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Avatar f tn I get hives and I take something that is similar to zyrtec for it. Cetirizine 10mg given to me by my VA (veteran affairs) doctor. It's safe. Get well soon. I know the feeling and it *****.
675718 tn?1530033033 recently my doctor took off and left the VA to pursue something else and now i have no psychiatrist to renew my meds although i still have pills i need to be assigned a new doctor soon i need to call the VA and ask them but i am too busy during the week to call. what should i do?
Avatar f tn When did you diagnose for Lyme, try Dr. Henry Rhee in Chantilly VA, he cured one of my friend when early diagnosed.
Avatar f tn my doctor said i dont need a treatment...i just need time...i want a second hbsag resul was 273,hbe nonreactiv,anti hbe reactive..ast/alt normal what should i do?
Avatar m tn After having sex I noticed a mostly clear discharge in the mornings. I went to the VA where they gave me ten pills and to take two a day, because of my allergy to PCN they didnt want to give me a shot or Z Pack. The discharge is still there?! Could the VA be wrong in the diagnosing? Also, I talked to the lady and she said she had a bacterial infection she noticed a day or two later, could that be the issue for me? How much damage is getting done with so much time going on?
Avatar n tn Everything that the doctor already suggested does help, but I still have to use allergy medicine. I use Benadryl and Nasonex. Nasonex, because it is fragrance-free. Flonase isn't fragrance-free and I could taste that one going down the back of my throat through the nasal passages connecting to the throat. That affected me negatively in other ways, too. I'm glad my doctor changed my prescription to Nasonex.
Avatar m tn I was scheduled and got a MRI with contrast done on my pituitary gland at our local VA hospital. I have no idea why one would be done and am wondering what would make them need to do an MRI. Unfortunately, at the VA, we do not have as much access to the doctors because their work load is so high. The nurses I have spoke to just said I would have to ask on my next appointment 3 months from now. Why is a MRI done on pituitary glands?
Avatar n tn usted doctor que me recomienda?esque algunas veces el dolor se va y otras vuelven, algunas veces me duele el brazo algunos laos de la boca y me e asustao viendo los sintomas y se parecen mucho a un infarto,pero todas las prueban an salido bien prueba de esfuerzo,3 ecos con distintos cardiologos para tener la opinion profesional diferente.analisis,placa de torax todo a salido bien.deberia preocuparme?.y con 20 aƱos que tengo.los dolores de infarto vuelven y se van?gracias doctor.
Avatar m tn my daughter needs to see a orthopedic doctor tha except medicaid we live in woodbridge va she i 16 years of age can anyone help me
Avatar f tn I was hoping to find a doctor in Northern Virginia to help with some of these awful symptoms. Thanks for your help.
Avatar f tn i just moved to manassas virginia from texas and while my internist used to take care of all my pain he can longer since i moved and now i cant seem too find a new doctor to give me my percocet that i have taken for the past 6 years and i am fixing to go through bad withdrawal symptoms and have bone crushing pain all because i moved please can anyone help. internist dont give pain meds here as in other states. and every doctor says either steroid injections or surgery.
Avatar f tn Went to the ER last Thursday for mild anaphylaxis to tree nut allergy. The nurse gave me epinephrine by IV instead of IM. Causing me to have v tacardia. Basically a heart attack. What I'm wondering is ther gonna be permement damage done I scheduled to see cardio at the VA In Pittsburgh. As I just had stress test month and a half ago And was negative. Had it done because started exercising again after 10 year layoff. Now I'm scared to no end.
Avatar m tn That is the only way they are going to know. When the nurse comes in (before the doctor) then later the doctor, speak directly only to the purpose of, and cause for, your visit or exam; do not waver on this. The doctors and nurses write down everything you say, so don't talk about the weather or your drive to the VA. You want to make then aware of your worst possible symptoms and the most difficult conditions, period. But I do have another opinion that may serve you well in your eval.
Avatar n tn I went to an HCG doctor in Olney, Maryland (Dr. Bloem) for Hormone replacement and he suggested I try the oral HCG protocol-I have 12 pounds to lose, so I thought, o.k., you're a doctor, I'll try it. But I have been starving the entire time and when he finally returned my messages, he said to eat some cucumber slices. That did not help, so now he told me that since I am a difficult case, I will have to visit his clinic weekly (at $250/appt.) in order to get results.
2129994 tn?1335515124 I started taking my meds regularly for the next 6-1/2 years with NO problems, until I get a new Doctor at the VA!!!!! First, he tries to tell me that I only need to be monitored every 3 years!!!! So, I talk another doctor into doing the test for us. Turns out I'm actually running .01 that month for the strangest reason. I have NEVER been Hyper. So, what does the genius doctor do? Wait and see? NOPE!