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Avatar f tn So my husband and I were wanting to wait until Xmas to announce our pregnancy to our families this is our first baby and we had a whole plan figured out with painted ornaments and an u/s pic in with them. But I am already almost 12 weeks and will be 15 weeks at xmas. My husband thinks that we should tell them sooner because my belly is already getting hard to camouflage.
620048 tn?1358018235 I do not believe that MS would cause your allergies to be any worse. I understand that if one has allergies they may get worse with age and in some cases go away altogether. This year in particular, seems to have shown an increase in people's allergies. You are not along. Where I am in Virginia, the seasons seem a little mixed up, with it being hot as the dickens when we aren't in that season or it's been cold when it should be warm. We even had some snow here in April.
Avatar m tn My kids is constantly suffering from what I thought was colds but now I want to see if it is Allergies/Bronchitus/Asthma?
Avatar f tn I decided that I would just put the tree up a week and 1/2 before xmas and I took it down a couple of days after. I also hung ornaments up my surprise ... and relief!...she really wasn't all that interested in it!
Avatar m tn The problem with tree allergies is that if you move you most likely will develop allergies to the new trees you are around and thus become symptomatic again.
152660 tn?1291755571 May be the bright colors that get their attention. It doesn't take much to get a cat's attention, especially if it's a new thing in the house. We don't have Xmas trees set up all year, so when they get to see a new shape with colors, well they want to investigate, play with it, and possibly mess it up to see what it is all about. I am so insulted right now. My cat doesn't even look at my tree. I am starting to think that my decorations are not right, or good.
976897 tn?1379167602 Has anyone figured out a way to get cats to leave the xmas tree alone? My cats climb it, pull the lights off, flick off the balls and attack the tinsel. I think this year I might just throw the decorations onto the tree to save the cats a job. If anyone wants a giggle and has a dog, tie string to one of the shiney balls and make a loop at one end. Now hook it over the dogs tail and watch the dogs surprise as the cats suddenly want to chase him everywhere.
268911 tn?1213744781 hi, i had the same experience that you seem to be having. over a month or two i became intolerant to dairy and gluten, and i started to develop asthma and had all of the symptoms of allergies. i finally went to an allergist who did an allergy test on me, and found that i am allergic to diary, wheat, nuts, eggs, but that i was much more allergic to a lot of the grasses and trees which were around.
237053 tn?1258828426 My allergies are really bad. I actually got tested by an ENT and I was allergic to all weeds, trees, dust mites, pets, and 5 out of 10 molds. they started to come about when I was a teenager which would have happened after my bullseye rash. I also got sinus infections during this time and I still do.
541953 tn?1262586226 you are so blows my mind to see all th xmas decorations up everywhere..
Avatar n tn Yes, my boyfriend suffers from allergies and it mimics the same symptoms as the flu. It would be ideal for you to see a doctor to get the right kind of allergy pills otherwise there are a lot of OTC meds that can help.
746512 tn?1388807580 Alright, need some input or personal experience. This is the three year in a row that my allergies/asthma (or non-asthma who knows) is getting worse from middle of november into december. This can't be due to the cats since I am down one cat now and I have NO ALLERGIES in the spring with increased shedding. It is worse when I go outside and if I'm in and out at work or if it's busy and the door is constantly opened and closed I also have worsening symptoms.
Avatar f tn Thank you so much for enlightening me of my problem. No other doctor I've been to in the past ten years or more (endocrinologists, urologists, general practictioners) have had this insight about the connection between my fatigue, UTI's and allergies. I know I have allergies to dust mites and other environmental allergens as I've been tested. I did not know the immune system would be compromised by this.
Avatar m tn I don't know how many of you are battling or do battle seasonal allergies but I am having a hell of a go with them this year. Normally, all of my allergies affect my respiratory system. This year, not so much. My right eye feels like I walk on it.... Man, can't wait for this to be over.
