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Avatar n tn My mom believes she may have Dercum's Disease and the family doctor has told her she has done everything she knows how to do. We are looking for another primary care doctor for her. She has a great dermatologist and endocrinologist but we need a pcd. Also, is anyone out there in Louisville, KY that has Dercum's? Thanks!
644186 tn?1223597936 I don't know about Louisville, but mine is in Nashville, Tn. That's not a crazy distance.
1135896 tn?1278441715 a) Are you aware of a good neurologist in the area? b) Should I be looking first for a PCP, a general neurologist or an MS specialist? I am undiagnosed but with my doctor is juggling ideas of vasculitis vs. MS vs. wake-up-one-day-and-hopefully-it-will-be-gone. c) Probably most likely - do you know of a good way of finding a doctor in an area I'm completely clueless about, for the most part?
Avatar f tn Louisville Bioscience Licenses Dx Tech from U of Louisville’s Brown Cancer Center Louisville Bioscience has exclusively licensed a screening and diagnostic platform based on differential scanning calorimetry from the University of Louisville James Graham Brown Cancer Center, the school said last week. The technology can be used to analyze bodily fluids, especially blood plasma, for the purposes of disease screening.
Avatar m tn I’m unfamiliar with the Cincy scene, but if you can find your way to Louisville, you might call Dr Ben Cecil; he’s been around HCV for quite a while, and is noted for working out of the box with relapsers/non-responders: http://hepatitisdoctor.
Avatar m tn I have to climb tall stairs at home. I need a doctor here in Louisville to get me a leg brace. How do I do this.
Avatar f tn t want to depend on what I saw on the internet so when we went to an allergy specialist, the doctor told me I had an Acute Uticaria which is Hives and had given me lots and lots of medicines, I had to drink steroids, anti-histamine (Raxide and Co-altria) for two weeks and had to return if the hives won't stop. But fortunately, it did stop after that. But now, after 2 weeks have passed, I have it again and it is becoming worse and worse.
Avatar f tn Carol Costello shows us it can be deadly, not only for the addict, but for the doctor who comes between the addict and his fix. By Brian Rokus, CNN Louisville, Kentucky (CNN) - Detective Steve Watts is locking up another accused pain pill addict. But he's seen this suspect before. She's back in handcuffs for the second time in less than a week. The charge this time, like it was just four days ago, is fraudulently obtaining prescription medication.
Avatar f tn Your profile is open to the public and Louisville is not a small town. You have an airport and a military base right there. People coming and going all the time so even if everyone in Louisville is STD-free (and they are not) people who may have one travel through your community. Don't ever let someone tell you your community is free of potential STD infection. It isn't true.
7543158 tn?1391978069 Oh cool. I'm near Louisville, Ky, so I'm not too far from you. Nashville and Louisville are usually pretty similar in pricings.
Avatar f tn Been back and forth to doctors for a year now,they sent him to Louisville,Ky and they found he has a parasite called Entamoeba Hystolytica.Has been on Flagly for 3 weeks,and that has not took care of it.Now we can't get ahold of his doc in Louisville to let him know the antibiotic is not helping,on hold for an hour then cuts off.That makes me so mad!!!Anyway,what worries me is that his stomach is so swollen he can barely bend over,he rarely eats but is gaining weight.
Avatar f tn I live in Ellenwood GA its like 10-15 minutes from downtown Atlanta
7543158 tn?1391978069 I don't have any friends out here in my age group. Most are in their 50-60s and I'm 25. I'd like to talk and maybe hang out with other moms in the Louisville, Shelbyville, or Campbellsburg area. I travel between the three pretty often. I'm a first time mom so the whole being pregnant thing is very new to me. I raised all my siblings due to absent parents so I'm good on that front...
Avatar n tn I had a triple burn reversed and now have a 3 month old baby boy:) Dr. Levin Louisville ky babiesbylevin.
1105753 tn?1374287348 I would go to him, but he is really expensive for a donor cycle. 18,000. He is an amazing doctor though... and has a lot of great ideas. The lab at his facility is excellent also.
Avatar n tn ve been reading she needs to see a Endo. Any suggestions for one in the central KY area (Louisville-Bowling Green- Owensboro- Southern Ind.).
786129 tn?1236400211 my doctor is Mr. Gloom and Doom but is wanting me to take treatment thought i was going ot start today but doctor failed to tell me i have to submit to insurance company and then they have to approve it and they only meet once a month so yet again im in limbo. he does not sem to be very optimistic that the treatment will work. i ahve not heard of insurance denying but that is also a posability.
Avatar f tn Registered at store in Louisville, KY
Avatar f tn ppl are saying were living in the last days as the trumpets are sounding, I just now heard about it apparently reports were heard in Louisville few days ago. I thought it was absolutely nuts till I went on YouTube I'm freaked out!
Avatar n tn There are numerous specialists that can help you. One in Louisville, KY and one in GA as well. The reversal procedure runs from about 6200 - 6900 dollars. They use a 120 thousand dollar microscope to insure the tubes are reconnected. The success rate at these two clinics is 70 percent. Go to and look up tubal reversal in KY and GA and you should find their website. Good luck and remember that research is your best tool.
Avatar n tn I just had mine 4-13 but I used Dr. Levin in Louisville ky. He is the best! First dr to have sucess with it and the only one with a special microscope.
Avatar f tn I get itchy watery, puffy eyes.I sneeze a lot. The doctor says its allergies and noticed that in the upper parts of my nose i am swollen. I also have been having some dry cracked skin on my upper lip and am not sure if this may be part of the allergy, but its there. does anyone here have the same thing or know what it is for sure. doc says its allergic rhinitis, but i thought that it should have stopped by now.
559187 tn?1330782856 I'll be visiting my sister in NC that weekend and can't go but I'm bumping this up for new member, KY-Smiling.