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Avatar f tn Hi, I live in Pittsburgh. I was recetly diagnosed with Chiari by a doctor from the Chiari Institute in NY. The probblem that I am having is that because my cerrabelum is only protruding around 5mm, the doctors here don't believe that I have Chiari because my protrusion isn't greater than 5mm. Does anyone have a doctor that they might recommend in the Pittsburgh area?
Avatar f tn I am hoping I might get assistance finding a pain management doctor in Pittsburgh or Philadelphia who would continue to prescribe my methadone.(my mother recently went into hospice and I have been traveling back and forth from the two cities.) The accident, I was a rear seat passenger in a car which hit a telephone pole right where I was sitting. I have a Pittsburgh address, but am looking to possibly relocate to Philadelphia, as that is the area my family is from.
Avatar f tn An adult allergy or pulmonary consultation would be appropriate. Also such specialists sometimes identify themselves as asthmatologists. Some academic institutions such as National Jewish Health in Denver, Colorado, the University of Pittsburgh Hospitals in Pennsylvania and Duke University in Durham, North Carolina offer highly specialized, expert asthma consultation. Your description of the episodes between October and May does suggest the diagnosis of seasonal asthma.
Avatar f tn Went to the ER last Thursday for mild anaphylaxis to tree nut allergy. The nurse gave me epinephrine by IV instead of IM. Causing me to have v tacardia. Basically a heart attack. What I'm wondering is ther gonna be permement damage done I scheduled to see cardio at the VA In Pittsburgh. As I just had stress test month and a half ago And was negative. Had it done because started exercising again after 10 year layoff. Now I'm scared to no end.
Avatar f tn she already sees a dermatologist and eye doctor. should she also see a neurologist? we live near pittsburgh so if you know of any specialists in this area i would appreciate the referral!
Avatar f tn Please I am desperate for a Lyme doctor LLMD or LLND.. .. I prefer if he takes insurance cause can't afford too much money I live in Pennsylvania, in a city called johnstown . Zip code : 15905 .. I can go a bit further for a good one .. I can travel up to one hour if there is one in Pittsburgh, pa for example or Altoona, pa ..
Avatar f tn I am 20 weeks and 3 days pregnant with a baby boy. I have from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.