipeline products.
Avatar f tn My husband has some complicated heart issues. We want to come to Cleveland clinic to be tested. But also worried about traveling since Cleveland has quite a lot of cases of Covid. Should we take the chance and stay an hour outside of the city in a hotel? I think the heart issues are more concerning maybe, but I don’t want to do something stupid.
Avatar f tn He said he believed my eye problems were from allergies and had me start allergy injections at his office. I had done allergy injections at another clinic for 2 years, but it had probably been 6 months between offices. I've tried taking different allergy and sinus meds, as well as taking none at all. Things that happened about a year and a half ago before my eyes started having problems: I was sick and bedridden for 2 years prior, from silicone implants.
Avatar n tn Foul armpits since age 6. Took him to DR. and one pediatric specialist now trying to get in to see someone at Cleveland Clinic which is close to my area. Could use suggestions no one seems to know what to look for.
Avatar m tn Do not remind his disciples that of the four close states — those with margins of 2.5% or less — Silver only forecast three of them correctly. And definitely do not remind them that the polls in swing states correctly forecast all but two states (Indiana and North Carolina). Silver’s key insight was that if you used a simple simulation method known as Monte Carlo, you could take a poll’s topline numbers and its margin of error and come up with a probability forecast based on the poll.
Avatar n tn t take any medication to treat my symptoms because of the allergic reactions cause me to go into shock and extreme trouble breathing.
Avatar m tn Hi, I can't say for sure what's causing your daughter's sudden symptoms. I developed allergies when I was in my mid-twenties. Prior to that, I had no problems with allergies, none when I was growing up. My mom had allergies all while she was growing up, but they went away when she was in her thirties. Allergies are weird like that. I know my post wasn't particularly enlightening, but my point is that allergies can develop at any time.
1710955 tn?1309446473 Has anyone gone to the Cleveland Clinic before for their MS? If so, what was your experience like? Thanks in advance for any comments!
Avatar f tn I finally found a neuro and rheumy at the cleveland clinic that are in my insurance's network!!! I am so close to throwing in the towel and accepting fibromyalgia as my only diagnosis. However, deep down inside I know that something else is there and fibro may be a part of it but not all of it. Lately, I've been getting this sick feeling. It isn't the kind of nausea you get when you have a stomach flu. I can still eat and I don't feel like I will vomit.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had any experience with the Cleveland Clinic? I am going on the 28th, its about a 4 1/2 drive for me. I'm seeing a Neuro/Ophthalmologist first then hopefully one of the Chiari Specialist (they have 7). Since I am newly diagnosed I was wondering if anyone has dealt with a specific CM Spec up there and which one they would/would not recommend.
Avatar n tn Good luck momma!
Avatar f tn A hurricane warning is already in place for all of Haiti, a country that is still recovering from a devastating 2010 earthquake. As many of 12 inches of rain are forecast for some parts of the country, posing danger to the more than 400,000 Haitians who live in camps. "These rains could cause life-threatening flash floods and mud slides," the National Hurricane Center said. Isaac also poses a risk it poses to the Republican National Convention in Florida.
572651 tn?1530999357 I just saw the week's weather forecast and it looks like most the country is baking this week with extreme temps - we know how much our MS loves the heat, so please be careful out there, ok? Sorry, I haven't seen the international forecast so you have to fill in your own weather advisory. It's that time to let us know what is happening this week - anything is game to share here including doctor appointments or lunch dates.
Avatar f tn Schwimmer along with Dr. B. Goldwyn performed Turbinate coblation on a young women who was a long time nasal allergy suffer, as I am. The doctor's said that this procedure would cure the bothersome symtoms but my research seems to indicate that it improves congestion but I wonder if it will have any effect on my runny nose? Thank you, Tjoyce This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/547446'>Turbinates</a>.
202436 tn?1326474333 You probably have to get through a full cycle before it can forecast your next period. It has no way to know how long your cycles will be until it kind of gets to know your body. You can also post a question on there for one of the FF staff to help you as well, but since you just started using FF, my guess would be that you have to get through that first full cycle before it can give you any really accurate information.