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Avatar f tn Many people do not realize that coughing is an asthma symptom. If fact there is a sub category of asthma called cough variant asthma. A patient with this asthma does not wheeze, but only cough, and cough and cough. If it is determined that he has asthma, pre-treating with a rescue inhaler should crub his symptoms and allow him to exercise normally. I hope that helps you.
Avatar f tn A while back I moved across the country from way up north to way down south. My asthma went totally out of control due to allergies. The pollens down here are different than up north, and there seems to be a lot more of them down here. Anyway, I went to an allergist and had allergy testing done. I had allergy shots for 4 years and had my last shot 8 months ago. The shots did wonders for my asthma control, as I have allergies year-round and they really affect my asthma.
Avatar m tn Allergy-induced asthma is the most common type of asthma in the United States. Some of the same things that trigger allergies — pollen, dust, pet dander — also can trigger asthma attacks. The most common asthma symptom is coughing, which is far less common in allergies. You need to see an allergy specialist to determine if you have asthma and what triggers your attacks. Allergies cause your immune system to respond to a substance abnormally. They can produce severe reactions.
Avatar f tn I'm wondering too if milk/nut allergies could be making my asthma worse. I have chest tightness that was helped by singulair, like late in the day and I was on symbicort alone but it wasn't enough at 4 puffs/day. what are your FEV1/FVC scores?
Avatar n tn I have always had allergies and in my teens did the shots. I am 42 now and I was fine until Jan 1 of this year 2.5 years after moving to Texas from Wisconsin. I literally woke up and could not breathe. Since then I have been to the doctor monthly for a dexamethasone shot and either a prednisone or a methylprednisolone course. My (3rd) family doctor want me to see a pulmonologist but I swear its not my lungs.
Avatar f tn My 3 year old has seasonal allergies and eczema. We recently got a dog. A few days later I had to rush him to the hospital cause he was having a hard time breathing. They said he had croup. My question is could he have gotten sick from the dog being here. Should I get rid of the dog.
Avatar f tn He should also have pulmonary function tests to establish (or not) the diagnosis of asthma. There is a form of asthma called cough-variant asthma in which the main symptom is cough rather than wheeze.
Avatar m tn My kids is constantly suffering from what I thought was colds but now I want to see if it is Allergies/Bronchitus/Asthma?
Avatar n tn It seems as if you tend to react irritants as opposed to allergies. I have cough variant asthma which was confirmed only after seeing both a pulmonologist and an asthma specialist at the lung center. They had me do a PFT test which was normal but still suspected asthma, so they had me do a methacholine challenge test which indicated asthma. If you do have cough variant asthma, some other things to look out for are being overactive in very hot or cold weather.
Avatar f tn Sleep with a humidifier on and the window closed ..
Avatar n tn My pulmonologist said I might have some "underlying asthma" but didn't say for sure. Does anyone know what this might mean. I forgot to ask him. Stupid, I know. THanks.
Avatar m tn Two of the doctors did say her nose was red and inflamed, so she is also being treated for a sinus infection. I know allergies are horrible right now, but she had no symptoms of allergies prior to this (she is on Zyrtec). My concern is the fact that she will respond well to the medications and then she will have a bad flare up. Her pulse ox is always fine and a chest X-Ray came back normal. Could this be an infection that just needs time to clear up?
Avatar n tn You are allergic to the organic molecule to which the iodine is bound, and this molecule is different for topical iodine skin preps vs shrimp vs IV x-ray dye. You can be allergic to any or all of these things, but allergy to x-ray dye is chemically very different from allergy to topical skin preps containing iodine or shell fish.
8257579 tn?1406108493 t have allergies as a child either. I got my allergies and asthma as an adult. It may be the dog dander, it may not be. That's why it is good that you are going to see an allergist. I hope you get some answers soon. I have asthma too and control it with asthma meds. I wish you well.
Avatar m tn I have had asthma since childhood but I have always been very athletic and able bodied as my asthma was always well managed with the use of my rescue inhaler. Then I had back surgery in 2001.The doctors used titanium screws as part of the procedure for my spinal fusion. Since then my asthma has changed drastically for the worse.I can no longer do many of the physical things I used to enjoy.I cant tolerate any type of perfumes.I had to stop camping because I cant tolerate wood smoke.
Avatar f tn I have Celiac/Sprue disease. asthma, allergies, and Atypical migraines. I have been told once you have an autoimmune disorder you are high risk for others. Recently I was told my Atypical migraines are considered autoimmune based on recent research. Are asthma and allergies also considered autoimmune disorders? Asthma and severe allergies developed in my late '40's 5 years after I was diagnosed with Celiac/Sprue. Atypical migraines developed this past year.
15695260 tn?1549593113 Doctors report that there is a September Spike in asthma and allergies as kids go back to school. This is partly due to the Fall increase in allergies but also, kids are exposed to allergens in the classroom, playing fields, playgrounds and cafeteria that they weren't exposed to all summer. If your child is prone to asthma and allergies, doctors recommend you visit them in August to come up with a proactive plan of action to help.
2085202 tn?1373199740 Hello all, i'm very concerned and wondering if allergies or asthma could be the culprit in this. I've been feeling very weird. Feeling weak all over and getting a little bout of head rushes every now and then as well as feeling like I might even pass out. On top of it every time I smoke my electronic cigarette I feel chest pressure and become short of breath then procede to wheeze when breathing out of my mouth. The electronic cigarette has never effected me like this ever.
Avatar f tn My doctor said i probably have exercise induced asthma, but didnt do ANYTHING about it. let say this, i am NOT out of shape, i run almost every day in PE, have a health weight, play flute and alto sax in band (currently). its becoming a big problem for me because i just cant seem to take a full breath and it feels like someone is squeezing my chest. is this asthma or not?