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Avatar f tn Based on what you said, if you got red blotches all over your voice, that would suggest to me that there was something in the spread you were allergic to other than the lobster. You also threw up the lobster spread, thereby showing your body didn't want this in your system. You might consider going to your family doctor and telling him or her what happened to you. That you ate a lobster spread. That you vomited, got red splotches on your face.
Avatar n tn 2 months ago I ate a sea food dish containing lobster and muscles - both of which i have eaten many times before with no issue. I started to get swollen lips and itchy throat, not extremely bad but enough to make me panic. I took some claritin tablets which were to hand and after a while I was ok despite a bit of a panic. 2 weeks ago I ate a piece of tuna which again I had eaten many times beofre and had a similar reaction, although milder.
Avatar m tn We did get our son tested because he seemed to be sneezing all the time, but because he came up as positive for allergies to a lot of things there was no avoiding, we just wound up putting him on a Zyrtec a day and managing it that way. It kind of ended up that it didn't really matter exactly *what* he was allergic to, just that we understood we needed to manage it in some way.
Avatar f tn ana. to eggs, seafood (shrimps, lobster ...) and diff.
Avatar f tn Yes lobster is okay to eat it is in the same category as shrimp and crab
9590250 tn?1452831684 Can I eat lobster? I really want to go to either Red Lobsters or Outback steakhouse!! For the Lobster feast/ Steak and Lobster!
7675290 tn?1394806452 Was told by ER nurse..neighbor/friend. That lobster is another way to start labor...i was like r u serious....never ever heard of it but im desperate. Ill ask and try just about anything...sad but soooooo true at this point...i will...she said lobster and some good lovin...
Avatar f tn My due date is tomorrow and I've been craving lobster even though I've never tried it before (strange, I know). Is it safe to eat?
5761267 tn?1384393974 So im having like this really bad craving for lobster nd i will not stop my mission untill i get me some but can us pregnant women eat lobster
Avatar f tn Is lobster ok ? I just ate a little bit of lobster , it was meat from the claws , is there any harm in that ? 17 w .
Avatar f tn I had steak and lobster last night , and every since I can't keep anything down . I know its kind of late but can pregnant women eat lobster ?
Avatar f tn ana. to eggs and diff.
676912 tn?1332812551 he only need see a dr for allergies...if appointments are hard to come by, 2 weeks isn't so long to wait.
Avatar f tn Hello and hope you are doing well. It’s unlikely that food allergies can cause swollen glands. Lymph node enlargement is usually due to infections like bacterial and viral. The infection can be from the draining skin or the organs. Treatment is usually with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications. So, consult your primary care physician for proper clinical assessment. In the meantime for pain relief you can use OTC Tylenol (acetaminophen). Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Oops. My husband and I got a rare date night last night and went to Red Lobster and not even thinking about it I had a caesar salad. After I got home I remembered that you aren't supposed to have caesar dressing while pregnant. Should I be worried?
Avatar f tn Peanuts are fine to eat! They used to say years ago not to eat peanuts due to the risk for allergies however they've now found the opposite to be true.
Avatar f tn If there is a lot of food allergies in the family, especially if shellfish allergies, wait until after 3 years. Babycenter has a good article:
Avatar f tn So its safe to go to red lobster ? And thank you.
7280472 tn?1395272714 i never had lobster but always wanted to try it lol im up though :))
7600327 tn?1393358885 For some reason all I wanna eat is Lobster & Steak. I'm about to wake my husband up right now, so he can take me to Joe's Crab Shack. I've been dreaming about their Lobster Daddy Feast. Are any of you ladies having this issue?
8924846 tn?1410572901 I haven't had it since I lived in Virginia when I was an infant up to 2 years old. According to my parents It was my favorite. And they could afford to spend a little more on food since we lived on a naval base. So I don't know if ill like it, but I've been seeing it on commercials and TV shows, and smelling it at red lobster. Ive really been craving it somehow. Is it safe to eat? I'm 16w2d now. And another question, does it taste anything like crab?
Avatar f tn I'm wanting red lobster is it safe to have lobster, crab legs and shrimp?
Avatar m tn The important thing to realize is that there is a delay of about 12 to 20 days after eating the berries or lobster to the time i get the breakout. if I eat a small amount of berries or lobster I do not break out at all, the more i eat the more i get the rash. If I eat many i get very small red bumps close to gether and slowly they turn less red and less defined and the rash spreads apart.
Avatar m tn Foods (mostly spices) that I am allergic to do not contain peanut or shrimp. These allergy food cause swelling in my mouth, tongue and throat quickly from contact only. I used to eat peanut butter and jelly at least 5 times a week. Bags of peanuts for snacks, 20-30 shelled peanuts at a time. And shrimp I'd eat about every other week for dinner until I was full which is about 8-12 medium shrimp. I'd end up with left overs and have them the next day.