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Avatar n tn To all, Did anyone find out the cause of these symtoms? My systems are exactly the same as Yaccaplant's, furry yellow tongue with white coating also on the tongue towards the back of my throat. Also, I've been very thirsty lastly. This condition starts about 5 days after I've been to the dentist for deep root cleaning. I've been using an oral mouth wash prescribe by the hygeinist but stop using it since the symtoms occur.
Avatar n tn If you could please let me know if this sounds like thrush or allergies I would really appreciate it. I read that allergies and post-nasal drainage could cause a white tongue but i wasnt sure. If you have a good site for images of white coated tongue vs. thrush i would also appreciate that.
Avatar n tn Over a month ago, I noticed my tongue in the morning was a orangish-yellow color, but would brush right off with a tooth brush. Now, my tongue is pale in the morning when I wake up, and every time after I eat I have a yellow coating on my tongue that will brush off right away with a tooth brush and tooth paste.
Avatar n tn I noticed the furry yellow tongue a week ago, I've been brushing tongue and using listerine it helps for a few hours and then come back I have IBS also. TIve been using Benifiber for a 3 weeks now and wonder if this was the cause. I'm usually very regular and for a few weeks was not so I used Miralax I wonder if these things are causing the yellowing on our tongues?? Does anyone have any answers for us?
Avatar m tn ve noticed white bumps on the side of my mouth near the back (one or two) that kind of come and go.. also my tongue has a thick yellow coating when i wake up and is thicker at the back and my taste buds seem swollen. i feel like im producing an above normal amount of saliva as well.. I used to smoke a lot of marijuana but quit about a month ago i still smoke the odd cigarette. I also had unprotected oral sex with a pretty questionable girl a few months ago..
Avatar m tn Most likely, in your case, you have bad breathe fairly often. When your tongue turns a yellow/ whitish color it is a sign of dry mouth which can be caused by many medications or it's just common for some people. Overall, I hope this helps! Good luck!
5025679 tn?1363541501 So I am very confused and I am SO tired of my tongue feeling this way-- in the very back there are large papillae, coated in whitish yellow and the top of my tongue is also coated. I brush it twice a day... normally when I am done brushing it there is some tingling or slight burning sensations. I started drinking aloe vera juice yesterday. I have tried EVERYTHING. salt water rinsing.. not a lot though.
464013 tn?1206731717 Hey I am kinda relieved in a way to find someone who is expirencing the sam things I am. Mu energy is shot, my tongue is yellow, I can't get rid of the yeast infections, and no matter what i am sick and miserable and always thirsty. I was told by the doctor it was pre cancerous but he said it so casually and rushed me outta the office like it was nothing. Whe wasn't worth my time. i am going to my dentist tomorrw to try n figure all this out.
Avatar f tn ve had throat issues with my tonsil in the past which lead the doctors to surgically remove it. My tongue would also turn white sometimes and when i put pressure brushing my tongue it bleeds a little. Anyways, the point I'm trying to make is should this be checked by a doctor?
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Avatar n tn thers a lot of weird stuff out there let me tongue at times does show similarities to g.t...small outlined that come n go...i tend not to et healthy n i just started takin vitamins(b complex,zinc from vitamin shoppe) seem to hav worked a bit as the breakout is less...i also rarely get sleep..i usually sleep 5hrs every night....not sure if that can cause a deficnecy w/ not gettn enuff sleep whch i havet done in the last few yrs..i tnd to go to sleep late every night...
Avatar f tn Ladies please help!!! I've always had super bad allergies and the only thing I've found that works is DayQuil/NyQuil and obviously can't take that being 10 weeks pregnant. I seriously miss being able to breathe! Anyone know of a SAFE and effective allergy/sinus OTC medicine I can take???
Avatar f tn Does anyone have strange tongue sensations? My tongue feels like I burned it drinking coffee too hot, or something, even though I didn't. It feels like it is irriatated or scratchy or some weird thing. I'm new to this whole disease process, so I was curious if others had experienced similar issues?
464013 tn?1206731717 Nystatin is yellow to begin with, so that is the reason for having yellow tongue....but do you have any tiny hairs on your tongue?, if you that is good,that means no yeast infection... you just now may be dealing with dry mouth.
