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Avatar f tn hi everyone my name is constance and im allergic to sweet potatoes , yam and sea food but i eat tuna . i want to know what else im allergic to im only 14 so how do i find out ? i'm American/Nigerian and i moved to Nigeria about 7 years ago.
Avatar f tn Hi ladies, Im 22 weeks. I don't like being pedantic about what to eat and what not to eat. I know that prawns are ok because they don't have too much mercury but can I eat them every week? One of my friends who is pregnant with her second baby says she eats anything and everything cause baby needs everything else they develop allergies later. But I've been eating a lot of prawns and would like to know if the mercury stays in your system?
Avatar f tn Your allowed to eat tuna and fish in moderation. I had to Google it and I believe the mayo clinic has a good site on the amount you can/should have each week, just make sure whatever site you look at is a .org site for accuracy.
565581 tn?1217444751 I think allergy isn't the reason for thyroid swelling, but soy can interfere with your thyroid as margretto said. I was just saying the possible cause of your EOS being 6.
284738 tn?1283106819 as to eggs, be careful to watch for allergies. my daughter is seriously allergic to eggs, and we had no idea!
Avatar f tn I eat tuna bout once a week.
9842459 tn?1411688168 My doctor said you can have tuna once a week. If we do tuna we try to do it no more than twice a month. If you are concerned, I would call and ask your doctor, since everyone's doctor has a different opinion about seafood, caffeine, etc.
1815473 tn?1336171200 Tuna is ok to eat but in small portions and not on a regular basis, idk if you have what to expect when your expecting but it was my bible for my 1st pregnancy has the answer for everythin :)
Avatar f tn MMM. Tuna, I'm eating a can of light tuna right now. W/cheddarsourcream chips. Mix the tuna w/ a little lime juice, chili powder, salt and pepper, and put on chips. YUMMY. I know that's left field. but seriously, go to the American Pregnancy Associations website to check it out.
Avatar f tn I'm really wanting tuna but not sure if its okay to eat haven't had tuna from a can in a long time if that matters lol
Avatar f tn I think it's 6 to 12 oz a week you can eat of the canned stuff, I love tuna helper so I would have it twice a week.
Avatar n tn Test results concluded I am allergic to pollen, dust, grass, cats but when it came to food the results read +++ peanuts, +++ tuna, + chocolate, + orange, +++ wheat, +++ histamine.. Does anyone knwo what this means. Dr told me that I have no food allergies, but doesn't the more +++'s mean i am likely allergic.. If anyone has any idea on how to read these results please help me!! I am going insane and starving!
Avatar n tn you can eat canned stuffed but make sure you heat it up a little. Stay away from canned meat spreads and lunch meat. If you have to eat it, try warming it up. As far as the tuna. I wouldn't be too concerned eating canned light tuna once or twice a week, try to limit Albacore to once a week at most. And tuna steaks I'd try to limit that to once a week too.
Avatar n tn Tuna. Tuna tends to have a high mercury count.
Avatar f tn I found that some things I can keep down like tuna with lemon. I know the dangers of eating to much tuna so my question is, can I eat to much special k bluberry bliss bars to where it could harm baby?
Avatar f tn yogurt.....although i have heard that eating too much of one thing can cause allergies to it during pregnancy.....but i've heard ever since i got my 1st period, that yogurt and cottage cheese help raise immunity and prevent yeast infections!
535822 tn?1443976780 Hi, I'm not Opus, but I do have a few things that might help. You are doing well in giving Tweety wet food. This is very good because cats naturally don't drink a lot of water. The animal we know as the house cat today is a species that originated from desert areas and would get most of the moisture it needed from the foods it hunted.
874521 tn?1424116797 A little people tuna once in a blue moon isn't going to hurt. Margy, yes, the article is in regard to the fish in the wet food. That's my concern with Jade and eating so much Yellowfin tuna. Luckily, she doesn't seem to care about people tuna or the juice while our last cat practically did acrobatics for it. No more Yellowfin for my girl!
Avatar f tn t eat tuna which I love because of can cause brain damage to the baby ... What other food should we stay away from ..
368461 tn?1291515587 Even said eating tuna, swordfish ok - but keep to a LOW amount. I thought that was a big no no?? Not a big deal, I don't eat it anyway. So next step is the genetic testing next week and results the following week at my 12 wk appt (they can tell with 95% accuracy if there is a trace of downs syndrome). So - still no major symptoms - and pregnancy looks good with heart at 166 BPM and measuring just about 10 weeks.
Avatar f tn Ive been wanting anything sweet or chocolate. My son has food allergies so I have to watch what I eat.he is severely allergic to peanuts too so I can't eat any yummy chocolate bars, I mean I could but I don't because I am too scared.
Avatar f tn Your cat may be on the wrong diet, be very obese, may have food allergies, or an endocrine disorder, kidney disease or more. When a cat stops grooming it can be almost anything even heart disease, since it is a very subtle sign of something that is not quite right. What kind of diet is your cat on? Before going to the vet you can try the following: Please place her on an all canned diet such as Evo/Innovo, Wellness grain free, Natures Wellness-Instinct, and others.
Avatar f tn People on here will give you a list but you should Google it you'd get a better list.
612551 tn?1450022175 I also use some tuna and when I get canned tuna in water I have used the water to wet his kibble, he likes that very much. But as his main dish is sweet potato and fish no grain I assume the tuna packing water doesn't add any additional factors beyond the fact he is already eating fish.