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1501377 tn?1291508678 Feel so ill - have to keep door and windows sealed to keep out the overpowering scent and effects. Is this an allergy. Someone suggested air conditioning - will this filter out the toxic elements ? I am also someone that reacts strongly to perfumes, air fresheners, alcohol, cigarette smoke, usually certain odours. Am starting to feel like a real neurotic. Work colleages are becoming intolerant of my requests to be distanced from various environmental substances.
1347029 tn?1276539953 t state what symptoms you had, and why you thought it was an allergic reaction to sugar. usually, sugar allergies are caused by intolerance to processed, and refined sugar. There is the need to distinguish between an allergy to sugar and sugar intolerance. This is done by staying off foods with processed sugar in it, of a period of time.
Avatar f tn Hertz or Jasmine Sophia Marie
Avatar n tn Now we are tossing up on names... either Jasmine or Jasmina... but I cant think of any middle names to go with either of these names!!! Any suggestions?
746512 tn?1388807580 Alright, need some input or personal experience. This is the three year in a row that my allergies/asthma (or non-asthma who knows) is getting worse from middle of november into december. This can't be due to the cats since I am down one cat now and I have NO ALLERGIES in the spring with increased shedding. It is worse when I go outside and if I'm in and out at work or if it's busy and the door is constantly opened and closed I also have worsening symptoms.
Avatar n tn Most allergy tests look for the "usual" suspects: ragweed, mold, animal dander, mites, tree pollen, etc. I had a skin test at 11 years old against 35 common allergens and reacted to none of them. So I was told I have no allergies and therefore non-allergenic rhinitis. However, I'm very allergic to fragrance and lavender and have been since I was a baby. I've also since become allergic to jasmine, lilies, lilacs, juniper bushes, ceder, cats, dust, mold, hay, and fresh grass.
Avatar f tn I'm having a girl. I'm 20 weeks. I love the name jasmine and Leona but I don't know what name I should pick for my daughter.
Avatar f tn jasmine, aspen, dawn, there r several names u can use.
Avatar n tn call me naive, but I never would've thought of people adopting a black cat on Halloween just to be cruel to them... what the h*ll kind of world do we live in?
Avatar f tn Jaemye , jasmine , Jessica , Julia , jewel , June , Justine idk lol j is kinda a hard one
Avatar f tn My bestfriend is pregnant and if she has a girl she wants her name to begin with a J. Any suggestions will be appreciated!
Avatar f tn ( I know she will be coming any day now can you ladies give me any suggestions or ideas. I ultimately want her name to start with J but ANY NAME IDEA WILL DO.. Thnxx soooo muchh for the help ive been really stressed lately.
4503521 tn?1400858886 Hey ladies I'm on bed rest and would love to have someone to talk to as well as check on you ladies my username is mizzashlee14 keep n touch.
Avatar f tn No pregnant woman wants to travel to one spot for four days...can you all cut the traveling time shorter?
9419583 tn?1407649223 it was indeed fizzy so that gives me lots of hope that Were going 2 have a boy b/c when I was pregnant with My Daughter JasMine We did the test & it wasn't, it was just sitting there & did nothing so yay! Were wanting JasMine 2 have a lil Brother & it sure seemes like She will be! :'D I'm SO excited!
Avatar f tn Well we r all "J" in my family.. Jelane, Jasmine, Jessica, Jeanette, julia, julyssa, jacinda, jenessa, and my current pregnancy her name will be Jazlynn...
10426661 tn?1410354439 Hey you guys im Jasmine new on here. Just found out Im 5 weeks. This is my third child. I have both a boy and a girl. Hoping for another girl......