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Avatar n tn I don't think it matters, honestly. I think whatever is easier and allows you to actually DO it is best. I have an allergy cover on my mattress, too. I've never vacuumed my mattress for dust mites, just always covered it. Since you haven't covered it, I'd go with auntiejess's suggestion, and just vacuum it, then cover it. That's more economical than buying a new vacuum, I'd think.
Avatar m tn I have been to several allergists and have had 3 regimens of allergy shots, and just about every available prescription and over the counter medication with little or no results. I also have sleep apnea and use a CPAP machine to sleep at night. I need some help with my allergies, I am suffering with nasal drip on and off all day at work and at night at home. The last allergy tests I had they said I was allergic to mold, mildew and dust. When the humidity is high, I suffer the most. HELP!
Avatar f tn I just read something that suggested spraying garlic juice on dogs food to eliminate fleas and ticks - just want to know if this is safe. My dog is having a terrible time with fleas and flea allergy even after a Frontline Tritek treatment. I just did her 2nd month of the Frontline Tritek and she is just miserable with the biting and itching and scratching - she's a short haired boxer/lab mix about 14 months old - any suggestions will be appreciated.
Avatar n tn The plan is to find another service and use our own vacuum if we have to. This experience has really showed me what allergy sufferers go through on a daily basis.
Avatar f tn Wearing masks specially designed to filter allergens will help you in a big way. Regular vacuum cleaning and avoiding carpets and heavy draperies at home that collect dust helps in a big way. Medicines such as antihistamines and anti allergics too help in a big way. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar f tn I was fine until this last week or so when my brother was moving out of the basement so mountains of dust and **** were everywhere (when we finally got enough out to vacuum, we had to stop and empty the vacuum canister twice because it was so full!). So even though I have been using my inhaler a bit for chest tightness that comes on faster than normal, my peak flow readings have been amazing.
Avatar f tn Go to a kenisiologist/MD and get rid of your allergy. I got rid of lots of allergies that way - much more efficient and light-years faster than going to an allergist.
118225 tn?1278654940 Vacuum with a (HEPA filter vacuum cleaner )soft furniture and curtains as well as floor Wash carpets and upholstery with special cleaners, such as benzyl benzoate or tannic acid spray. Wash all bedding in hot water (hotter than 130°F) every 7 to 10 days. Don't use mattress pads. Cover mattress and pillows with plastic covers. Lower the humidity in your home.You can also use air filteration systems in your homes. Hope I have provided you with sufficient information.
Avatar f tn Also since you have allergies, make sure that you vacuum your bedroom regularly and dust there too. I have allergies too and an allergy to dust so we make sure to vacuum our bedroom often and dust. Also make sure your mattress has a protector as well. If you have old worn out pillows, throw them out and buy new ones. I hope my suggestions have been helpful.
5454865 tn?1368222427 Now take the mattress off the bed and vacuum your box springs. Okay? Before you put the mattress back on the bed, spread fabric softener sheets all over the box spring. Now spread fabric softener sheets all over your mattress and leave them for at least two hours. After the two hours, remove and discard the softener sheets and vacuum your mattress. It will stink to high heaven! These are dead dust mites. .... Vacuum your floor and discard the dirty vacuum bag in the outside trash can.
Avatar f tn It slowly reduces by 3 to 4 days vth less itching sensation here and thr. Immediately We did steam vacuum. After 2 months break it again started in March as usual after my nap same story. This time more than a week it hits certain area especially face again and again less aggressive as I took common allergy meds. I started cleaning house every week still no use. April same allergy. Went to Doctor 3 times they doubt it might due to fog allergy.
Avatar f tn avoid your allergy if dust wash your bedsheets frequently dust vacuum clean up ext....i feel your pain i have horrible allergies and prego rhinitus thats everything i do benedryl works best for me zyrtec is also safe....
Avatar f tn Anyway, I accidently breathed in some of the dust from the vacuum cleaner and went into a coughing fit. I actually had to use my asthma inhaler. I told my husband that from now on he is in charge of changing the bag in the vacuum cleaner . I would strongly recommend getting an allergy skin test asap. I have a feeling you will find you do not just have hay fever. I hope my suggestions have been helpful.
