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Avatar f tn hi everyone my name is constance and im allergic to sweet potatoes , yam and sea food but i eat tuna . i want to know what else im allergic to im only 14 so how do i find out ? i'm American/Nigerian and i moved to Nigeria about 7 years ago.
Avatar f tn Now at the age of 51 I can only eat tuna subways with vegetables and cheese every single day in order to feel oriented mentally and physically nutritioned. I have to eat atleast 4 to 5 times per day and tuna only or I become disoriented, start to have heart palpitations and also my heart feels as though it is going to just stop as well.
Avatar n tn To what extent does the Telfast prevent allergies/anaphylaxis? 5) Doctor was nervous to undertake *****/skin test as says he doesn't have facitilty to make sure it is safe! This is a major worry being stuck here with supposedly excellent health care?!
Avatar n tn So my dog has some bad allergies going on. Food wise he is allergic to milk, cooked beef, pork, turkey, brewers yeast, and whey to name a few. He is also allergic to cats and various other environmental agents. The last vet i was to told me he could not get a vaccine made for his allergies because "he isn't allergic to enough things". So since i am having a hard time finding a proper dry food for him, i've been making his food from basically all of the things he is not allergic to.
Avatar n tn It usually goes away in about 20 mins, but it scares me - my more severe food allergies developed over time so I am nervous. I have some odd food allergies. I am allegedly allergic to lots of foods - chicken, tuna, shrimp, wheat, cashews, almonds, grapes, cantaloupe, and on and on and all weird things (determined via blood test), but I often don't notice any symptoms so I don't completely avoid all of them (like wheat).
Avatar n tn But still, it would be best to avoid the substances which you have known allergies to. You should also keep antihistamine and antiallergic medications at hand , in case of a sudden allergic reaction. It would also help to consult an allergy specialist about your symptoms, and discuss whether an allergy testing should be done in your case. You should consult a nutrition specialist or dietecian to chart out a diet plan for you that avoids these substances.
681148 tn?1437665191 I'm not able to pay the office visit to take kitty to the vet to be told what I already know is the issue. I took her in when her ears were bald from scratching, so I know for sure it's food intolerances. The insides of her ears still look clean and fresh and have no odor, so I know it's the food issues. I know kitty isn't stressed out, because the ear scratching doesn't happen as much as it did when she was eating commercial cat food.
565581 tn?1217448351 I think allergy isn't the reason for thyroid swelling, but soy can interfere with your thyroid as margretto said. I was just saying the possible cause of your EOS being 6.
172023 tn?1334675884 14 (HealthDay News) -- Breast-feeding in the first three months of life appears to help shield children from developing food allergies. That's just one of a number of findings on food allergies scheduled to be presented this week at the annual meeting of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology in Dallas.
Avatar n tn I too, suffer from myriad food allergies, amongst other things.
Avatar f tn One thing my wife and I had to accept is that the goal is now to manage his allergies, and not worry about his appearance. He still licks his fur off especially in the dry seasons, but he hasn't made himself bleed in over 2 years and will occasionally go through periods where his coat is fully grown in. As a side note, Asian cats like the Bengal or Siamese are not only prone to stress, but vets are also seeing a large increase in allergies.
Avatar n tn Hia, would i be possible to be allergic to fod like tuna which is high in protein? I know for a fact that i'm allergic to Milk and nut and wondered if there is something in both which i am allergic to? Also the skin around my eyes has become sore due to the flare up after exersise! what is the best treatment to relieve the pain?
Avatar f tn I know that albicore tuna has mroe then chunk light tuna but it all has such high levels now that any child under the age of 2 is not to have any kind of fish. The metals and stuff hurt the brain as it is at a vital part of growing. I know lots of people say this is not true but with all the enviroment factors and China has the worst testing I could nto do it.
Avatar n tn Also over the long term you can develop allergies to foods if you eat them every single day in copious ammounts. Never be afraid to seek help.
3107761 tn?1341543456 can all be associated with allergies or intolerance within the diet., from the swollen mouth/itching to the diarrhea &/or Inflammatory bowel Disease (IBD)....but this may take some time to all sort out,first of all I will send you some links to do some reading and we'll take it from there ok.. there have been some problems with purina foods, you can check these posts out to see if there maybe a correlation there. how long has she been off this food? http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn within an hour of coming home the swelling started up again, but not as bad as it was after the tuna/mayo and I havent eaten a thing, although I am starving but afraid to eat anymore tuna. If this was an allergic reaction to dairy, would it come and go like this? Or do you think its just the anxiety? Would medication for anxiety actually stop this swelling problem? I am so afraid of my throat closing up.
