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Avatar n tn Most allergy tests look for the "usual" suspects: ragweed, mold, animal dander, mites, tree pollen, etc. I had a skin test at 11 years old against 35 common allergens and reacted to none of them. So I was told I have no allergies and therefore non-allergenic rhinitis. However, I'm very allergic to fragrance and lavender and have been since I was a baby. I've also since become allergic to jasmine, lilies, lilacs, juniper bushes, ceder, cats, dust, mold, hay, and fresh grass.
7742317 tn?1396155075 I made a rice bag today and put lavender in it. It's also suppose to help with nausea right???? It's seeming to make my nausea ten times worse!!! Help?
Avatar f tn I know how you feel.
8778737 tn?1413827423 t really developed any new allergies except my dogs hair makes me break out from time to time. But the allergies I do have have gotten worse (lavender, nickel, basil).
Avatar n tn Hi everyone. I'm 31 weeks and 4 days in this and for the last 3 nights I can't seem to sleep. Days are even worse. Although I feel exhausted and emotionally drained I jus xant sleep.
Avatar f tn I use a tiny bit of steriod cream on the bad parts, and a antibiotic on the not so bad part, then put emollient cream all over my body advised by my doctor. I Must say since being pregnant its taken my body longer to heal. and lavender bath sounds so lovely.
Avatar n tn Does the white head "pop" and have clear fluid come out? I'm really allergic to fragrance and had something similar on my hands a while back caused from hand soap. It was contact dermatitis. I had to use a special medicinal cream -similar to hydrocortizone to help clear it. If it's an allergy from something you're in contact with it might be due to changing soaps, laundry powder, etc.
1300808 tn?1280276224 bath gels, lavender after bath powder, lavender candles, lavender lotion...she said it is supposed to relax and help you fall asleep. I am going to try it and i will let ya know if it works...
Avatar m tn It really depends on the person and how sensitive they are. I'm lactose intolerant and I usually know an hour after I have something if someone put so much as butter on it. If someone mixes up my coffee I know in 10 minutes because the bloating gets so bad. I'd also imagine food allergies don't act that much differently from other allergies- I'm allergic to fragrance but it could take a couple hours or days for me to experience symptoms.
Avatar f tn When my husband and I were trying to get preg and it wouldnt happen after 1 yr an Old Lady told me if U drink the tea called Lavender Flower right after your Menstral Cycle for 9 nights w honey it will help u conceive a child.. I thought she was crazy so i tried it and I got preg the first month with my daughter... now i bought sum for a friend that couldnt have children and she now has 3 babys ....
Avatar f tn Patch testing showed positive reaction to lavender. Fragrances and therapy oils containing lavender have been reported to cause contact dermatitis.
4251679 tn?1370305531 Just a suggestion I never knew about.. I highly recommend lavender bed time lotion for your babies! Miss Alyvia totally just let mommy sleep 6 hours with that stuff!
Avatar f tn Anyone else using lavender oil in the bath to relax, any advice on how to use it i've just treated myself so i can relax for the next 7 weeks!
Avatar f tn I feel your pain. :( I've been sick for a little over a month now with a cold/flu/allergies. I'm FINALLY starting to clear up a little bit, but I still have a cough that wakes the dead. Cough drops helped me a whole lot, then my ob told me that I can take benadryl (which will also help me sleep) I took it for 2 nights and started feeling better (coughing up mucus, throat wasn't hurting anymore, etc). Hopefully you'll find something that works for you.
Avatar f tn Warm baths in 100% pure lavender oil is meant to help can get it from the natural shops or organic shops.
Avatar f tn Lay as comfortable as you can. The only way I can sleep is being elevated with pillows or in recliner.
Avatar f tn s my answer I have the same issue (itchy skin after shower), not going to get into much detail so im going to give you the direct and COMPLETE REMEDY! So you wouldnt be scared to take showers, like i was. - TAKE mulitimultimins, allergy medecine and/or antibiotics - Use african black soap or morrocan black soap or argan oil base soap/shower gel.
Avatar f tn I have been having trouble sleeping at night is it safe to use lavender spray on my pillow at night?
Avatar f tn i have some lavender oil that I used prior to getting pregnant in my bubble baths that my boyfriend says I shouldn't use while pregnant. Is it NOT ok to use my oils?
12192525 tn?1426449883 I decided to redecorate my garden and for some reason, I thought about all the lovely people on this site who had helped me and stuck around til this day.....and saw lavender. So I went and bought enough lavender to fill up my whole front garden. Now, every time I look at them, I see this community, & everything that came with it! You guys have inspired in return and these flowers will never die. Thank you so so much..... you know who you are!! ☺ Love, Catt.
640829 tn?1230996060 Other herbs I have used are valerian, passionflower, lemon balm, skullcap, kava kava, chamomile, and lavender. I generally drink teas, but the aroma from the lavender tends to do a lot on its own. Check your local co-op or natural food store for tinctures and teas that are already prepared for you. And check with your doc if you are on meds (I am not currently taking anything.) Good luck!
4655650 tn?1357623407 Sometimes the basics work, a warm bath half an hour before bed. A non caffeine hot drink. Even spraying some lavender around your bed is said to help as it is supposed to relax.
Avatar f tn I got a whole list of things I do lol my best friend bought me a flameless candle set with lavender wax. From I also went to bath and body works and sleep spray for my sheets lavender and vanilla! After after i spray my sheets i take a warm bath soak for about 15 min. With bedtime body set. Then I also have a cup of chamomile mint tea they sell at walmart( sleep time tea) . I add a little honey with French vanilla creamer. And if all else fails I take Tylenol pm or benadryl!
Avatar f tn I have to deal with high anxiety in a stressful work environement. I have been using lavender oil for aroma therapy to help alliviate the overwheliming feeling of stress and anxiety. I think it has helped tremendously for myself.
Avatar f tn My Dr told me not to add anything to baths to avoid bacterial infections or yeast infections because you're more prone to them pregnant. It scared me so I haven't but I know plenty of people who have and been fine!
Avatar n tn Hi..I'm 27 weeks and lately it's been extremely hard to sleep at night...
Avatar f tn Sry typo with the amanda haha meant to finish saying we have to sensitive skin to use anything scented.