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721949 tn?1230651677 For the past few years i have used a over the counter eye drop (allergy) to take away the redness. Which it did but in my own opinion i thnk this also may have either caused the problem i have or added to it. The doctor that said I MAY have ocular rosesca said he wasn't sure if it was that or just over use of my contacts which again i haven't worn in weks.
1008856 tn?1250634650 I've had this problem frequently for the past two-three months since I moved back to southern California from northern California which I lived for three years. Before this I was still living in southern CA and also in Colorado. My left lower eyelid would get swollen as if there was a build up of fluid, so I do the a hot and cold compress to see which one helps, and also take Benadryl. After a day or so it seems to go away. Now it is on my upper eyelids only, one eye at a time.
Avatar f tn m the only one in the entire restaurant experiencing this issue with my eyes. I have purchased all sorts of over the counter allergy meds, even bought some eye drops today. The meds help my nose somewhat, but nothing is helping my eyes. I cannot continue to work like this, I really need some answers.
Avatar n tn Eyes are sensitive. Itchy eyes are likely itching because of allergy. They might need lubrication, if they are also dry, with drops formulated for the eyes (there are a variety of brands over the counter). Don't use toothpaste for this problem! Consult an allergist to try to learn if an allergen may be triggering the itch which you could try to eliminate from your environment or get treatment for & an opthamologist as to what they recommend to alleviate the itching.
Avatar f tn I have really bad allergies also. Even got a sinus infection this time ! Benadryl didn't do anything to me but what you can take is over the counter benadryl, zyrtec, and claritin. zyrtec works better.
Avatar f tn Over the counter in USA you can use Zaditor or Alway allergy eye drops, can also use cold packs or cold compresses. See a dermatologist.
Avatar f tn Please take Dr. Hagan's advice! If you look through the message threads here, you will see a years-long discussion of problems with mucus in the eye, causing people to do compulsive goop-fishing in there and become slaves to this behavior. This is allergy season, and people with sensitive eyes just have to learn to roll with the problem without going nuts about it.
Avatar n tn I take prescription medications for my HTN. What over-the-counter allergy medication can I take for occasional allergy discomfort (sneezing, itchy eyes, congestion)?
Avatar m tn In the USA Alway and Zaditor are the best over the counter. Elsewhere I do not know brand names. For more stubborn problems there are prescription allergy eye drops. there are no dropts to blanch or bleech the pigmented spots. See an ophthalmologist to get something for your itchy eyes and discuss the pigmentation changes.
Avatar m tn You can buy them over the counter or if it is really bad, your doctor should be able to prescribe a prescription strength. My younger son is on allergy medicine year round. Poor guy. If he doesn't take it, he's a mess. anyway, check out the eye drops.
Avatar f tn I have tried allergy medicine (pregnancy safe) but no luck. My eyes are watering and itching so bad and super sensitive to light. Is there over the counter eye drops that are safe for pregnant people to use?
Avatar m tn You're welcome! I'm glad the information I provided was of some help and that you've been able to determine what it was that was causing your allergy. I'm sorry the Zyrtec hasn't completely eliminated your symptoms. Do they return only when it's about time for anotehr dose of teh meds? Or do they just not completely go away even with teh Zyrtec?
612551 tn?1450022175 I provide the symptom explanation as the cause of my question about over-the-counter (non-prescription) anti-congestion medications that any have found helpful. I have tried several (will list if this post goes anywhere) with minimal benefit. Problem: I've experiencing chronic nasal congestion, worse this spring than usual, especially when I lie flat on my bed, but also worse in the afternoon than during earlier part of the day.
Avatar f tn Discuss with your family MD the use of a oral anti-allergy medication on the weekends, maybe starting Thursday evening. If severe and that doesn't work see an allergist. For you eyes you can use cool or warm compresses and Zaditor the best over the counter eye drop.
535882 tn?1396576685 , taking an antihistamine, plus eye drops. allergy, eye drops, plus doing saline nose rinse. ice pack, eyes also itch a little. any suggestion?
489099 tn?1286220981 I know that when I began trying to get pregnant my doctors advised me not to take my prescription anymore and any over the counter meds. I am pretty sure though that you can take something over the counter. Give your pharmacy a call... they will be able to tell you what you can take while pregnant.
Avatar n tn You can try over-the-counter medications like Claritin or Zyrtec. Steroid nasal sprays like Flonase are also helpful, but they require a prescription by a physician. If medical management fails, immunotherapy (allergy shots) might be required.
4319578 tn?1352739861 I am facing allergy in chest skin, neck with rashes and my eyes get red when I attacked by the Allergy. Over the counter drugs like citrizine, ketotifen helps me very little. Should I go for allergy test or Eosinophil count? Would you please recommend.
612551 tn?1450022175 I used Similason (over-the-counter) Allergy Eye Relief for a couple of days and my eyes have very little itch. Not sure if they just got better or the eye drops brought it about...but if the itch returns I know where I'll start in home treatment. But, these drops come with a warning not to use if over 30 days old (from open date).
Avatar f tn yes yes, I am clean from Vicoden, Antidepresants but still am using a sleep aid, have been using over the counter meds for sleep since the 80's then went to prescription sleep aid and now I only sleep 3 or 4 hours using them. I am going to go off them soon. My Dr would like to see me wait until Jan just because I came off two meds this year and had surgery's but please don't go to prescription sleep aids I think it is harder to get off them than OCT.
Avatar n tn I may have an allergy, such as hay fever. I have taken over the counter drugs....Claritin and Allegra. They do not help at all. Symptoms include, watery, burning and itchy eyes. Itchy nose. extreme drowsiness. almost unable to function as I should. I am 74 years old.
Avatar f tn I live in Texas where fall and spring have very high allergy counts. I am suffering over here because it seems as though all allergy medication is class c or lower. Class a and class b medications aren't helping me at all. I'm too congested for a neti pot, nothing ever comes out the other end, regardless of how often I blow my nose. Anyone have any advice??
Avatar n tn You might try some steroid cream, BUT make sure it is safe for the eye. I know they sell over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream, but I do not know if they have one safe for around the eyes. Dr. O.
Avatar n tn ve been having allergies for a really really long time now and there making my life hell, i get runny nose(which will last for ages) sneezing, tingling in my nose (start of the sneeze) and stingy eyes, these happen anywhere i go, sometimes when i go for a shower and rub my eyes when water gets in them they start up, ive tried over the counter tablets hayfever stuff now im on fexofenadine 120mg tablets, can anyone help please??
Avatar m tn I have been to several allergists and have had 3 regimens of allergy shots, and just about every available prescription and over the counter medication with little or no results. I also have sleep apnea and use a CPAP machine to sleep at night. I need some help with my allergies, I am suffering with nasal drip on and off all day at work and at night at home. The last allergy tests I had they said I was allergic to mold, mildew and dust. When the humidity is high, I suffer the most. HELP!