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Avatar m tn is it any free clinic where i can pay a low price to being treated here in rockville or around of rockville area ?
Avatar f tn I'm going to see Dr. Powers in Rockville, MD on Jan 28th. I hope people still recommend going to him. I look forward to seeing what the doctor has to say!
Avatar n tn It has tons of local listings by state and city. I think i am going to try either my weight doctors in rockville or doctors weight loss center in reston. I have about 65 pounds to loss. wish me luck.
Avatar f tn I get itchy watery, puffy eyes.I sneeze a lot. The doctor says its allergies and noticed that in the upper parts of my nose i am swollen. I also have been having some dry cracked skin on my upper lip and am not sure if this may be part of the allergy, but its there. does anyone here have the same thing or know what it is for sure. doc says its allergic rhinitis, but i thought that it should have stopped by now.
314892 tn?1264623903 Great news! I have been officially diagnosed (clinically at this point) with Neurologic Lyme. Why is that great news? I have been ill following a bulls eye rash, knee pain and dizziness for 14 years on and off. After reading my history, he looked up and said, "So, you have never been right following the camping trip." My endo recommended this doctor and said he is a genious. I agree.
Avatar f tn July 16, 2010 A minor earthquake shook residents awake in the Washington, D.C., area early Friday. The quake hit at 5:04 a.m. EDT and had a magnitude of 3.6. It was centered in the area around Rockville, Md., said Randy Baldwin, a physicist with U.S. Geological Survey's National Earthquake Information Center. Police in Washington and in nearby Montgomery County, Md., said there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage. On the U.S.
Avatar f tn It kind of sounds like your gallbladder or a food allergy. Be sure to get tested for gluten allergy if your gallbladder isn't the culprit.
Avatar m tn suicidal thoughts can be serious a side effect of tramadol.
Avatar f tn If there is no pain then I think it may not be the failure. Checkout some more details about root canal at root canal Rockville MD.
Avatar n tn Only your doctor can answer that- it's very important to report any side effects, or possible side effects to the doctor that prescribed the medication. Typically, you do want to finish an antibiotic that has been given to you, but it's different if you are seeing an allergic reaction. Do call your doctor and see what they would like you to do!
6224500 tn?1388947668 Someone in my family recently was told not to eat anymore dairy or gluten. This was determined through a blood test given by her doctor. Her doctor also specializes in naturopathy. I don't know anything about celiac disease so I can't comment on that. This person is my family has given up eating dairy and glutin. She's actually eating glutin free products, no dairy and lots of vegetables, fruit and eggs. By choice no red meat , chicken or fish.
Avatar f tn My doctor said the classic claritin was okay to take.
Avatar n tn The answer is yes. Even months later. Cortisone can have some serious sideeffects, perhaps do a search on the net to find out more. Definitely, tell your doctor about your reaction.
Avatar f tn Although there has been cases of acquired allergies also that may be responsible and needs to be ruled out by your doctor. These arise from altered body ecology due to usage of medications, improper diet, environment and even unhealthy lifestyle from recent years. Further evaluation like allergy tests may also need to be done. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn Thanks for your comments and suggestions. I will make some calls today and keep you all informed. My internist has recommended the surgeon Dr. Goiccochea in the Rockville area and said that he does "many" of these procedures. Has anyone had experience with this doctor? Thanks again, D.
1984089 tn?1349482899 I'm right outside of DC in Rockville, Maryland. It hasn't been that bad. It has been raining and its pretty windy but I was expecting it to be worse. I haven't lost power yet.... I'm hoping we've gotten through the worst of it and hopefully won't lose power.. fingers crossed!
Avatar n tn I had a skin allergy test administered by an allergist which I was referred to by my doctor at that time many years ago now. The skin allergy test revealed that I had an allergy to eggs. Okay, if 4 is the highest reaction to a particular substance/food and 1 is the lowest, I had a 1 to eggs. Now , here it is over 10 years later, I eat eggs fairly often with no side effects that I can see. So no rash, no bloating etc.
Avatar n tn Can i do a allergy skin ***** test while actively suffering from a allergy. Would i get the correct results?
Avatar n tn You should discus your concerns with your doctor. However, generally your IgE level would indicate just bad allergies. If you also have asthma that is hard to control, you may want to discus Xolair with your doctor. That is for allergic asthma. Your IgE level definitely would qualify you for that treatment option. Please let us know how you are doing. God bless.
Avatar m tn But couldnt find the reason for allergy, some times i dont believe this as allergy,becasue it comes with no reason.I still have to live on Anti Histamines. Can somebody help me understand this?
Avatar n tn Which brands of these beverages have you been drinking? It could be other ingredients that you're allergic to. Consult a doctor, and they'll test you for the various things in them, and hopefully give you medication to prevent it from happening again.