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Avatar n tn Is it possible to be allergic to local anesthesia, as in stop breathing? I remember I stopped breathing and my dentist giving me another shot of something to revive me, a second after the shot I remember taking a couple of very deep breaths. When three weeks later I asked him which anesthesia I am allergic to he said none, when I asked him what happened that day he said nothing, I explained what I experienced and he said "you dreamt it.
Avatar n tn You should really get to a doctor right away. You don't know if there was something added to one of your drinks or if it is alcohol poisoning. Please get it checked out. If it is an allergy benadryl would likely help but best to have it looked at by a doctor.
1984089 tn?1349482899 I never had this happen I have two other children never did i have n allergic reaction i already have n epipen cause i am allergic to bees but i am almost scared to eat anything what if the next reaction causes me not to be able to breathe n i never know what is gonna cause it never had food allergies at all thank u everyone for your input
Avatar f tn I am waiting for a test result to see if I have Hpylori, I am allergic to the antibiotics suggested but okay with amoxicillin, can it be cured with this anti biotic (alone) and zantac as I'm also a rare person and allergic to ppi's?!? What are my options? I'm so tired of this pain and very worried!
1272624 tn?1395434357 I just happened to turn the tv on to some show about sex, it was a woman who had unprotected sex for the first time on her honeymoon and got extremely sick, it turned out she had a semen allergy. Just wanting to put that out there just in case!
Avatar f tn Chemical sensitivity is a common symptom in Dysautonomia. I have a couple of true allergies to medication, but I also experience overdose symptoms at normal medicinal dosages. I'm not sure if this is what you are referring too, but I'd recommend starting all new medication with the smallest dosage possible.
Avatar f tn How to deal with allergies?? What can I do what can I take I'm so congested and plugged up can't stop sneezing. I'm 15 weeks pregnant.
Avatar m tn do you have any advices on how to alleviate allergies to them? I am experiencing runny nose, hard sneezing, VERY itchy eyes and sometimes (rarely, actually), there is a rash on the forearm. Thank you!
Avatar n tn My neurosurgeon told us that there are no allergies to Titanium - he was wrong. Yes, there are Titanium allergies. Be sure to have your allergist test you for metal sensitivity. Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston published a study notating Titanium allergies and their recommended treatment; here's the link - on the right click on "Full Text". Good luck.
Avatar n tn Because in shell fish there are components like tropomyosin, which have a propensity to cause allergy in certain people and is completely different to what causes allergy due to iodine. Best.
676912 tn?1332812551 My allergist himself recognizes that people can have sensitivities while testing negative to such hidden food allergies. A sensitivity may not cause anaphylaxis, but it can still cause one to have a reaction. Other common ingredients in marinara sauces, such as your prepared spaghetti sauces are the preservatives used for such products. I have issues with these myself. I also have to be careful with the alum family, especially onions, which I have always hated myself anyway.
Avatar n tn My daughter has allergies and asthma. She goes to her dads everyother weekend and is sayong they have no heat and she has to sleep on the floor in her dads room where they now have a space heater.
Avatar f tn Can being allergic to something make you more prone to developing more allergies?
Avatar f tn So I would find out first what your child is allergic to first But if she is allergic to Dog then yes it will peobably be necessary to find dog another home.
Avatar f tn Hi I came across you post, I used to work for a vet dermatologist. I know how expensive allergies can be to control. Some pointers for you to think about. Diet could be a cheaper answer in the grand scheme of things but to do a true elimination diet you have to try a food that has a limited protein source and make sure that there are no hidden ingredients that could be causing the diet to not be a true elimination.
Avatar n tn t just mean swelling with rashes and itching but an allergic reaction can cause GI problems as well such as Vomiting and Diarrhea it just depends on how your body reacts to the allergen.
Avatar f tn The RAST blood test is the most accurate to determine what food allergies you may have. It covers 3 different panels of food, I have had them, and they definitely show things you are allergic to. I would ask your doctor to have the lab do this. Being allergic to seafood is nothing to take lightly, I would watch very carefully what you ate in that area.
Avatar f tn I've been coughing up mucus and have a runny / stuffy nose for the past two months almost . Nothing I do has helped . I've tried Tylenol cold medicine and Claritin . Idk what else to do. But it hasn't gotten better . I thought it was getting better a little bit , but then went back to the way it was . I've talked to my doctor about it and he said its nothing and to try Claritin.
5028514 tn?1366828456 So I'm about to effin dye from my allergies. Lol can I take allergy medicine while I'm pregnant? Like cleartin or zyrtec?
Avatar f tn Hi, it's me again. I went to my ent and I can continue treatment. I start my victrelis Saturday, just can't wait for that third drug to kick in. Anyway, since my immune system is so depressed on treatment, my allergies are going crazy. My ENT wanted to give me steroids but couldn't because to the Victrelis. I am taking zyrtec but it's not helping much. Today my eyes are dry, swollen itching and just plain lovely to look at.
Avatar m tn The most common asthma symptom is coughing, which is far less common in allergies. You need to see an allergy specialist to determine if you have asthma and what triggers your attacks. Allergies cause your immune system to respond to a substance abnormally. They can produce severe reactions. Difficulty swallowing, problems breathing, swelled tongue, swelled throat and fainting is a few of the symptoms that allergies may cause.
Avatar f tn Talk to your doctor there ARE allergy meds that are safe to take during pregnancy. I have horrible allergies that act up even more when I'm pregnant and I always have to take SOMETHING for them.
Avatar m tn Dog allergies are very common and due to saliva of the dog. “Allergy to dogs is relatively common, as dog allergen can be found in public places, including daycare facilities.” “For people with dog allergy, avoidance of dogs is the mainstay of therapy. Allergy medications are likely to help control symptoms, but in many instances symptoms may persist if the person owns one or more indoor dogs. Allergy shots may also be a good treatment option for people who are allergic to their pet dogs.