7639611 tn?1392877261 The symptoms can also be due to cat allergy. Since you have known allergies to pollen, dust mites and pet dander, chances of cat allergy are high. You may have always been allergic but symptoms may not have been very pronounced. Only a skin test (that tests for cat allergy) will rule out for sure whether it is cat allergy or not. If it is cat allergy, then if you do not take anti-allergic pills, the symptoms will resurface time and again.
Avatar n tn If you cannot even afford to do that, clean her quarters as best you can for fleas (vacuum, wash bedding, etc.) and try cleaning her skin with white vinegar diluted in a lot of water. If it's flea allergy dermatitis, you have to get rid of the fleas for her to get better overall.
Avatar f tn I have a 3 1/2 year old son, since he was about 7months we have struggled with asthma and allergy issues. As a new and first time mother I could not get any one (including 6 peditricians) to listen to me until he was a year old and had to hospitalized for croup in June. Apparently this is out of the norm for our area. Even at that point no one was concerned or felt that we should do any type of preventitive medications.
Avatar n tn Going to doctor yet again today to get prescription for allergy test. I am doing this after countless visits to them and a series of antibiotic/cough treatments they have given me over the past few months. Please help! I dont know what to do! Hate to tell my mom how sick I have been, no need to make her worry. Thank youu!
Avatar n tn I recently had 3 pieces of upholstered furniture steam cleaned and treated with a fabric protector. The technician described the protector as "similiar to a scothchguard application." The furniture looks great! But, my husband has been sneezing and coughing ever since. When he is in the house he complains of burning in his eyes. In bed at night he sneezes, sniffles and coughs like I've never heard him before.
Avatar n tn Multiple tissue samples may be taken by rotating the sampling needle aperture (opening) and using vacuum assistance. The placement of the vacuum-assisted biopsy needle is carefully manually positioned between the implant and breast abnormality. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Not long ago a new member posted the exact same question as yours.
780665 tn?1239026549 Hi, You seem to be allergic to the dust mites and remember this exposure and allergy to dust mites is much more in the clean environs of home compared to the polluted atmosphere outside your home. I will suggest the following measures: a) Open your windows every day to air out your house, especially the bedroom. Pull back your covers before you do this. Dust mites need humidity to survive and this will dry them out.
746512 tn?1388807580 It is possible for a sinus infection to make my lungs more reactive for weeks after? Or is it possible the allergy shots (cat dander and dust mites) are causing it to become worse. My doctor said don't worry unless it drops below 350 consistently but it ***** waking up and having trouble breathing. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn when allergen level is high. Keeping house as free of dust as possible by damp mopping and using a vacuum cleaner with a special filter designed to trap fine particles. Avoid contact with animals, or keep pets bathed and well groomed. These things are quiet important. I suggest you to consult pediatrician. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn I agree with the last post and would like to add that allergy tests do not test for the concentrated proteins that are more and more in our foods. These types of proteins bypass the regular digestive system. (Broth, Some Natural Flavorings, Anything Hydrolyded etc.) are some ingredients I found to make me react.
Avatar f tn There are pillow, mattress and box spring covers that work well, keep humidity to 40-45%, dust and vacuum often, wash bedding (including blankets) in hot water every week or two, take out carpet/soft surfaces in the bedroom, use a hepa air purifier and vacuum (one brand is dyson and it is AMAZING) and keep stuffed animals to a minimum (especially on the bed during sleeping) or make sure you are washing them in hot water regularly.
1756384 tn?1312562154 Even though I vacuum and dust continually!, cat hair gets up my nose, in my throat and "jumps" on my legs, makes me itch on my face and also seems to cause my itching uinder my breast area, around where my underwear where it is tight around the creases of my skin( inside thigh area for example). It also makes my mood suck! I have been on Singulair for one week. daily saline nose rinses, veramist nose spray. It seemed to help a little bit but now not much.