Allergies to ky lubricant

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366262 tn?1360031596 well i called the dr and asked about ky, and they told me not to use it, it kills the sperm
403788 tn?1237037212 yeah, KY is not good lubricant for trying to conceive. i haveread on this forum that some women have used something called Preseed. not exactly sure if it's a lubricant or not but apparently it has helped some conceive. ask around on here for info on it. wish i could be of more help! good luck!
Avatar n tn It could be because she is too dry (some women naturally produce more lubricant than others), in which case it could really help to use some lubricant (KY jelly or similar), either with a finger or penis. Has your wife seen a doctor about this?
Avatar f tn Will KY lubricant significantly reduce chances of conceiving? Also I'm 23 about to be 24 Sunday and even after 2 weeks off of my period I'm drier than the Sahara desert.
Avatar f tn Have you tired lubricant to help you stay wet ?
Avatar f tn No. If you have stretchy egg white mucus it means you are fertile and ovulating. That also changes the nature of your vagina to be sperm friendly. IF you use lubrication you need to use a sperm friendly one like pre-seed since most artificial lubrication like KY and others kill sperm or limit their mobility.
Avatar n tn your body has an internal themometer of it's will regulate itself properly. I've never heard of any drug that effects body temperature in any way whatsoever besides fever reducers of course. take a really hot bath before? if you can't produce enough lubricant, buy it...astoglide or KY....
1699742 tn?1413764342 I'm 18 and i'm 4months pregnant. Ever since i got pregnant my sexual desire has gone through the roof. My boyfriend and i dont live together but when we have alone time we like to satisfy each other's needs. Now, i never had issues with sex before, easy peasy for me, but the farther along i get in the pregnancy the harder it is for my body to produce natural lubricant for sex. I'm embarrassed to ask but does anyone know what Water Based Lubricant is best?
Avatar f tn What to do about dryness before the menopause A dry vagina can be lubricated easily. For additional lubrication for intercourse, use a water-soluble, starch-based lubricant (for example, KY jelly) or a vaginal moisturizer (for example, Sylk, Replens or Senselle) rather than a petroleum-based product like Vaseline, which may interfere with your natural secretions.
1428239 tn?1333457053 I have also read about pre-seed and even the general use method (using the little tube to insert it) doesnt seem to be how we would use lubricant so I cant see how that would help. I am never dry on the inside (sorry tmi) and it is used for comfort purposes during the penetration portion but I dont know what to think....
Avatar f tn but you can order some preseed which is sperm friendly and has been known to contribute to pregnancy,because I have heard tha ky jelly kills the sperm,
974298 tn?1324833193 I bout the KY water-based lubricant today. Do you think it will help/aid in sperm swimming or being able to swim to the egg? Pre-seed does not sell in my country. It says in red on the box that it is not a contraceptive and does not contain a spermicide. So the sperms should be fine then right? Sometimes I get dry and my mucus may be too hostile, maybe that's contributing to me not conceiving. What are your thoughts? It would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn I am 29 yr old, married for last 3 years. During the course of sex, I normally don’t tend to get wet & as a solution for this we used to use KY Jelly. Now that we are planing for a baby…….i have heard that using artificial lubricants is not good when planing for a baby……coz of which now we don’t use any lubricants, but without any lubriacnts we have trouble in having sex during the ovulation days……can any one please help me with a solution for this?
Avatar f tn That is what it is - human spit is a terrible lubricant - use KY or some other water soluable lubricant like that, should clear up the problem
Avatar n tn How old is your wife? I would have her hormone levels checked. There are good lubes out there besides ky. Sweet Almond Oil is my favorite. You can buy it in a better grocery store in the oil aisle or a health store as a massage oil. Some women like Astro-glide. Also, do you do enough foreplay for her to get wet?
Avatar m tn Vaseline as a lubricant or for the irritation? If it's for irritation it's not going to do much!
1139597 tn?1292874871 Did you all know that KY Jelly is not good for sperm? I did not know that. My hubby and I use it all the time. Do you think this could have caused the miscarriage? I just bought some pre-seed and I bought the clear blue easy OPK. I am not obsessing I just want to make sure of when I ovulate.
Avatar n tn We can go on after he fixes it, but its always a turn off to have to stop. Should he go to a doctor or be worried? Or will it go away some time soon?
Avatar m tn Are cleanser like cethaphil sollution can be considered as water base lubricant to be use in anal with condom sex?
Avatar m tn t know werthe its age or what but sex is very irrataing to me and i heard that olive oil was a good lubricant to use ,is this true?
Avatar n tn It is probably just dried discharge or semen. After you start feeling dry switch positions and while switching positions put some lubricant on. Or just use your own saliva.
Avatar n tn Generally the only risky lubricant is Vaseline and other oil-based lubricants, since these cause the latex of the condom to disintegrate. Water-based lubricant is fine for condoms - plus I'm sure you'd have noticed if the condom was disintegrating.
Avatar f tn Amn702 is right. Remember to enjoy it! And don't stress. It takes time to conceive, so don't get discouraged if it doesn't happen right away. If you have questions or just need a shoulder to cry on, place to vent or exciting news to share, we're all here for you to help you through this journey!