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Avatar n tn I had moderate allergies prior to taking Zoloft, and virtually no allergies while taking it, although I occasionally took Claritin for spring allergies.
Avatar f tn I take 50mg of Zoloft and take loratadine for my allergies which are super severe this time of year. there's no interaction and my allergies improved dramatically in a couple days.
Avatar m tn Is it ok to take a mentol cough suppressant/ oral anesthetic while taking zoloft? I have a reeeeeeeally bad uncontrollable cough because of my allergies. I havent been able to find any relief so im trying these vapodrops by Vick's. I'm supposed to take 2 but only taken one and I feel uneasy all of a sudden. Is it ok to take these while on zoloft for anxiety?
Avatar n tn I have been on three SSRI's in my life. I was put on Zoloft when i was 16 but was only on it for about ten days, and was then hospitalized for meth abuse, where i was taken off the zoloft. I was abusing meth while on the zoloft so i didn't think much of it when my lips swelled up and got rock hard. I figured it was because i was using zoloft and meth at the same time. About a year later i was put on effexor XR, and remained taking it for about 18 months.
Avatar m tn Ask a pharmacist. However, I took an allergy medication with zoloft. I took the allergy medicine an hour before my zoloft. It may cause more drowsiness but its ok to take. At least my doctor said it was and I was fine while doing so.
Avatar f tn The primary doctor said i have virual virus do to allergies, so i saw my doctor who precribed me the Zoloft he said not take zoloft for two weeks until i get better from this virual virus then try the zoloft again if you have reaction to it stop the zoloft then wait a week and try different medicine called citalpram 20mm. i am so sacred to taking any medicine because i am so sentitive to medicine anyway.
Avatar n tn took ssri's Zoloft while pregnant with my number 3 baby he was born with server rds and now allergies he was full term but his lungs never matured drs say its not to do with zoloft but im not so sure as my other 2 are fine when i wasnt taking zoloft, im preg again and on zoloft but very scared again
958812 tn?1268764172 i have mild to acute depression and acute anxiety. i was on low dose of effexor for 6 months and stopped when i got pregnant. sadly, my husband and i miscarried (we don't know if the effexor had anything to do with it). we are now trying to conceive but my anxiety and depression is surfacing again. i've heard that zoloft, especially a low dose, is a lot safer to take than effexor. if anyone has taken it during pregnancy please give me some feed back. i want to make an educated decision.
Avatar f tn Finally, my GI said it was anxiety and prescribed me zoloft. After being on zoloft for 5 years and symptoms not going away and becoming more severe I weaned myself of zoloft to see if it helped, which it didn't. In the meantime I've been on every heartburn and omeprazole out there. I started dexilant this summer and thought I saw brief relief, but to no avail it has quit helping my constant hunger like pains.
Avatar f tn I take allergy pills because I have severe allergies even in the winter. And I am on anti-depressants. I was on celexa before, and the doctor put me on a safer Ned called Zoloft. At a lower dosage. I wouldn't be too worried about it , if you are.
Avatar f tn I started taking 25 mg of zoloft /the first day I started to feel a itchy skin crawling feeling. I called the dr and he said to wait a few more days which will be a week and if i still have these feeling to chage to something else. my question is that I have allergies and asthma with skin dermatisi at time and anxiety problerns and I wonder if the skin ithing and crawling feeling could be something else and should I so easily change medications.
Avatar f tn I have also been suffering from allergies for a week and a half and wonder if this will have any effects on the switch.
Avatar f tn He put me on 50mg of Zoloft which I started in the beginning of April, and by the middle of the month I felt really good. Still had a few symptoms but I started exercising and by May I even started back to work at my job as a grocery store cashier. Even the "low blood sugar" feelings started getting better and I could go longer and longer between meals. But by the end of May/beginning of June, I started feeling not so good again.
Avatar m tn She has been seeing a therapist for three years with little or no progress. She takes Zoloft and other anti-depressants Her medicationAllergic reactions to medication Drug allergies Drug-induced hypertension Getting a prescription filled Home pharmacy Inhaler medication administration has been altered a lot and decreased due to her condition.
Avatar f tn What you can do is to talk to your doctor about a soft SSRI like Zoloft. Zoloft in the literature is not linked with a lot of weight gain. One of the few SSRI not linked with weight gain.
Avatar f tn Hello and welcome! Typically, you must give these types of medications at least about 4-6 weeks after dosage adjustments before assessing its effectiveness. I personally feel that every option with one medication should be exahusted before starting over with a new medication, and that would include waiting out a dosage increase. What dose are you on now? With your other conditions, Cymbalta would actually be a pretty good choice. Have you tried any other medications?
Avatar m tn I have panic disorder and mdd and taking 50mg of zoloft for it. I've always wanted to get pregnant and be a mom when the time is right but I never thought that I'd have to consider being pregnant and having babies when I have an anxiety dosorder. I was wondering how big of a chance would my baby have of developing a mental disorder like anxiety, depression or something even worse?
Avatar f tn AFter I gave birth I started on zoloft becuase I was breastfeeding...I found that the zoloft did BETTER for me than the lexapro and stayed on it until I found out I was preg agian this time. Again I stopped cold turkey and had minimal w/d symptoms. I do NOT recommend the cold turkey thing though becuase not everyone is as tolerant of medication as I am.
Avatar f tn I have been taking zoloft for 10 days now and I feel really anxious and nervous, I feel shortness of breath can anyone tell me if these are side effects and if they will go away. I don't know if I should stop taking it I just lost my insurance so I can't go back to the dr that prescribed them for me can anyone help me. Right now I'm also taking levaquin, and medrol and norvasc, enalapril. Can I still take my ativan for the anxiety. Any anwers will be greatly appreciated thank you.
Avatar f tn My five year old son was diagnosed with ADHD, OCD, ODD and Anxiety last year after he was BAKER ACTED for saying he wanted to kill himself. They started and currently have him taking Zoloft 25mg and Metadate 10mg, they are not working. When he takes the two together whether at the same time or at separate hours he is worse off then when we started. It seems like they counter act each other.
Avatar m tn We took her to a psychiatrist who put her on Zoloft and Trileptal.. She was better for a while and made 9th grade basketball and golf team. She made nearly straight A's and has never had thoughts of hurting herself. Then about three months into her school year she had to quit both sports because on the attacks. We took her to St. Louis Children's hospital and after $18,000.00 worth of treatment we know it is not Turrets, Wilson,s disease, and supposedly any neourological problem.
Avatar f tn could there be some connection to panic and hypothyroidism, maybe the zoloft, maybe the zoloft causes my thyoid hormone to be elevated,, i dont know i take so much medicine, i think maybe that some medicine i take causes some other problem that makes me take medicine for that.. (i am a 29yr female) i take: zoloft 50mg senthyoid .
Avatar n tn I'm a 20 y/o female 140lb.. no history of obesity, smoking, vaping, drugs, drinking, asthma or allergies and I haven't had any recent respiratory illnesses. I do have a history of anxiety and panic attacks. In the past 3 or so weeks I've had problems breathing on and off. A few weeks ago, out of no where, I started feeling like I was suffocating or like I couldn't breathe. It felt like my nose and throat were closing and it was hard to get air in.
Avatar m tn hello names Josh i have this problem they are red and they seem to like to be in a line and in groups they are all over my body i have had the chicken pox and i am up to date on vaccinations i have allergies yes but they are sinus but have not been taking my medication regularly i itch like crazy i take Singular, and flonase and trazodone and zoloft and abilify, omeprazole, and finally loratadine. i have had these symptoms for more than a week now... please help i live in Minnesota.