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Avatar f tn Her MS has been active since Christmas, some days better than others but she has had 2 hospital visits to get the steriod treatment in less than 6 months. She is very scared. We live in NC, her MS doctor is from Raleigh NC, however she is not pleased. The last time she had a bad episode, they never called her back. She has to find a doctor that she feels cares and is doing all they can to help her.
317787 tn?1473358451 Hello I am looking for a PM Doctor located in Virginia. My husband had a pain doctor who lost his license and we are trying to find someone in the Virginia area, willing to also go to MD, DC or where he has to go. Any help would be really appreciated.
9315811 tn?1403207510 So can anyone recommend a doctor in the Fayetteville NC or Raliegh NC area that will look at things as a whole and not just TSH. I have another thread asking about my thyroid results here Thank you to anyone who answers this.
Avatar f tn Her doctor is dr. Mahoumed Rahman at St. Mary's Hospital in Decatur, Il. I don't know if he is or considers himself a Chiari specialist, but Nisa's was the 43rd procedure he's done. I do know he spotted and diagnosed her Chiara immediately, and seemed very knowledgeable about the treatment of the condition. She had somehow aggravated her Chiara a couple weeks prior to seeing him, lifting the end of a go-kart.
Avatar n tn New to the area (moved from Florida) and am having a severely hard time finding a doctor. Can anyone refer me to a physician that will help me with my pain due to arthritis iin my back. Near the Winston-Salem, NC area? They are all treating me like an addict and I am sick of it!
Avatar f tn The doctor even told me so. I developed it when I was about 6 or 7 months pregnant with my now two year old son. It was the oddest thing, I would break out in hives when I came in contact with anything cold. I'm so miserable now that its winter and there's snow everywhere. I can't even swim in the summer time with everyone else because I get hives cause the water isn't warm, even a getting caught in a downpour or gust of cold wind can give me hives.
Avatar f tn g. sinus CT scan, chest CT scan, phlegm cultures, blood work, pulmonary/respiratory tests, allergy tests, tests for immunological disorders, but nothing shows up. It's all negative. I have taken allergy drugs, zertac and singular, Amoxicillian, nose rinses for sinuses, asthamex, proair, use of nebulizer and duoneb med's, and med's for cystic fibrosis, and nothing works. The Amox worked for a very short while than stopped working.
Avatar f tn I've had similar issues worsening over the past few years. Thinking back, it all seemed to start when I began using bare minerals (mild at first almost not noticeable, worsened significantly after my second baby. Thought it might be the move from NY to NC and all the new pollens-but I've never had allergies before. Been to the doctor, allergist and eye doctor. Had patch testing (all negative).
Avatar m tn Like the title states I've been bothered by various sinus problems for most of my life (I'm currently 31). I've been told by doctors that I have anything from allergies to dust to rhinitis and most recently that I don't have an allergy at all but a severe intolerance to a few different things. My sinus problems have typically been runny nose, sneezing, sinus pressure and pain, occasional headaches, itchy eyes, and recently a severe cough.
Avatar f tn I'm looking for a Chiari Specialist in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area. I am a 49 year old female. I've been showing classic sign of Chiari for years. Am hoping someone out there knows of a doctor. All I've been able to find is pediatric specialist.
1523516 tn?1330044257 My grandmother recently told me about a MS specialist in NC. His name is Douglas Jeffery. He is a world renowned MS specialist. I am seriously thinking of calling his office, getting all of my records/ MRI's and taking a trip to NC. Anyone heard of him or have advice? I'm so sick of limboland I just can't stand it.
Avatar f tn I have had a chronic cough for over 12 years..I was living in NC at the time and it just suddenly started when I was pregnant with my daughter. I'm now living back in the UK and have seen thoracic, gastric, ENT and chest specialists..I've had various types of inhalers, gastric medication, and various other medications but nothing has helped. I have had acid tests and cameras into my stomach and up through my nose but all to no avail.
Avatar n tn Hello, Just wondering where in NC you were bitten. I'm from MI but I spent last summer in NC near Charlotte. I believe I may have been bitten sometime while I was down there too but I never got a rash or saw a tick. I was just diag with Lymes two weeks ago and started treatment.
1587684 tn?1296927270 Hello and welcome! I am assuming that you are in NC also. I am not sure what that means unless they just dont have a doctor there who is comfortable with this illness. I see Dr Rosner in Hendersonville. He is pretty awesome and does specialize in Chiari. Good luck to you.
Avatar f tn I get itchy watery, puffy eyes.I sneeze a lot. The doctor says its allergies and noticed that in the upper parts of my nose i am swollen. I also have been having some dry cracked skin on my upper lip and am not sure if this may be part of the allergy, but its there. does anyone here have the same thing or know what it is for sure. doc says its allergic rhinitis, but i thought that it should have stopped by now.
Avatar m tn I had an mri and my neuro spotted a lesion on my c spine but he wants me to have another mri on a stronger machine, so its off to Duke here in nc. With no lesions on the brain and only 1 on the spine is it really possible to have MS?
7630494 tn?1394500085 Im due March 7th with a boy.