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Avatar f tn I, too, am allergic to wheat, it is very common as bsml said, so is whey. Sometimes, they are not allergies, but "sensitivities" however, both can make you feel crummy. As I stated earlier, I have allergies, quite a few, but, I am used to them, and I try not to eat those that I know are the most offending very sparingly, usually, that helps to keep things at bay.
Avatar f tn Out of desperation, I went to see a holistic MD and she tested me again; this time I showed allergic to wheat and whey. There was only a 6 month lapse of time between the 2 appointments. Can anyone tell me if they understand these lab numbers?? Am I really "allergic" or just a little "intolorent"?? Whey 5.8 Range is <2 mcg/mL Gluten IGG 3.
Avatar n tn Have added whey protein powder to my diet to ingest a much better amount of protein my body should have due to the level of physical activity I perform since I'm just not able to eat enough to get the needed protein. No known allerges to any of this. I do realize that bodies change all the time and allergies can show. A month or so ago the massage therapist did some work on my neck front as I told him it was bothersome and a bit of an ache.
Avatar f tn Yes you really need to rule out food allergies, intolerances, and bowel diseases. You should also get your thyroid and gallbladder checked out. For now you might want to try an illimination diet. Try a week or two without gluten (as it's in just about everything), also look for milk proteins/solids and whey.
Avatar m tn In my village there is nobody who can advise me the use of Whey. So therefore I’ve to consult here. Please suggest me how much and when to take it. The suggested use of this at its rapper is very tricky which I could not understand, please.
Avatar f tn 1 in 133 people have it, in randomized studies. People with this disease are more prone to food allergies. And, sadly, in a recent study, over 60% of Gastroenterologists surveyed, world wide, did not have accurate information on important aspects of diagnosing this disease. Symptom recognition was often one of the big lapses, because so much has been discovered recently that many doctors are not yet aware. And just as an aside, on the whole casein and whey front?
Avatar n tn You could be sleeping on your arm, you could have a pinched nerve, or you may want to see your Dr to find out what's going on. Which arm is it?
1293887 tn?1332702847 ) From day dot she always struggled with her wind to the point where we had to move her legs to make her fart and rub her tummy to get her bowels moving because she would go days without doing a poo. I would breast feed her until 4 months and decided to change to formula to see if she got better. A few days later she was fine on formula and then her poos were like diarrhea with like I would say stringy or even like darker blobs. I hope that makes sense.
Avatar n tn lately i have this strange feelings it started with a head ache now i am feeling different in side up to my chest area i am feeling a little burning and ictching sensation in my legs head knee under my neck burning sensation on my hands sometimes a little burning in my eyes my head sometimes feel like it has a pressure on one side a little pain in the middle of my forhead and some times find it hard to breath when am asleep please help me find the answer
Avatar f tn Actually I was told neither were very good for people. I am a exercise freak so I stay with plant protein but want to try whey protein, but if some of you know what it's like to have a stomachache that has you lying in the floor you can understand why I get scared to try different things. If anyone out there has similar problems or can just tell me your story that would be great. If you have a cure all we would be RICH!!
Avatar m tn can you suggest any easily get protein prowder in pharmacy that suit me? any brand?
Avatar m tn It's possible that muscle soreness in the stomach could occur from coughing's also possible to develop anxiety related stomach issues from it...but I don't think that asthma itself can cause a stomachache. Some asthma medications could cause upset stomach...the pills, not inhalers. My third oldest son used to complain about stomachaches all the time when he was younger...and he's had asthma since birth.
9445847 tn?1408059755 My second pregnancy I had a hard time with dairy products as well. Turned out that my son was very allergic to Whey (high concentration of milk). He's 5 now and thankfully is growing out of it but it was rough to deal with during pregnancy! I would advise you talk with your doctor and let them know.
Avatar m tn Hi, I recently got these vitamins from my Holistic Dr because he recommend me to take them for constantly being congested due to seasonal allergies. I have the NAC N-Acetyl Cysteine by the brand Xymogen. Has anyone ever tried these? Are there are any serious/possible side effects? Thanks!
Avatar n tn so no milk, yogurt, anything with whey, casein, cheese.... i was already at a loss as what to feed him (he gets lots of veggies, fruits and meat. some rice and noodles) but he doesn't like potatoes and i don't know how to sneak the calories in that he needs. he drinks soy milk now. any suggestions? (does fruit juice have more calories than soy milk?
4900949 tn?1361380560 Im looking to develop my physique so was thinking of taking whey protein shakes as supplement. Is this ok given my condition?
Avatar f tn I have developed an allergy to milk, specifically whey (not lactose, which is milk sugar). I now use goat and soy milks with no problems.
1666434 tn?1325262350 Got tested for allergies and the doc said no allergy to casein(?) Or whey but he broke out again a week later from dairy. Have been dairy free for 6 mos. And no more hives. I feel the same as most about soy products ( no gmos please). But have found many alternate products (butter, milk, yogurt) made with coconut. Coconut has many vitamins and minerals in it that rice and soy products do not, and biggest bonus, coconuts are non gmo.
Avatar m tn However, when companies market these products they do not want to advertise this fact. If you are consuming 3 scoops of this stuff daily like I used to over a prolonged period of time, its going to raise your Bad (LDL) Choloesterol to the levels you are showing. Google "whey protein cholesterol" and a number of forums will discuss this matter in more details esp the body building ones. If you want a cholesterol free protein source eat raw egg whites with milk.
Avatar f tn I dont understand why he is getting worse even though i am strict about what he eats today i gave him a piece of cake that had a cream sauce and we had to take him to the dr again for an injection just to be clear i dont feed him anything i know hes allergic to these were tests to see if he was getting better as i know milk allergies are supposed to get better as the child gets older
Avatar f tn Causes may include reduced blood flow or oxygen supply to brain, past infections, migraines etc. usually this is not a significant finding but needs to be looked in detail due to possibility of migraines in your child. Multiple sclerosis looks unlikely in this age group. Consult a pediatric neurologist to investigate your child in detail. Hope this helps. Take care.