Avatar n tn This could be long-winded. It's been a crazy couple of months. I went to the doctor on march 27 for a very sore throat. He diagnosed me with strep throat even though he didn't do a culture. Prescribed me z-pack. A week later I noticed the corner of my lips starting to swell. Over the next couple days it spread and then they started flaking. The skin around my lips started flaking, too. It burned and itched and I went back to the doctor and he prescribed me Valtrex and Cefdinir.
Avatar m tn Whenever I brush my teeth and tongue, it comes off easily with no pain nor bleeding. I hardly ever consume foods with yellow dyes in them. Besides the yellow coating, my tongue has a normal color to it and appears fine; no pain, no swelling, no cracks, no large bump, no blisters, no bad breath, etc. I've read on various sites that it can be attributed to many things ranging from dehydration to HIV... so I'm at a total loss yet freaked out.
628151 tn?1224801643 I ruled that. I have also started to develop a light yellow film on top of my tongue that is hard to scrape off with a toothbrush. Soon after the taste bud incident I noticed 3 spots on the roof of my mouth began to hurt, it is more of light burning/sore feeling. These spots are not raised and they are not bumps, just part of the roof of my mouth and are about the size dime. What I find very strange about all this is I went to the Dentist and he said it all looked normal.
Avatar n tn Later, when I brush my teeth, It goes away a bit... as I can see my brush a bit yellow too (the paste get tained in yellow), before washing it.. a few hours later I can barely notice it, and my tongue almost get its normal appearance... What could be causing this?? Im a heavy smoker, who also have gastric problems... a lot heartburn.. recently diagnosed with a intestinal ulcer...
460830 tn?1347219306 I have had a stuffy nose for the last few days that is worse at night and mornings. It started out with clear mucus, but since yesterday has turned yellow with blood in it, especially in the mornings. I also feel bad, but have had no fever. I get cold easily. Is this just a cold or a sinus infection? I know my immune system is low because I had tongue cancer surgery this past May, with a nasal feeding tube initially put in after surgery, and a trach also.
Avatar m tn Allergy-induced asthma is the most common type of asthma in the United States. Some of the same things that trigger allergies — pollen, dust, pet dander — also can trigger asthma attacks. The most common asthma symptom is coughing, which is far less common in allergies. You need to see an allergy specialist to determine if you have asthma and what triggers your attacks. Allergies cause your immune system to respond to a substance abnormally. They can produce severe reactions.
Avatar f tn Every now and then they will get pus pockets in them. I also have two redish yellow spots on the roof of my mouth close to the back and a few of those spots on the back of my throat. My throat feels tight. Every now and then I will have a pain my throat or tonsils and a burning feeling. I also have ear pains. I have only had an actual sore throat twice since the swelling began. Meds will taken away the pus pockets but not the swelling. I have no other symptoms than that. No knot or anything.
Avatar f tn Good Day, I've recently had a possible STD exposure. About a month and a half ago I had sex with a male (I am also male) this was my first time being with a male. I performed unprotected oral (less than 5 min), received protected anal and there was also some kissing. I did not receive anything to my penis just masturbated while receiving anal. The very next day I had a really bad sore throat.
Avatar m tn Now I have had slight yellow pigmentation on the top sides of my tongue as well as on the back top of my tongue. I have also had blotchy red spot on my chest and face as well as forehead that turns into a few pimples. At one time my face was very red. The possible so-called rash on my face also stings with any movement of my face muscles or to the touch. I have not had any flu like symptoms but do have a sore throat and allergies.
648296 tn?1235934418 I have recently noticed some of the blood vessels in my left eye are yellow, with a yellow spot just to the left of my pupil. My left eye also burns a little and tears a little. I've stopped wearing my contacts because they irritate my eye. Could this be the end result of a bursting blood vessel? I ask because my allergies were quite terrible about a month ago and I was walking around with bloodshot eyes.
Avatar n tn Hello, Uvilitis is inflammation of the uvula, the small tongue-shaped piece of tissue that hangs from the top of the back part of the mouth. Treatment includes salt water gargles, hard candies, sprays for example, Chloraseptic) and lozenges. Acetaminophen or ibuprofen may help control the pain. Usually it goes away with the treatment. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
910699 tn?1242769468 For the past few days I have noticed that my puppy has vomited up yellow foam. I have also noticed that she does not want to eat much. My dog has never liked to eat dog food so we have been given her eggs, chicken, and other meats that we might have at meal times. When she does eat she tends to eat fast, but lately she does not want to eat these foods. She drinks water on a regular basis and goes to the washroom regularly everything looks normal. Should I take her to the vets?