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7791645 tn?1394292401 Any other expecting mothers in the SC area? If so how far along are you? What are you having? Is this your first pregnancy? I've been overwhelmed because this is my first.
Avatar f tn Im in sc!
Avatar m tn I am looking for a hepatologist in Myrtle beach area or Charleston SC at MUSC for a family member.
9865301 tn?1410321872 Any of you mommies in or around the Charleston Sc area? I was blessed with more than enough stuff for my baby girl and people are still buying her stuff I'M NOT DUE TILL JANUARY 27TH.
543518 tn?1245322027 t find anything in Savannah I do know that Charleston SC has a great teaching hospital MUSC. Charleston is about an hour and 45 minutes from Savannah. Good luck with your search.
Avatar m tn Does anyone know a thyroid doctor in SC that is not hung up on the TSH test as the "gold standard"? If my thyroid gets any lower I think I will die. My symptoms are off the chart along with my T4.
Avatar f tn Still tring to get info on Duke Dr. and I am wrong, our Neurologist is sending us to MUSC in Charleston Sc to a Dr Glazier, heard of him anyone?
Avatar f tn I've been seeing a retina group here in SC since March. My right eye was becoming blurry, and my mono-vision contacts didn't work well for me any more. They examined me and did many tests, including dye, and found 'something' that looked like a virus in that eye. They found inflammation, and talked about surgery to remove fluid and debris from that eye and examine it to find out what's wrong. I opted for copious bloodwork and they found many cmv anti-bodies in my blood.
Avatar f tn I'm from Charleston,sc and 17 weeks
Avatar n tn I will proceed with the antifungal approach for the pigmentation issue as the summer season when this occurs is about upon us here in Charleston, SC. Would appreciate any comments on 'cure' or elimination of the rash on my arms topically or otherwise. Thanks!!!
Avatar n tn t think I could have that problem. I was visiting my father at St. Francis Hospital in Charleston, SC when I had another severe attack and doctor's there did the ultrasound and found the large gall stone. The surgeon said I was probably born with it! I guess you can inherit that condition.
Avatar f tn I did go on line. He is in SC....I'm in NJ. He won't make until the clinic opens on Monday. He withdrawing and suicidal. I'm almost out of money. Is there a place he can go on the weekend in Charleston SC?
Avatar m tn I am now seeing a GI doc in Atlanta, GA who has sent me to a doc who specializes in the pancreas/endoscopic ultrasound/ ERCP in Birmingham, AL and also for another opinion in Charleston, SC. Both doctors say there is not enough evidence of pancreastitis in my lab work and neither do I have an inflamed pancreas, so therefore they will not perform the ERCP to correct my pancreas divisum. I have had this debilitating pain for 16 months now.
1350867 tn?1276887487 wow. had mammograms/ultrasounds/biopsies and cyst removal yesterday. i must have been quite lucky b/c it really wasnt painful at all. i was amazed. however, the numbing stuff has worn off and the area is quite sore now....but still, for all they did..... i had a vacuum assisted biopsy in three spots and a core biopsy in another spot. i watched the whole thing on the ultrasound machine, quite interesting. then, they removed a cyst.