Avatar m tn Also it is possible to develop new allergies, you could develop new allergic reactions to food or other substances. You will only have to closely monitor. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
11473749 tn?1437899164 Anyone else finding it hard to breath at night when laying down. I can only lay on my right side. My nose gets blocked or I just feel suffocated. I really feel to go doctors get an asma pump or something... I'm 25 weeks with baby 4 and don't remember it being this bad with my last pregnancy s .
4437866 tn?1388119624 Yes, we still have Xmas trees! Lol. Yep, our summer Xmas is very hot, we normally have salads with our ham and chicken, not many cook up the big hot traditional meal as its too hot. We have a lot of seafood too, lucky my partner is a true fisherman, he catches us a lot of prawn, crab and fish. Helps we live right on the water too! We sometimes wish for a white Christmas for a change!
145992 tn?1341345074 I think my son has allergies. He's constantly rubbing his nose and sneezing. He also rubs his eyes sometimes non-stop for a good 15 minutes. It always seems that he has a cold because his nose is running all of the time. Being that I have horrible allergies myself, I'm thinking that I passed this on to him. I'm allergic to dust, trees, pollen, cats, a little from dogs, but I have no food allergies. So could he be allergic to these things as well? What is the solution here?
Avatar m tn I have Fall allergies which they normally call hay fever as does he but he also has a flare of spring allergies. Our allergist said this is from blooming plants, leaves budding out on trees, etc. They are emitting things that they do so less during the warmer summer months. Do you use anything like claritan? My son uses that and a saline nasal wash. It helps.
Avatar f tn If your son is having nut allergy then chances of him having allergies to walnuts or chestnuts is very high.People who are allergic to nuts can be allergic to their pollens or their touch also. You can however confirm it by getting allergy testing done. Skin tests are used for this purpose. This test involves pricking, scratching or injecting food extracts into the patient’s skin.
Avatar f tn Hi, the doc tested me yesterday only for airborn allergies[like trees,cat,dogs,mold,dust,....] because inside my nose is swollen,i get congested everyday,excess mucus in my throut everyday,sneezing everyday,coughing,few times in a year my neck would have a big visible bump that hurts when i touch it[ i don't have have diffulcuty breathing when that happens.the bump would last for few weeks than go away].
Avatar n tn Far as I know, I have have no allergies and have never but I recently began to running again in a daily basis and have gotten allergy symptoms. For example, my eyes are watery all the time and my nose is runny as well, all the time. This might be a nonsense question but I was wondering if this can actually be allergies or its just something that spontaneously happens when I run?...
Avatar n tn old daughter has been getting hives/welts ever since she was a toddler. She has a history of asthma induced allergies. Was tested and found to be allergic to eggs, sweet oranges, cats, barn animals, all trees, and grasses. She now, thinks that she has (outgrown) her asthma and her allergies to eggs and sweet oranges.. Her hives/welts is always present after she has contact with water. No matter the temperature or, be it salt water or non. She had mono. when she was in her 3rd yr. of college.
Avatar f tn last year I needed prednisolone to bring it down. Question..should I avoid camping all together, or would taking a strong antihistimine cover me?
Avatar n tn I've been there and done that. These kids cough at night because when they lay down their chest/lungs are effected by gravity differently than when they are up and about. If my doctor thought allergies and sinus was NOTHING, I would be looking for a new doctor. Allergy kids have many issues.
Avatar n tn I have severe allergies to most trees. For the past 6 years I have developed a chronic dry cough in the fall season until it snows in the winter. When I blow my nose, there is a sticky white mucus that comes out. I have been told by the allergist that this is asthma and allergies. I am taking 2 puffs of QVAR in the morning and night, half a tablet of reactine and singular at night, and Avamys in the morning.
Avatar m tn It was not until my teens that I started to develop a horrible rash that would appear with bad allergies. I was tested when i was younger (9 yr or younger) and it was decided that I was allergic to trees, pollen, mold, animal dander, dust, grass etc. I got my shots for many years and was stopped. I was retested right before i got pregnant bc i was struggling with the rash and allergies bad. my test came back pretty much the same. I had my son and was tested again with similar results.