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230262 tn?1316645934 no one on either side of the family is allergic to bees, so i thought he would be OK too, especially since about 2 summers ago he got stung by a whole nest of yellow jackets and he had no reaction. I guess it takes time to develop allergies to them though and thank god he wasnt allergic then with so many stings! I HATE YELLOW JACKETS!! mean nasty aggressive things that sting you with no provocation!! GRRR anyways, thats my update! I'll let you know how things go when I can.
Avatar m tn she has dug into her skin and her middle of her arm is know pink. she has no allergies. she is now only wearing long shirts or wearing jackets so she can cover the rash/pink/skin not only so she cant itch it but because she is afraid someone at her school will be grossed out by it. HELP?
Avatar m tn I know this sounds crazy but here me out! Thank you god bless! My name is colton and I'm almost 21. I worked at this chemical waste water plant about a year ago. Anyhow it had to Of been four mounths before I was layed off when. When I was driven a fork left to the other side of our plant. To a diferent company called east side resycaling. I was borrowing a medal bin to load up paper. I had on a yellow rain jacket, cuz I just got done cleaning a tank out.
Avatar f tn Now, with the twin girls (aged 9) I have been asked by the parents to make sure that the girls wear their jackets because they tend to play up and misbehave when it's time to put jackets on. The girls say to me "our mummy/daddy doesn't force us to wear coats", I say to them " that is a lie girls because your parents asked me to make sure you have your coats on", then I put the jackets on them but they throw them to floor and run off".
Avatar f tn Ladies please help!!! I've always had super bad allergies and the only thing I've found that works is DayQuil/NyQuil and obviously can't take that being 10 weeks pregnant. I seriously miss being able to breathe! Anyone know of a SAFE and effective allergy/sinus OTC medicine I can take???
648296 tn?1235934418 I have recently noticed some of the blood vessels in my left eye are yellow, with a yellow spot just to the left of my pupil. My left eye also burns a little and tears a little. I've stopped wearing my contacts because they irritate my eye. Could this be the end result of a bursting blood vessel? I ask because my allergies were quite terrible about a month ago and I was walking around with bloodshot eyes.
Avatar f tn Yes I was thinking pants long sleeves and the baby winter jackets..or what jackets are lab's talking about the whole bodysuit or regular jackets.
Avatar m tn Hypoallergenic bedding with asthma approval Vacuum 2-3 times weekly Dust 2-3 weekly Wear a respirator when cleaning Removed Milk and Pop from diet Regular workout (I do not have any issues while being active) Steam Shower Nightly (This is recent but has been helping immensely) Air purifiers (Home and Work) Humidifiers (Home) Removed all scents (cologne, soaps, air fresheners, etc.
910699 tn?1242769468 For the past few days I have noticed that my puppy has vomited up yellow foam. I have also noticed that she does not want to eat much. My dog has never liked to eat dog food so we have been given her eggs, chicken, and other meats that we might have at meal times. When she does eat she tends to eat fast, but lately she does not want to eat these foods. She drinks water on a regular basis and goes to the washroom regularly everything looks normal. Should I take her to the vets?
Avatar f tn m picking up my own daughter that all kids come out of school with their jackets wide open until the parents ask them to do up the jackets. My own daughter is bad for this too but I know that is because she is lazy and prefers me to do it for her, I think she doesn't like to spend the time doing up her jacket when she knows that, if I notice it undone, I automatically do it up myself. So, is their any other reason why children don't do up their jackets?
Avatar f tn I've been looking for some too. I'm guessing I'll go to target and see if there's any maternity ones there. I don't want an expensive one since I'm due in December.
Avatar n tn Last Oct. we found out that our 3-year-old has a severe allergy to wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, etc. (all except for honey bees). We started desensitization shots in late Nov. but haven't gotten very far b/c he reacts (locally) to the shots. Might he have any protection by this summer? Also, when he is at "maintenance" what is his reduced risk of anaphalaxis? I've heard it decreases from 70 percent to 3 or 10 percent. Is this accurate?
541196 tn?1293552936 Then i was blood tested and 12 different allergies popped up. So im a huge advocate of blood testing for food allergies.
Avatar f tn The red sounds like allergies or something, but is the yellow discharge or are the whites of your eyes yellowish in color? See your doctor immediately if this is the case. Yellowing of the eyes sounds like jaundice and should be taken seriously.
Avatar m tn s nest. The stallion at our farm found a nest of yellow jackets. He was stung a few times near his dock and anus and it set off a local reaction. His sheath and testicles swelled enormously. The vet came and had to give him a steroid injection for the inflammation, and we had to put a topical salve on to help relieve the itch. She warned us that it was very important to take your hint from the animal: is he peeing normal? Is he in pain? Can he stand or lay down comfortable?
800851 tn?1260343102 But when I did a google search for jaundice eyes. The eyes looked more red than yellow. Can anyone tell me what I should be looking for to see if I have jaundice eyes or just bloodshot.
Avatar f tn I been having seasonal allergies systems yellow discharge from nose and stomach hurt after taking amoxicillin die this mean amoxicillin is working
Avatar m tn I am looking into devices such as airbag jackets and neck braces; but as mentioned would appreciate a professional opinion. Any suggestions appreciated!
172826 tn?1423422956 the white would cause the reaction but in some cases its the yellow..hes had macaroni salad before and mayo has eggs in there.. i figured id keep an eye on him..see how he is..wait a few weeks and try and introduce it again..if it does the same thing then i will know...
Avatar n tn About a month or two ago I was sick, I had a fever and was coughing up very yellow mucus. Sometimes with much nastier substances captured inside. Now I just can't breath without coughing or wheezing and I can hear my lungs rattling when I do. No mucus at all. I've had allergies my whole life. But it's only been affecting this past year or so. I've had very short episodes like this before, but this has lasted over a month.