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Avatar m tn Contact Allergy Associates of LaCrosse, they lowered my high IgE of 14000, with all the problems I'm reading here, to 8000 and most symptoms went away...
Avatar m tn Hello, My question is the following. A couple of months ago my fiance and I got a cat, the first day I had an allergic reaction immediately, red eyes, sneezing and nasal congestion.
Avatar n tn I used to see a good allergist out in California. His way of diagnosing asthma was to measure lung function twice. Once just the way you were and then again after giving a bronchodilator. Those with asthma had noticeably better results after a bronchodilator, even when they were not having noticeable symptoms. I highly recommend seeing an allergy and asthma specialist for testing if you suspect that you have asthma and it isn't being addressed properly.
Avatar f tn s time for another allergy test to see if you have some new allergy triggers. You also said your asthma flared up since you started taking your children to school on a daily basis. You also said you had a bad asthma flare up in October of last year. In the fall, I think ragweed can also be an issue. Interestingly enough, an allergy test I had in the past revealed that I am allergic to dust as well. My worst allergy trigger is actually the pollen in June grass.
Avatar n tn How do allergy doctors determine an allergy from asthma? My pediatrician wants me to take my son for allergy testing, but his only symptom is coughing. He has no other symptoms, has had a chest and sinus X-ray, which were normal. He has had antibiotics and steroids. The cough has not gone away. Not sure why he thinks it is an allergy... Please advise. Thanks!
Avatar n tn Itching is not a symptom of asthma. Asthma is usually associated with Allergic dermatitis, hence itching is manifested in patients with history of asthma. Anti-histamines with appropriate steroids against prescription will help to alleviate the condition. Identify and avoid the triggering factor which you been exposed to recently. The other causes for itching are worm infestations like ascaris and liver flukes, cholangitis and biliary stasis, thyroid disorder and delusional parasitosis.
Avatar m tn Is it possible that you have allergies that could cause the stomachaches? My little sister has asthma, GERD, a casien allergy, and a whey allergy. Her allergist told us it's really common for someone with asthma to have other allergeries and things like that. Hope this helps!
Avatar f tn From time to time, I lose my voice. Sometime for 3 weeks or more. Can asthma cause this? I use an (not every day) Advair inhaler.
Avatar n tn If you also have asthma that is hard to control, you may want to discus Xolair with your doctor. That is for allergic asthma. Your IgE level definitely would qualify you for that treatment option. Please let us know how you are doing. God bless.
Avatar m tn BOTH antihistamine and my albuterol inhaler will reverses cramping well. Is this asthma triggered by allergy or just allergy? What might be happening. My regular asthma does not reverse with antihistamine only my inhaler. So I didn't know if the above problem was asthma related?