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1492345 tn?1289255868 They did tests which were negative and said that he could have an environmental allergy, a food allergy, or he could have anxiety. I walked away with nothing more than what i knew before, other than less money. So, now we have moved a couple times and for a year now we have been in our newly built home with mainly laminate flooring and only carpet in the bedrooms, which one of the bedrooms in the "cat room".
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269786 tn?1243793707 Have you ever read Sugar Busters (wondering because of the title of your post)?
Avatar m tn yeah they are keeping him over night, the blood work results will be in tomorrow, i have went n see him and he seems more responsive, he responded to his name, and i have a key chain on my car keys and i put it to his face to see if he would follow it, and he followed it, this just came on a few days, so i think what ever it is we may have caught it in time, and im not losing hope, thanks for the prayers, buster is just one of my cats, but i love him dearly, i have 3 cats, and im just hoping all
Avatar n tn d want this nickname, but as an example, Buster Keaton, whose real first name was Joseph I think, got the nickname Buster because as a baby he fell down the stairs and did not get hurt, and Harry Houdini picked him up and said "That was a real buster.") Let time lead you in the search for the perfect nickname or nickname.
Avatar n tn Never had any symptoms of being ill as my other golden died of lymphoma 6 months ago at age 11. Friday morning getting ready for work I notice Buster was not himself, he was breathing heavy, weak, and did not want his morning food. I checked his gums and notice they were white. I left for work and called my husband to see how he was. He said that the dog was outside lying down and he was trying to get him in. Buster weighed 130lbs but was a very tall dog. Almost the size of a great dane.
Avatar n tn My Mum has had an MRI Scan, she has recently had stage 2 non small cell lung cancer which she had an upper left lobectomy. 4 weeks ago she had a bloody clot that blocked her right lung and had to have a 'clot buster' to sort it out. she spent 3 weeks in ITU. when she woke up it was apparent tht she had had some sort of a stroke probably caused by the clot buster. These are her results of an mri but not a very good one as she was moving around.
Avatar f tn I play candy crush force mania Farm heroes saga cookie jam panda pop monster Buster I think thats it and reading on this app
Avatar n tn We have just rehomed a 9 mth old male British Shorthair cat and my son is showing signs of allergic reaction. I have tried a treatment called Allergy Relief for Pets but does not seem to work as yet. I have also heard giving the cat aloe vera juice may help, Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn Well Buster is doing better. He stopped throwing up on Sunday. I went to see the vet on Monday. He is only on the pred for about a little over a month. He had blood work and a xray. What the vet had found there was he had alot of gas in his stomach . Anyway now the vet want me to start over again but this time I am doing the pred. for 1 month. It is 20 mg. Buster is doing good so far. It is wed and he hasnt thrown up.
Avatar n tn Could my situation as a whole be considered non- sexual way of getting HIV? It is just this scared me: Here the person Buster got it in a nonsexual way when hiv is not suppose to be transmitted outside it's host because it is suppose to be inactive. I know that I got scary symptoms, one or two then not ars, but I got a lot.
Avatar n tn Since moving here I have developed cluster headaches, asthma, allergy to my much loved cats and severe nasal congestion in the spring. My nasal congestion is so severe that I can't sleep. When I do fall asleep I wake from dreams about not being able to breath. I take Claritin D 24 hour because it's supposed to be the best. I am going to try taking 2 of them at a time. I have to worry about my blood pressure though.
Avatar f tn you could have co-infections which require different abx. Even Doxy requires you to take a cyst Buster with it. If your current doctor hadn't said that, it is time to switch doctors. If there are no other LLMD near you, you could try an herbal protocol.
Avatar f tn Might could try zyrtec once daily especially during allergy season, as it is now over the counter. Some people find good results with nasal saline. It is inexpensive, shouldnt cause rebound. I would at least follow up with your doc for a recheck to make sure nothing else is going on. PS..elevate the head of your bed about 4 to 6 inches. May give some relief. Best of luck to you.
1094370 tn?1317134825 Trying hard to figure out what an allergy to Sulfa would have to do with Doxy. Chemically speaking, I see nothing. I have no personal experience with Cat's Claw but found some reason for your feelings here: http://en.wikipedia.
Avatar f tn t go away with or if you start having any vision changes with it call your doctor to have your blood pressure checked. A good headache buster is 1000mg Tylenol, 25-50mg benadryl, a cup of coffee or soda, and a nap, it's all safe during pregnancy. I hope you feel better!
1712422 tn?1443337501 Take the sick dog to the vet for further diagnose, isolate your other dogs and be sure that they get a buster because they can get mildly infected. Disinfectant the house (floors, areas where dogs are mostly and dog dishes with bleach).
4451049 tn?1387153437 I pulse with my Flagyl, the cyst buster every two weeks. So 2 weeks on and two weeks off. The other meds I take daily.
Avatar m tn Pls give it a try. Logic behind this 100 % success formula for stress buster is a chemical called endorphine. Pls google it out for more info. Initially you may have to take 3 to 4 doze of laughter medicine (5 minute each) Pls give a try atleast and let me know your finding.
Avatar f tn This past Friday I was 3cm, Dr also says since this isn't my first she probably won't drop until I'm in labor. As I said before I've been uncomfortable for a couple of weeks but today is different. My pain is much more intense and usually I can ease it by changing positions or what not but not today. Its a constant intense pain so I'm still gonna hold out Hope. So no worries, you're not a bubble buster.