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Avatar n tn What is the best antihistamine for allergic eyes? I am experiencing worse eye allergy than sinus allergy this Spring, and I think it is due to tree pollen in this area of Texas. I have found chlorphenaramine maleate and benadryl do not help.
Avatar n tn My wife has serious allergy problem, now it is effecting her eyes also. I dont know which topic was right to select from above hence done randomly.
Avatar f tn Hello everyone!! Ok, so every Spring I get what I believe to be the worst allergies ever! In the summertime I take Reactine everyday for an allergy to pollen. It helps a lot. But in springtime...nothing helps!! I will wake up in the morning and my eyes are crusted over so much that I actually cannot open them. I have to get up (with my eyes closed), make my way to the bathroom, wet a cloth with warm water, and wait for the "crust" to loosen up so that I can pick it off.
Avatar m tn It is Spring in Wisconsin the trees our polinating. About this time, I sometimes get a slightly sore throat, some nasal discharge, loose stools, pressure in my ears, neck and throat. What can be done for this? I read holding your nose sometimes helps to loosen up mucous. Any ideas? Please appreciate your suggestions.
Avatar m tn I get similar rash as shine0930. and usually i get this rash during spring time. Here in michigan usa we have spring in april and may. usually i get rash in overnight, only on my face and ears and reaches to its peek in 48 hours, then the top lair of skin dies and during next 3~4 days dead comes off and everything comes to normal. It is very itchy, and it is basically redness like allergy no bumps or blisters or pimple anything like it.
12498457 tn?1425603087 When the weather changes from winter to spring-like conditions, my seasonal allergies kick in full force. So, the pressure buildup and sneezing fits (6+ in rapid succession) get worse. Allergy meds only help so much leaving me miserable and hoping I don't have a massive pain episode at work. Anyone have any suggestions or thoughts on how to lessen the sneezing at least? With hopes that I'll be able to function at work until the end of March?
Avatar m tn This started when I started to live in Islamabad. Here pollen allergy counts in spring are at very high from Paper Mulberry. Due to this I have a running nose and asthametic symptoms featuring suffocation and watered eyes. All this is reduced when i stay indoor. I m using antiallergic medicine alongwith inhaller with the name 'Clenil Compositum Spray' composed of Beclomethsone Dipropionate & Salbutamol-metered aerosol but symptoms are still there even becoming worse day by day.
Avatar f tn I've been getting allergic symptoms (runny nose, blocked sinuses, sneezing, itching eyes) on and off the past few years. I get it during spring, but I'm also getting symptoms at this time of year (I'm in the UK). I've noticed it's worse at my parents house, so it's unlikely to be dust (they dust more than me!) or their cat since I also have a cat. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn No, I'm not asmatic. I give my allergy shots at home for maintainence now, and the vials are marked A,B,& C. So I'm not sure exactly what is in them. Might they be the cause of the eye sx? Thank you.
Avatar f tn April same allergy. Went to Doctor 3 times they doubt it might due to fog allergy. Every time the food is different so I couldn't figure the cause. It came during winter and now spring time.. Changed soap shampoo & all items I doubted. Still it comes. One thing I'm sure is it starts in the evening only. And developing thru entire night or next day. Please help me to find the cause or solution..
Avatar m tn Ok gang. I think I have the answer. Sun allergy. Yep. Finally, after several years of spring-time rash, I went to the dermatologist. It appears that I am allergic to... wait for it... the Sun. Yep. Sunlight. As in, the source of earths energy... that which uplifts and awakens the soul - of others, apparently, but not for me. Daylight. I'm allergic to daylight. Unreal. Read all about it below. Hope it helps a few of you. -- -- -- -- More here:
Avatar f tn I live in Texas where fall and spring have very high allergy counts. I am suffering over here because it seems as though all allergy medication is class c or lower. Class a and class b medications aren't helping me at all. I'm too congested for a neti pot, nothing ever comes out the other end, regardless of how often I blow my nose. Anyone have any advice??
