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Avatar f tn My allergies are driving me crazy. Is there anything my doctor can suggest to help with them?
Avatar f tn Calling all in London area! UK. I live in Ilford and need a good thyroid specialist. I used to see Prof. Maisie at Guy's iin London but that was about 25 years ago. My nearest private hospital is Spire Roding, Redbridge or Holly house, Buckhurst Hill. I'll go to NHS hosp. in Central London with pleasure but round here, no thanks unless someone has had a really good experience with a local specialist (get in touch with the Guiness Book Of Records!). I'm not being picky or a snob.
2040835 tn?1329869995 ve been in Oz, living by the beach for almost 3 months and been having bad eczema and even worse allergies...I thought it might be sun allergies as it gets worse a few hours after sun exposure...So now I've stayed away from the sun but still had a bad episode of itching & scratching last night again... Perhaps from a glass of red wine? Or is it pityriasis rosea? I went to see a GP in Sydney but got some antihistamine tablets and Advantan cream - neither is helping!
Avatar f tn Can food intolerances and/or allergies joint and muscle pain mirroring neuropathies?
Avatar f tn I have the same allergies have had them for weeks , I am certain mine are environmental .we are being bombarded in CA by spraying of chemicals .and many especially children have the symptoms you describe .do some research its all up there.
2101568 tn?1337345262 I see you live in UK and I know from my family that you have had some unusually hot weather and now its turned cold again.I say this as I am thinking it may be allergies, is he outside a lot, he may also have some enviromental challenges there as we have here and the symptoms are not un usual. I have a journal up regarding the aerial spraying that is going on around the world and I know UK gets it as we do here.To explain in full would be hard on here but take a look art my journal .
1510461 tn?1290076920 Read the label on the food your feeding and see if it contains anything that I listed......Any of these can cause allergies.....Her system will be more equipped to fight allergies with proper nutrition. For the rash: Witch Hazel will sooth it and dry it up....Can be purchased at any grocery store or pharmacy.....Good luck and let us know how she is......
Avatar n tn Epipens are not available n the UAE and I am not going back to the UK for a while. I am told they should be fine but is there any alternative to epipens? 4) Doctor here in Dubai has done blood test yesterday so awaiting results. In mean time has prescribed me Telfast 180mg to take daily and 10mg Valium in case of a reaction to prevent panic which can supposedly make reaction worse. What are you thoughts to this?To what extent does the Telfast prevent allergies/anaphylaxis?
Avatar f tn From the uk. Still dying of this awful cold. Got plenty of fresh fruit in and drinking lots but really not helping! Hopefully it'll pass very soon. Thanks ladies for your advice.
Avatar f tn Any mummies on here from the UK? im a FTM and just had my 20 week scan..
Avatar f tn Is any one from the UK?
Avatar f tn I was just wondering if any one is from the UK on this app?
Avatar n tn have pimples on chest, back, swollen nodes on left side of neck, tired, had a rash all over body originally, had to have adenoids removed, horrid allergies, lots of post nasal drip, etc.
Avatar f tn Might be food allergies like milk or gluten. To keep your tract healthy you need to find out and eliminate foods you'e reacting to. Good luck.
Avatar m tn These bumps on the scalp that are usually associated with wheat ingestion may be secondary to an allergic reaction. For allergies, the most important mode of prevention is avoiding the possible trigger. Doxycycline is an antibiotic. The fact that the bumps respond to this may suggest an underlying infectious process. Discuss with your physician possible diet combinations and modifications that will work best for you given possible wheat allergies.
Avatar f tn I've been getting allergic symptoms (runny nose, blocked sinuses, sneezing, itching eyes) on and off the past few years. I get it during spring, but I'm also getting symptoms at this time of year (I'm in the UK). I've noticed it's worse at my parents house, so it's unlikely to be dust (they dust more than me!) or their cat since I also have a cat. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn That is really awful. I live in the UK and I don't know about anything like that over here- thankfully. I suffer from enough natural allergies such as hay, pollen, animal fur- I can't imagine what I'd be like where you are!
Avatar n tn Hi Patient! I wanted to write the moderators and whomever is in charge about the annoying urban renewal of our site. Please feel free to forward this to whomever needs to know. (a) I do not like the commercials moving down and over our forums and limiting the number of postings we can see on each page (b) I do not like that only two reply people are shown to one side when it used to show a half-dozen...showing more helps me to find my name if I need to get back to somebody.
Avatar f tn Allergies, I get similar where is the rash is it raised as in welts, I put mine down to the toxic spraying we are getting in CA .I know UK is also have many chem trails , do some reserach in your area .you may also be allergic to plants, and other toxins in the environment.I wake every day with sore itchy red rimmed eyes, and recently rashes again .
3407116 tn?1348692212 It may be allergies has he tried taking an anti histime claritin or benedryl otc ...
Avatar m tn for the past week ive had a throat problem, it feels like i have something stuck in the back of my throat and it wont go away, i thought it might be allergies ive taken mucinex d extra strength, generic claritin and nose spray and nothing has really helped, ive had alot of burping and when i eat it feels like a piece of food gets stuck in my throat, i havent had trouble breathing but its just aggravating ive gone to the doctors and my doctor said i didnt have strep throat and my doctor thought i