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Avatar f tn Tried sinus flush method, went in ears and hurts. Do I find the best clinic in country for this and f/u with local ENT, or go to a 3rd ENT here in Central Il. and hope for best? Who is considered national expert on chronic fungal sinusitis? How do I find out why my immune system got whacked?Do I also go to Allergy/Immuno.? Should I have house tested?
Avatar n tn At the allergist last week he did tell me that it is quite common for people to get an upset stomach from PND (oh joy). He found out that I have an allergy to mold and this entire weekend was a very bad weekend for me. I was nauseated, headache, stuffy, and my stomach feels worse when I lay down as it all drains into the back of my throat into my stomach.
Avatar m tn -Sometimes my vision gets a little bit fuzzy, sometimes it feels like there is a film in front of my eyes, but i cant find anything in the mirror I went to a doctor and she said i got Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo and she did the Epley maneuver which helped a lot with all my symptoms and said that i should go to Otology, Laryngology and Rhinology if the symptoms are still there (which i did).
Avatar m tn I just want to know can anyone have an allergy at my age (24) and not since child hood.....I think I may have developed some kind of lactose tolerance or something, because the phlegm increses when I drink now switching to soya milk. Question: Can you have allergy anytime in life or has to start at childhood/birth? How do I test to know if I have milk allergy or all lactose problem?
Avatar f tn Hello there, Just finished reading your comments. I'm assuming by shots, you mean allergy shots. What things are you allergic to ? Three shots a week for a year sounds like a lot of shots. Three shots a week is 12 shots a month. I used to get allergy shots for awhile. I would get two allergy shots per month. Anyway, I've never heard of a connection between allergy shots and arthritis.
Avatar f tn ) I have a theory...maybe after a sudden stop of contact with them my body developed allergy,and that can be solved by getting in contact with them again. I have tried that several times (actually I see any of those and I cannot stand there without touching them) and I definitely has not worked. That is very frustrating and I am reluctant to take any meds, is there any other solution? Does my theory make any sense (probably not)?
Avatar n tn are you taking allergy meds? this should help the most. if you are taking allergy meds and still experiance allergy symptoms than you should go see your doctor and tell him. there are alot of allergy meds out there and not all may work for you. aviod things that trigger your allergies the worst. the part about your skin becoming puff/blow, this happend to me when i started using a laundry det. that i was allergic to.
Avatar f tn Hi, Yes you could be experiencing re-actions to an unknown allergens.Fresh coats of paint can trigger off allergic re-actions. Are you in contact with either on a day-to-day basis? As in an occupation or living in close proximity-in the vicinity of some-thing associated with either? First, the bad news: For many people, allergy season has become a year-round stint, according to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (AAAAI). But there's good news too.
231441 tn?1333892766 Lately I have been having frequent violent sneezing (many times a day), with intermittent running nose and itchy face and trunk. The sneezing and running nose also wake me in the middle of the night, and I have to keep blowing my nose for a while before it settles and I can sleep again. I haven't yet been able to identify clear cause or food trigger (other than peanuts, which recently have started to clearly cause an itch and burning/flushing reaction).
359574 tn?1328360424 It has been his experence in the last thirty years that patients who have MS and take allergy shots do well in relationship to their MS. He states that allergy shots produces T cell suppressors called CD cells that control allergies and MS. I started shots seven years ago when I came to work for him. I take no MS drugs and since I started the shots all my MRIs have shown NO change and no new symptoms. This is also true for the other two patients he has who also have MS.
2088782 tn?1333221786 Over the past three months it has gotten to the point where I get shooting pains through my ears and my eyes keep going blurry. My doctor just told me that I have an allergy to milk. Is it possible to have an allergy your entire life and not know it? Can it suddenly get so bad you can hardly function? Any chance it is just developing? Finally.. they told me my white count was 15.1 showing I had a bacterial infection of some kind but can not find anything.. could it be related to the allergy?
Avatar m tn Went to another specialist and he recommended allergy shots. Is you swishing sound tinnitus? Get tested for allergies and start allergy shots. It took it away from me for about 12 years but started new round of shots with a different antigen and it has returned. Working with my allergist to start back on the original allergen. Hopefully, it will work. This is constantly annoying!
270512 tn?1333177636 I am currently having to inject 2ml (YES, 2ml - OUCH), and have developed a welt like pattern around the injection site. It is usually red and itchy and hurts! Is this normal? I have used PIO before - the 1st time only 1ml and no effects.... the 2nd time 1.5ml and seemed a little itchy.... but now.... my rear is soar and itchy.... I feel like an overgrown babboon walking around scratching my backside!!! Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn Could that have been Allergy induced Asthma? Could it start now even though i am 26? And how common is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity? And can Perinnial Rhinitus Allergies get worse with time?Sometimes i'm not sure if it's allergies causing my symptoms or anxiety. Thank you!
Avatar f tn A cat scan showed fluid in maxillary sinuses and some ethnoid sinusitus but my ENT surgeon shows no infection and is now considering a tubinate "snip" as he calls it to because my left turbinate is a bit large. I am going for a 2nd opinion and have to a neurologist also. Is there anyone out there who can relate? This has completely changed my life. I have a family a job & responsibilities and some days I just sob from discomfort and frustration.
Avatar f tn The pain is not related to allergy and it can be due to musculoskeletal pain which causes sharp pain in chest. This happens due to over usage or uncomfortable position of upper trunk or arms. I suggest you to take analgesics which will relieve pain as well as inflammation. I suggest you to consult physician for further management. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn The first day l was choked and l took a glass of water and it went of. The second day it happened again and again until a week. l went to the hospital and l was told that l have alot of acid and was given anti acid gel and omeprazle tablets for a month and was given a number of foods not to eat like no fizzy drinks, deep fried foods e.t.c. After a medical check up l was given some more tablets and anti acid gel again. There was still not very much improvement and l was given allergy treatment.
Avatar n tn I am unable to protect it against the sun or wind and find it affecting my mental health and friendships and my patient husband.