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Avatar f tn Chemical sensitivity is a common symptom in Dysautonomia. I have a couple of true allergies to medication, but I also experience overdose symptoms at normal medicinal dosages. I'm not sure if this is what you are referring too, but I'd recommend starting all new medication with the smallest dosage possible.
Avatar m tn I have seen a dentist to use same syringe for 2nd use xylocaine ijection (local anasthesia) from multi dose via for the same patient though new syringe is used for separate patient for the same vial. Can it make the rest of the vial nfected by HIV. Though no trace of blood seen in the xylocaine solution . what is the posiblity of getting hiv infection solution. how long HIV survive in the xylocaine even if some infected blood is entered in it.
Avatar m tn thanks your response.. where can i get gel containing Xylocaine ? on counter @ Walgreen or CVS ?
Avatar n tn go to a cardiologist who is willing to work with you and try alternative therapies. You MUST MUST MUST take a look into the following combo D-ribose (10 grams per day), L carnitine (1.5 grams twice daily), CoenzymeQ10 (300 to 400mg twice daily), Magnesium supplementation. And a high EPA/DHA fish oil supplement. The above are mentioned in this book called "Metabolic Cardiology" written by a Cardiologist/Cardiac Surgeon with over 30 years of experience.
1897244 tn?1322252681 Then I apply Prep. H hemorrhoid cream. And finally I apply some prescription 3% Xylocaine with 0.5% hydrocortisone. That latter cream was originally for the "shards of glass" I felt like I was passing but the suppossitories turned out to work better for the shards of glass. But I found a use for the Xylocaine cream. The Xylocaine cream numbs the reactal area and that means it also stops the itching and irritation.
Avatar n tn I had a 2nd trimester miscarriage the day that I had a mole removed at my dermatologist. They used Epinephrine and Xylocaine and when we received the autopsy report it revealed that my baby was perfectly normal and healthy without chromosonal issues prior to him dieing in my womb that day. Has anyone experienced this or known anyone who has? I researched on the web and found many warnings about pregnant women receiving Lidocaine from the dentist but not what they gave me.
Avatar m tn The only topical cream known, through clinical trial, to delay ejaculation is one called Promescent. It contains the anesthetic xylocaine. I am not at all sure if this would be your best option though. Do not challenge each other too much. Take it easy and good luck.
Avatar m tn I am young (twenties), male, in-shape (and always have been in shape), eat healthy (fruits, veggies, whole grains, etc.), I am not a vegetarian/vegan, I have no allergies that I have ever found, no prescriptions, no diseases I know of. No recent change in habits or diet. The doctor tried prescribing Anusol suppositories for a month, it seemed to help some, but it didn’t fully eliminate the pain, and as soon as I ran out, it came right back.
Avatar m tn I have an erectile dysfunction since I have put xylocaine lidocaine 5% gel on my penis. The gel has expired since 2013 and I am feared also that I have put a lot. Three days after my erections are not so hard like before and they do not last long. I want to ask if it is permanent and what can I do.I am so anxious.Thank you for your time.
Avatar f tn i believe it would hurt a lot.i consulted gynecologist.she has advised me to use xylocaine gel but also its not useful.i dont allow my husband to do really suffering in tis matter.please please help.
Avatar f tn As an RN I can safely say you can have all the symptoms and it b heartburn, majority of chest pain that presents to hospital isn't cardiac, u can try a mix of xylocaine and gaviscon (look up pink lady recipe) u should follow up with a doctor though to make sure, unless you've had bloods and an ECG they can't really tell
Avatar m tn After trying anti inflammatory pills and injections as well as injections near the disks with xylocaine and contizone AND cortizone pills, the doctor suggested that i should try the cymbalta pills in order to relieve myself from pain. I take them for more than 2 weeks and i dont feel that they do something. A neurologist informed me that they usually give the Lyrica pills for chronic pain related to back problems and nerves in the area. Any opinions?
Avatar n tn Lidocaine and Xylocaine are the same thing.
Avatar n tn Then as if that attack is not bad enough the spasms mimic crushing chest pain. It will only calm down with a cocktail of prescription xylocaine,donnatal and phenobabitol to relax the nerves and muscles. Can anyone else relate to this?
Avatar n tn also Xylocaine gel ..( you will find it easily ...
Avatar n tn once you get your results back, we can better help you with that part of things. have you read the free herpes handbook yet? the link is in our read before posting post on the forum.
Avatar n tn What could be happening is that the incisional neuroma is causing back pain along the nerve which you feel in the neck and jaw region. It can be treated by xylocaine injection at the site and by physiotherapy. Sometimes surgery is required. Please discuss this with your doctor. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
Avatar f tn fissures are very hard to heal because the area around them is full of infection, so you must consult a surgeon for surgical repair or it may progress to fistula which is more problematic, as for the pain you may put xylocaine cream to decrease the pain.
Avatar n tn To deal with direct treatment of the irritation, I had my doctor prescribe me Xylocaine jelly or cream. The jelly comes in a 2% strenght and the cream is 5%. I also used Bactotrim (not sure about the spelling) antibiotic cream to keep things from getting infected. At evening around the house I wore a bathrobe which made less contact and movement of the catheter. After about a year, the urologist suggested a temporary suprapubic catheter. This ended up not be as temporary as I had hoped.
Avatar f tn Get a squeeze bottle at the pharmacy (like the ones ladies use after childbirth) and spray water on that area while you urinate, or urinate in the bath tub full of water or shower if you can stand that. Also, I have given my patients Xylocaine 2% topical ointment to apply, and it temporarily numbs the area. Make sure that you take frequent baths and keep that area clean (2-3 times per day).
Avatar f tn There are hemorrhoidal creams available in the market which you can apply. Often they have a pain killer gel in them. If there is no pain killer in them, you can buy xylocaine jelly and apply it gently on the outside of the anal opening. Wait for 5 minutes and gently apply slightly into the opening. You can then apply the hemorrhoidal cream. Sit in a tub of warm water for 10 mins at least twice a day. Reapply the hemorrhoidal cream after this. Increase fiber in your diet.
Avatar f tn Hi, it's me again. I went to my ent and I can continue treatment. I start my victrelis Saturday, just can't wait for that third drug to kick in. Anyway, since my immune system is so depressed on treatment, my allergies are going crazy. My ENT wanted to give me steroids but couldn't because to the Victrelis. I am taking zyrtec but it's not helping much. Today my eyes are dry, swollen itching and just plain lovely to look at.
Avatar f tn anyone having severe allergies...what r u taking ? --is children's. claritin ok?
7406493 tn?1453999212 Have you ever taken medicine allergies while pregnant? If so what kind? I need so comfort taking something before I lose my mind. the doctor or nurse haven't told me yer I called them twice ...they will call me back they say..anyway until tomorrow when I call them & demand my answers I could really use some I been there before answers. ..