1875471 tn?1323858170 Thanks for your response doctor, but i have tried changing medication but the allergy seems to spring up during my periods..i hope i am not allergic to progesterone, coz i am undergoing fertility treatment and at the last cycle (which failed) when i was given progesterone i constantly developed a rash and had itchy hands.
Avatar n tn I was wondering if you could give me an idea of what is happening with my eyes. I have been having dull pain behind both eyes for about 5 days, and the pain increases significantly in my left eye when I look suddenly to the left or right. The pain also increases when I gently press on the eye with the lid closed. My vision seems unaffected. My pupils are equal and reactive to light.
Avatar f tn Hello, my 6 yo daughter, one of four siblings I adopted last year, seems to have an allergic reaction to the sun. This is her second spring with me. Last spring, it began with a rash across her cheeks. As the weather warmed, she began developing a rash on her arms and eventually a light rash upon her legs. As the spring turned into summer, the rash subsided. I took her to her pediatrician last year and was received with a shrug.
Avatar m tn Sorry it is hard Brice! I have Fall season allergies but not Spring/summer ones. However, I'm really allergic to hay, various animals and other things we encounter in the summer. My eyes can become very itchy and swollen. Have you ever tried the allergy eye drops? They work pretty well. You can buy them over the counter or if it is really bad, your doctor should be able to prescribe a prescription strength. My younger son is on allergy medicine year round. Poor guy.
Avatar n tn So i did an allergy test and my only allergy is pollen and types of grass. Thats nothing new. and i went to a fourth doctor she also said the same an she gave me the same drops only other ones: The cortisone steroid drops are: monofree Dexamethason (Thea) Allergy Drops are: Relestat (allergan) she said i should take the cortisone drops like this : Week 1, 4 times a day. Week 2, 3 times a day. Week 3, 2 times a day. Week 4, 1 time a day and then 3 weeks once a day.
Avatar n tn is this a normal allergy symptom? why does it go away after i get up for a few minutes? is there anything i can take before bed that would help for the morning?
Avatar n tn I think my 4 year old male Boston Terrier may have seasonal allergies. Just in the past few weeks he's been having trouble, and I understand the pollen count is very high in my area this spring, so my husband and I thought it's possible he's got allergies just like we do. His eyes run, and sometimes it's watery and sometimes it's a kind of gel-like goop.
Avatar f tn I was out in the high heat and perspiration was dripping and nose was running. My eyes got blurry and now are closed and swollen? .
Avatar n tn From late November onward I started suffering from severly itchy eyes which turn red. Then over the course of the next weeks it would be accompanied with sneezing, itchy throat and runny nose. I know it can't be a cold because it comes and goes during the day and I've had it for almost 2 to 3 months now. Could I be suffering from seasonal allergies? I'm asking this because from what I've read in websites, it only happens during spring, summer and maybe fall, and it's winter.
Avatar n tn My problem is that my son blinks like his eyes are strained, His eyes are red and tired, we tried allergy eye drops, that helped with the redness, but he continues to blink eyes, they go to the left. I thought maybe his allergy medicine was drying his eyes out , so we stopped eye drops, and adminster only lubricating drops. It is so bad now that my son moves his whole head,(chin down to left and brings upward with his eyes).
Avatar f tn dear sir/ maam, i have been sufferring from recurrent and low fever for the past 4 months.before the fever comes my eyes stars itching, and the nose starts is also accompanied with headache sometimes.i visited a doctor in september and he diagnosed acute chest infection. i was on anti biotics and an anti allergen called telecast l for around 15 days. i was also adviced to use an inhaler- salbutamol when i feel very out of breath.
609540 tn?1257316841 When I wake and I start to sneeze,the whole day I will sneeze and my nose is very itchy and my eyes become red and watery.Sometimes I don't know why I sneeze, but sometimes when there is a dust I sneeze a lot, so thus this means that iam allergy with the dust?