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Avatar f tn Makes everything a surprise because while there is a chance for one thing theres also chances for others. I have my fad has straight brown hair and bkue eyes and my mom has curly dark brown hair and hazel eyes. My sis has straight brown hair and blue eyes, my brother has curly brown with blue, and i have straight hair thats a big mix of colors with green eyes. Its crazy!
6363715 tn?1394225781 Im not sure what you mean by "brown" genetics. But dark eyes and hair is a dominate trait in both males and females. Light hair and blue eyes is recessive. If theres a chance he carries blue eyes/blonde hair in his genes there is a chance for your baby to have those traits.
Avatar f tn Here i am disappointed and impatient with no baby and no sign of her coming yet, im not even dialated and due in 11 days. My mom and sisters went to their due dates or maybe a day or two over so thats what i am guessing will happen to me :( im learning to be patient and im glad my baby and i are healthy enough to go full term because some babies have to be taken early and stay in the nicu for a while.
805104 tn?1242334671 She never knew it was a stone .. it was the size of a pea and caused no pain. Just fever and vomting and she thought she had the flu.
2006603 tn?1331329327 I have a very weak immune system and am hoping he takes after his dad and not me. I know my mom and dad both have allergys and none of me and my 2 siblings inherited any of thier allergies.
Avatar f tn My mom had 3 kids my sis and I were 4 weeks early and my little brother was 6 weeks early and I went 5 days past my due date soooooo no it's not genetics
Avatar n tn Yes, being an autosomal recessive trait and one affected child it is likely that both you and your partner are inapparent carriers of the affected gene. Hope the information is helpful. Take care!
9435730 tn?1403754999 I'm about 9 weeks pregnant and both my husband (on his mother side) and I (on my father's side) both have type two diabetes. Out of curiosity how high is the percentage of our child getting type two diabetes or any diabetes in general? Also is it possible for me to get diabetes during my pregnancy?
1110747 tn?1295844043 Know when and what age the first period started...and make notes of any abnormalties. Sometimes, if you see the signs early... you can stop the symtpoms in there track and focus on fixing the body.
Avatar f tn After reading some your post of parents who has MS and now your child. I am concerned about my kids furture with MS. As for I know I am the only one in my family who has MS. Who here is the only one who has MS in your family and your kids still dont have or they have it as well even though you have no genectic trace of MS? I know the chances are higher if they are genetics run in the family. Make since? what do you think or know?
Avatar f tn s arthrogryposis, the question of trying to conceive may lead you and he to do some soul searching. Both of you may have to consider some difficult questions about how you feel about his condition, and how you feel about the possibility having children with his condition, IF the cause of it were genetic. Discussing the "what ifs" in life and starting a family, how you each feel about the different possibilities, and how each of would deal with issues is an important dialogue to have.
Avatar f tn My husband has been diagnosed with MMN. We have 2 boys, ages 8 and 5, and I am trying to find out what the percentage risk factors my children have for this disease. The MD does not seem to want to answer the question. Any help? Thank you so much.
4144828 tn?1351683716 she had a hysterectomy. In that time she had she had me, and seven years later my brother. I know that my grandmother had to have a hysterectomy early too, but I don't know about miscarriages & can't ask her....So the only person alive or that i'm in contact with is my dad, and he's less than thrilled to talk to me about his ex wifes fertility issues. Is this going to happen to me, am I going to have problems and have miscarriage after miscarriage ?
Avatar f tn My fiance is african american and im hispanic but with fair skin and dark brown hair and our 3 yr old son is light skinned like i am but looks exactly like his dad and has his hair. But see my fiances mom is very light skinned as well. It just depends. No way to tell.
Avatar m tn In the excerpt at the bottom, the extraterrestrial character, Carlyle, has preternatural (“wordian”)skills that allow his essence to penetrate into a female human, and shape-shift into (and literally become) a replication fork to join with the woman’s separated helix strands, to form a new life in her pregnancy or reproduction process.
Avatar f tn It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
976897 tn?1379167602 yes it does sound odd. The genes for producing the protein to make silk in spiders has been found and spliced into goats. The milk produced by the goats contains lots of the protein so the silk can be produced in large quantities. Why? well the silk is the strongest thing in nature or made by humans. It can be used to repair tendons for example. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. You can use online software and create your own dna.
Avatar f tn I am not a doctor. The genetics is not a slam dunk. Some families have it strongly others do not. I had no one in my family history with it. Stomach issues are not usually MS. If she is concerned it is best to start with a Primary Care Doctor. He or she can do a basic neurological exam. If he or she thinks she needs to go to a neurologist he or she can make a referral. With out symptoms or signs few Doctors will order the extensive tests for MS.
Avatar n tn In addition to everything Melissa said, you also need to rule out things like Thyroid disorders and severe depression. I would suggest talking to your dr to see if he can help rule out other diseases that could cause those symptoms besides Alzheimers and hopefully get to the root of what is causing your symptoms.
Avatar f tn Is there a high chance of my baby having bipolar disorder if she has a parent that is diagnosed with it? I found out today my ex was officially diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which is why he has been so nasty to me, according to him. He claims he is being medicated for it, so it seems like he's being legit about it. I'm just wondering if anyone knows what the chances of my (and his) daughter having this disorder as well?
Avatar f tn So I know that it says that miscarriages aren't hereditary, but if both my mom and grandma had healthy pregnancies with their 4 kids, does that make it a better chance that I too will have a healthy pregnancy? I'm already kind of falling their same symptoms as far as not having any morning sickness at all. Just curious what all of you think.
Avatar f tn m not sure how it works but both my husband and I have brown eyes and our son has bright blue eyes. Everyone said babys eyes would change in the first 6mths but they didn't, still blue. The only person with blue eyes in our family tree is my husbands grandfather so our baby's great grandfather.
Avatar f tn My unresearched, non-scientific answer is no. I think it is more of a behavioral inheritance. We see our family/friends using substances to cope with life, and that's what we learn. Drugs have been around since mans beginnings, unfortunately we hippies didn't start it lol. We just took it out of the closet.
Avatar f tn At the hospital we went to, scientists gave a little symposium about this big project and other facets of it, and about the state of diabetes research in general. I found this, and participation in the study, to be useful, in part because it put us in touch with some people doing cutting-edge work, it put us on their mailing lists, it put us on the list of people they'll contact for future studies, etc. It's a foot in the door.
Avatar m tn I have been reading some interesting articles on HIV and genetics and wondered if anyone else who is more educated on the matter knew anymore (like whether they hold any water or not). Without going into much detail I have read firstly that their is a gene that makes a person resistant to malaria but more susceptible to HIV and is very common in people of African descent (or other global regions where malaria has been historically prevalent).