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Avatar f tn no in buffalo ny
Avatar m tn Had 2 breathing tests in 3 mos. 2nd one at Asthma DR in Waco, TX. It showed Asthma this is what it says at the bottom of my test:" Possible EARLY OBSTRUCTIVE PULMONARY IMPAIRMENT suggested by the reduced FEF 25-75 with a normal FVC and FEV1 this can be due to a mild degree of airway disease and/or the earliest stages of Emphysema. This may be reversible in nature therefore repeat testing following Bronchodilator administration is rec. Bronchodilator therapy was admistered.
Avatar f tn I'm in California, due August 3 30th but all myfamily is from Waco!
Avatar f tn Waco, TX. And thanks ladies:) I'm trying to do everything I can. Trying to be strong for my baby.
304573 tn?1345577338 Can anyone tell me if I can take allergy meds on Harvoni.
Avatar n tn My husband is 47 years old and 3 years ago, right before our daughter got married and he started having numbness in his face and left side of his body. He had just removed a tick from his stomach, so we thought maybe he had lyme's disease. After the first year he did okay and some antibiotics helped. Then, we went to a Lyme's Specialist and his blood tests came back not conclusive, but the doctor swore that's what it was. But, it's not.
3224597 tn?1347318788 m researching to decided what to do, where to go, etc. My PCP set me up with a neurologist here in Waco for an appt. on Thursday, however, I'm thinking I need to see a neurosurgeon instead. I want a couple of opinions. I do not know where to start with this. HELP! Other symptoms: vague headache, vague neck pain (almost constant), Left arm and leg feeling heavy, achy, dull pain, sleeplessness.
Avatar f tn My mom lives in NW Arkansas and they are getting their a s s e s handed to them right now, my sis in Inola, OK is getting it, and I'm in Waco, TX right now and my husband just called saying theres a big cell coming this way from just south of Stephenville. Tis the season, indeed. Everyone stay safe!
5002615 tn?1366014009 Last summer I was in Waco and we had record breaking heat all summer! My oldest was in tball so me and hubby had to follow her around all over gods country to watch her play lol and I kept a cooler with ice and wash rags by my side and tons of water and gatorade until about a week before I had the baby. Then I told hubby he was on his own and I would go home early to the ac and made him stay at her games.
Avatar f tn Where do you live in Texas?
5154295 tn?1372284196 Okay so I'm not due till 11/20/13. Me and my hubby love in TX near my parents and his family (and a lot of mine) live in AZ. We separate the holidays- one year thanksgiving there Xmas here and vise versa. Well since baby is due around thanksgiving, many family members will be traveling to spend that holiday here. Now- it does get quiet cold both in TX and AZ and considering my baby will barely be a month old, what are the risks of a 12hour drive during winter from TX-AZ and back?
Avatar n tn I develpoed some goofy allergy stuff after TX. The riba cough lasted about a month after TX (easily controlled with hydrocodon cough syrup) but now I'm getting a dumb allergy cough when exposed to certain things. I expect it to go away. Go ahead and get it checked out. Chest x-ray is a good idea to rule out anything weird that could develop from interferon use (sarcoidosis is not common but possible).
2030686 tn?1351688548 Hi Run, you need to get vaccinated for A & B immediately. You don't want the combination with Hep C. It's only 3 shots where the A & B are combined into one shot. You will do the first two within a couple of weeks of each other and then the last one about 6 months later. I am surprised your Dr would even consider tx without the first two given to you. I had the first two already and am waiting to start tx. My last shot will be in August.
2030686 tn?1351688548 I am allergic to milk and eggs and am wondering how important it is to avoid them during tx. I have only a slight allergy to milk. I just can't eat anything with a milk base or drink milk, but I can eat things with milk as an ingredient. Eggs I don't tolerate unless it's in baked goods, even then I have problems sometimes. If I'm understanding it right, it's my immune system that is the source of the reaction. So, how important is it for me to avoid these during tx?