Allergy and white blood cell count

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Avatar m tn I wasn't sure where to post this questions so i apologize in advance if this is in the wrong area. I'll start off by telling everyone that I do have a diagnosed anxiety disorder but because of my disorder I hesitate to tell anyone because I'm afraid that everything will get blamed on that. Anyway, my question is about white blood cell count. The normal range on the blood test that was used for me is between 4 and 12. My results from two seperate tests were 6.7 and 7. Good right?
Avatar m tn ve had lots and lots of CBCs run over the past four years and my white blood cell count was never that low. It was, at some points, as high as 18 but I think my average was around the 12 area. Should I be concerned that it's now averaging lower? I probably had some sort of infection during that point in my intestines but it was never confirmed for sure. My main concern is HIV. I've had around 5 HIV tests within the past year and a half.
Avatar m tn Thanks v ance but then I do not know why cmv is eating up my blood platelets and depleting my red blood cell count and lowering my white blood cell count? I am really confused. My monocytes are also on the higher side. I have heard that cmv subsides after a few months. Why then is mine eating me up from the inside. Thats why I thought it was HIV. People think I am imagining or lying.
Avatar f tn The number of white blood cells (WBCs) in the blood. The WBC is usually measured as part of the CBC (complete blood count). White blood cells are the infection-fighting cells in the blood. There are different types of white blood cells, including neutrophils (polymorphonuclear leukocytes; PMNs), band cells (slightly immature neutrophils), T-type lymphocytes (T cells), B-type lymphocytes (B cells), monocytes, eosinophils, and basophils.
Avatar n tn His neutrophil count is also low and he has a high eosinophil count. White count has been in the range of 1.8 to 4. Neutrophils continue to be below 1500 and sometimes under 1000. Eosinophil count as high as 20 but was normal at 1 during the first week of March but after that continued to climb. Right now it is at 12%. The last CBC showed his MPV was also slightly high at 11.8%. He does complain of leg pain sometimes and has had mouth ulcers but other than that no other symptoms.
Avatar f tn My husband had a cbc test completed last week, & the doctor's office informed him that he had a low white blood cell count of 2.9. He came back in & had more blood test taken, inculding an HIV test. The doctor seemed very concerned when he told him he had had more than 5 unprotected partners in the past. My question is, what could be causing this? Could it be HIV?
744962 tn?1270942038 So can hashi's raise the white blood cell count? I've never been tested for it. But the last CBC I had my white blood cell count was on the verge of high. It was like 9.5 out of 11. I didn't have any infection that I was aware of.
1157646 tn?1343967128 When the results came back, my white cell count is high and so are some non-specific inflammatory marker. The inflamatory marker is almost 3 times normal sitting at 13 with a range 0-5. So the doctor thought I could have some inflamation somewhere. He checked my tonsils as I get tonsilitis and general infected/inflamed tonsils regularly but havent had an issue now for maybe 4 months or so. Tonsils are all clear.
Avatar f tn If a person has CFS or Fibromyalgia would your white blood cell count be HIGH? Especially the Neutrophils? The doctor tested me for strep, mono, bladder infection and much much more? All test came back negative. I know I'm trying to self diagnose but I'm tired of feeling so lazy......
Avatar m tn 269 Pdv 12.7 Ne 68.3% and 5.9 Ly 17.5% and 1.5 Mo 10.5% and 0.9 Eo 3.6% and 0.3 Ba 0.1% and 0.0 ESR 3 . Are values OK?
Avatar n tn He went and had blood work done and the results were that his white blood cell count was low enough to maybe a symptom of HIV. However, he went with a cold and failed to let his doctor know. My question is, Does a cold lower your immune system enough to lower your white blood cell count to may think that HIV is possible?
Avatar n tn I believe you are confusing the low CD4 counts that we associate with HIV and its treatment and prognosis with the total blood white count. WBC count includes granulocytes, monocytes, lymphocytes, eosinophils, and basophils. A low WBC count can be associated with acute viral infections like acute Herpes. Since you count is now normal you will be fine.
Avatar f tn What they do is give you a value which comes from a analyzer that gives the white blood cell count and red blood cell count, platelet count etc. and if this is abnormal they do a manual count which is under the microscope and they read the number of cells. The normal range for lab tests can vary depending on their control values and type of instruments they use.
Avatar n tn A low white blood cell count is to be expected while on treatment. The interferon injection is responsible for that. The thing is that the docs don't want it to go "too low." It seems that your doc is on top of things and is watching it. If your doc decides he needs to re-evaluate your dosage, ask him/her about a shot of Neupogen instead of reducing your meds.
Avatar n tn A viral infection can present with a decrease in the white blood cell count. The white blood cell count should improve or normalize once the infection is cleared from the body. If the white blood cell count remained low despite of resolution of infection, further examinations will be needed to determine the exact cause.
Avatar f tn Is it anything to worry about? When I got my last blood test, the highest normal count of WBC is like 12% and mine was 13%. The doctors say it's nothing to worry about, but I stress about that stuff lol. I did have elevated WBC before getting pregnant, but I think it was due to fighting off chlamydia that I didn't know I had. I cured it when I found out I was pregnant and that I had it, but my WBC is still a little high. I'm concerned.
Avatar m tn The most common cause of increase white blood cell count is infection. High white blood cell count is an increase in disease-fighting cells (leukocytes) circulating in your blood. High white blood cell count is also called leukocytosis. It is flu/cold season. Nothing to do with hepatitis C. Cheers!
Avatar f tn As the virus replicates faster than the body can produce white blood cells, the white blood cell count is reduced. The body has a second line of defense called C cells that take over the job of the now almost depleted white blood cells. Eventually the C cells are depleted and the last line of defense, called T cells are used to combat the virus.