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Avatar f tn I just read the most interesting article about onions,, back in the old days people used to cut a onion in half and place it around their house and those inside wouldn't get sick..also if you cut a onion in half and place it by a sick person at night,, by morning the onion will be black but the person will feel better..the onion collects the bacteria and takes it from the air.
Avatar m tn Has anyone had such a reaction to chives or green onions without being allergic to other foods in that family? Thanks for any help you can give me.
4456535 tn?1355894638 Well im terribly allergic to onions i literally start to get my throat shut when im around it.
Avatar m tn They say that this supplement Quercetin works against allergies. Alot of people have tried it with good results. Anyone here?
Avatar n tn the 5 mo old has been stuffy since birth. I asked about doing allergy testing for her, since I know she is sensitive to onions/garlic. I was told they dont do skin testing for infants - they will do a blood test if there is a reason to check. Dr said normally airborne allergies dont happen for several years, so true allergies are food based for the first few years. I had a restrictive diet to keep my first daughter from being quite fussy.
Avatar n tn The only way the onion will absorb bacteria is if you sneeze directly on it, onions do not prevent you from getting sick or cure sickness by removing bacteria from the air.
Avatar n tn I, too, have food sensitivity/allergy to garlic/onions. People with these sensitivities and/or allergies are likely to be sensitive or allergic to ginger, too, because these are all in the same lilly family. Don't be too surprised if you find that you have problems with other foods with known sulfites in them, especially after reading the answer that Kindd posted. These foods include foods cooked with wine and other spirits.
Avatar m tn My sis for example can have any citrus fruit or her throat starts to close - allergy. My father in law gets gastric ills from eating onions or garlic - sensitivity.
Avatar m tn I think I´ve always had this food allergy as I usually use yellow or sweet onions and only on occasion would I eat anything with red onions. My girlfriend uses red onions all the time leading me to developing a constant and extremely irritating anal itch.
Avatar f tn Most triggers are things we take for granted ( not just food ) such as soaps and conditioners. Many people seem to have allergies to top name laundry detergents . As for the body aches...seems like you've picked up a virus along the way. Either that, or this could all be tied to a sinus infection that the doctor didn't notice. Hope this helps.
168348 tn?1379357075 ve been treated for allergies for 40 years and discovered that allergies change over time, especially food allergies. For instance, I used to be allergic to apples to the point of anaphylaxis and now I can eat them with no problem. My first allergist used to re-test me periodically because of this. My current allergist, who I've been seeing for 10 years, only tested me the first time I saw her.
Avatar f tn I have read several times That people use onions in The bedroom Or any room in The house to absorb bacterias etc and have Also put sliced onions in there socks When sick to get rid of The sickness. I really want to try It cause I've been sick For almost a week with a really nasty cold and I've taken The meds That I'm allowed to take while pregnant and Also been using a neti pot to help with my nasal congestion But Nothing seems to be working.
Avatar f tn I am a middle age female with a reaction to Omega supplements which I hope to find a way to avoid since I know that Omega would help me in many ways if I could take it. These supplements, along with acidic foods like citrus and many other fruits, ascorbic acid additives, Vitamin C supplements and vinegars cause rectal swelling, pain, bleeding and if I don't avoid the cause soon enough, proctitis symptoms.
Avatar n tn 1) It could be allergies (my guess here would be dust since it is worse when you go to bed) or acid reflux. Controling either of these with medication or life style changes would help the symptom. Allergy life style changes include: showering before bed to wash pollen and other allergens out of your hair so that you don't breathe all night as you sleep, sinus rinses, washing bedding in HOT water weekly, allergy proof covers for matress, boxsprings and pillows.
Avatar m tn Hi, I recently got these vitamins from my Holistic Dr because he recommend me to take them for constantly being congested due to seasonal allergies. I have the NAC N-Acetyl Cysteine by the brand Xymogen. Has anyone ever tried these? Are there are any serious/possible side effects? Thanks!
Avatar n tn Allergies sound like good suspects, escpecially since you have similar reactions to scallions. Not that those two foods are related. I happen to love walnuts, and I have no food sensitivities, but I do notice that walnuts have sort of an acrid "bite" to them after you eat a lot. You could have more of a sensitivity than allergy. Good to get checked out just in case allergies are developing, though.
203342 tn?1328737207 Someone mentioned to me the other day that I might have food allergies with all my digestive problems I have. I'm going to look in to that deeper. I wouldn't have thought of this if she hadn't mentioned it to me but a few days ago I had a chip with salsa on it and while it was in my mouth I felt this weird tingling all of a sudden. It felt almost like fizzy soda pop. I immediately spit it out and rinsed my mouth out and threw the salsa away. I thought I just had bad salsa.
4111382 tn?1356207828 Omg same thing happened to me, I made potato salad and I smelled onions 24/7 every day for about a week until it finally dimmed and went away...
Avatar f tn Causes may include reduced blood flow or oxygen supply to brain, past infections, migraines etc. usually this is not a significant finding but needs to be looked in detail due to possibility of migraines in your child. Multiple sclerosis looks unlikely in this age group. Consult a pediatric neurologist to investigate your child in detail. Hope this helps. Take care.
Avatar n tn t itching much, could be any # of things instead of just the usual allergies dogs get like pollens, weeds etc.. could be something living on the skin. You could look in your phone book to see if any of the vet adds specify doggie dermatology or if there is a vet hospital nearby that has specialists on staff. Also look up foods that are toxic or can cause problems in dogs. As far as nuts, the only one toxic I believe is macadamia's.
Avatar n tn I am smelling onions most all the time. I love onions but not to smell constantly. What are te medical reasons for smelling onions or things that isn't there?
Avatar n tn It would take a lot of onions to make a dog sick, depending on the size of the dog and amount of onions. What you need to be careful of with soups to, is the salt. Soups tend to be very high in sodium.
932657 tn?1244560217 I wake up the next morning to find it worse so we went BACK to the vet where they gave him another steroid and told me to give him benedryl every few hours. I took him to my parents because we thought he may be allergic to something in the apartment. After about a week we took him to a different vet to get a second opinion and THEY are saying it is a virus. They gave him meds and sent him home. Its been a couple of days and still not getting any better.