Avatar n tn I have ruled out food, chemical and environmental allergies and have been told by a gynecologist that this type of allergy is not due to hormones. I've asked my dentist if there is any test I can do but he doesn't know of any and I am considering consulting an allergist but I would like to know if anyone out there has ever experienced this and what you've done.
8069122 tn?1407175166 formula is proven to be just as good for the baby! If anyone wants to breastfeed, more power to you. But it is just not for some people! Good luck!
9924471 tn?1419958020 Mind you, we have had sniffles and allergies but nothing out of the norm. If your not breast feeding you may want to allow certin vaccines. This is my first child so im a little uncertin Of what decision. To make as well. How does your husband/the father feel?
963249 tn?1247194097 In the past years his TSH has been creeping up to 4. Sometimes it drops to 3 or 3.5, the highest was 3.9, currently 3.4. I have Hashis and somewhat knowledgable in this area having gone through much - so I paid attention when I saw his TSH test score. His symptoms are mild: lower libido, cold extremedies, more allergies than usual, low resting body temperature, some dry skin. He asked his endo if he should be on meds (I think he should, but I am no doctor). The dr ran some tests.
401095 tn?1351395370 Eat Fresh green vegetables, some fresh fruits, whole cereals and beans well cooked, unroasted seeds, seed sprouts, and soy protein, to supply whole protein to the body. Avoid any processed food, artificial colors, stimulant food, canned foods, smoking, dairy products, meats, eggs, and fish. Avoid poultry in the beginning of the therapy. Avoid processed food that contains artificial coloring and preservatives.
612551 tn?1450025775 As Margot has said, dogs can be allergic to chicken or, more accurately, the protein content of chicken and treats that might contain chicken protein. Allergies are invariably difficult to identify and eliminate from a dog's diet or environment. In addition to what Margot has said, it is also common for dogs to get a yeast infection in the ears, so this is another thing to check out with your vet. Good luck and do let us know how you get on.
284738 tn?1283110419 as to eggs, be careful to watch for allergies. my daughter is seriously allergic to eggs, and we had no idea!
2083449 tn?1381358308 Oh yes, I forgot to add, the vet has diagnosed Frasier with allergies and Herpes virus! He had been on anti-biotics! Just wanted to add that!
Avatar n tn Test results concluded I am allergic to pollen, dust, grass, cats but when it came to food the results read +++ peanuts, +++ tuna, + chocolate, + orange, +++ wheat, +++ histamine.. Does anyone knwo what this means. Dr told me that I have no food allergies, but doesn't the more +++'s mean i am likely allergic.. If anyone has any idea on how to read these results please help me!! I am going insane and starving!
Avatar n tn But this may also affect other members of the family who ate the food in question. To determine allergies , a skin ***** testing may help identify the allergens. You may discuss with the pediatrician how this will be done considering that you have a 14 month old child.Most children overcome sensitivity to allergens as they grow older,however this is not true for some cases like in the case of peanut and shell fish allergies.
Avatar m tn I craved ice water to cool my throat. To be honest, it isn't an easy first week. Also, talk to your doctor, but Beano and Immodium were my best friends the first week. I had very little surgical pain except for discomfort internally for a while. I'd go forward with great confidence, but be prepared to lose about 10 pounds and know you are going to be uncomfortable for a couple of weeks. Know the success rate is about 90%, those are great odds. Keep us informed.
875426 tn?1325532016 We bought a cardboard box and took her to Walmart- we had no food or litter. She started meowing like crazy and I tried to talk to her and calm her down. Well we decided on one of the names my sister had chosen for her while in the car. Catalina, like the island- and it started with C-a-t! We learned that the cat had been brought in with a litter of kittens and that all the kittens had been adopted.
874521 tn?1424120397 if not this than it has to be a behavioral thing and gosh I hate to ever need to medicate a cat for that. Has anyone else needed to do so? I'm thinking buspar is the most common, he is already such a lethargic boy this will make him sleep 24/7. any thoughts?