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Avatar f tn Is there any where I can buy jeans with the elastic band already sewn in or anything? If not my aunt can do it I just don't like troubling people.
Avatar f tn i am wearing a bra that makes me itch almost everytime I put it on. This is the 2nd time. First it's the itch, then a rash. There is no soothing for it b/c everything I try to put on it burns. I don't know what to do......
Avatar n tn You could be allergic to the elastic or to the fabric. Either that or they are an irritant. Because the rash is limited to that area it is doubtful that it could be anything else.
Avatar n tn I am 20 years by the way, and suffer from minor health issues such as allergies for which I have to take daily medication so I can breathe properly, and skin depigmentations I've had all my life which remind me of vitiligo, which is supposed to be an auto-immune condition. I've heard a bad functioning immune system is a predispositioning factor for tumor development, so I'm a bit concerned.
Avatar n tn Hello, Carba mix is a chemical that is used for the processing of rubber.If you are having allergies to carbamix then it has to be contact dermatitis (allergic or irritant). Prevention of the offending agent is the main treatment.You can also take antihistaminics like benadryl or Claritin if there is any itching. Topical steroid creams are the mainstay of the acute treatment.You can start with a potent steroid and wean to a less potent steroid cream.
Avatar n tn I am sorry. Have you had your ovaries checked? You can have a benign tumor or cyst pressing or blocking things. I went to doctors for several years. I had a tumor pressing on organs. I had it out no more issues with my stomach. It may not be that but it gets over looked because they have to look at the ovaries.I was checked out by a gynecologist but she looked my uterus. Had a CT scan and it did not show up. Had my gall bladder out. Ended up in the ER throwing up. Was sent to a Gastro.
Avatar n tn I think that it might be possible for allergies to result in blood clots in the following way... the body's allergic reaction during an allergic skin rash releases fluids which can build up, making a person's legs swollen, particularly noticeable in the ankles and lower legs where the elastic in one's socks bind.
Avatar f tn While having a blood test done , the nurse placed a elastic band on my arm to draw blood , while taking it off, a little bit of my blood got on the elastic from the needle stick, supposedly someone's hiv blood had gotten on the elastic before me and it touched the area where the nurse just drew blood from,can this put me at risk for HIV
Avatar f tn How do you do the hair ties? MTT pants are loose and baggy as I have lost a ton of weight luckily I've stopped losing weight but they are really loose as they are I don't have to unbutton to pull them down to go to the bathroom... But when sitting at my desk it's getting a little uncomfortable but no don't think baby is being affected yet.
Avatar f tn Thanks guys - I rang the on call vet and she said to try to get her to take some cooking oil to try and make it pass through her. I tried adding some oil to her food but she wouldn't eat it, so I've been giving her "Defurrums" - they're designed to help them pass hairballs, so I figured it would work for this. So far, she hasn't passed it, but she's not in any pain or anything, so hopefully everything will be fine.
Avatar f tn I'm 25 weeks and just barely starting to round.
Avatar m tn I have been experiencing what I can only describe as small feelings of elastic pings or snaps in my thigh. It occurrs when I move, but not strictly during excerise. At first I thought it was my pants...I wear yoga style pants at the gym and they have elastic in them. So I did not think about it until it happened when I was not wearing them.
Avatar f tn I'll be 12 weeks tomorrow, and I'm curious if thers anything I can do to prevent stretch marks. I've heard of cocoa butter, but does it really work? Thanks!
1713041 tn?1308497553 i recently had a rash in the middle of my shoulder blades and ive now got spider veins where ive been scratching ,i am 64 should i be concerned,as i saw my gp and he said it was acne ,a few months ago but now its back again,but ive also been looking at one of your posts on spider veins and hepiyitus b ,ive always had trouble with my skin and im allergic to elastic years ago i was working with glue and i had dermititus too
Avatar m tn Hi everbody, I have been suffering from scalp psoriasis for the last year. The only treatment that has been effective is to wet my hair, rub in Derma-smoothe and some liquid Clobetasol, use the shower cap that is provided with the Derma-smoothe, and wear it overnight (this is necessary approx. once per week, or more if it's cold outside).
Avatar n tn I know it is heling I can see the difference from the day of surgery til now and it looks better but I was more curious t know if the actual seton elastic has to indeed be tightened for it to completely heal
Avatar f tn Like the whole waistband and around my vagina
Avatar f tn I have this really cute dress but it has an elastic thing around it and its like tight were i had to TRY to stretch it out a bit but its just the part under my boob and the elastic is like 3 inches wide and the rest of the dress is flowy.. is it okay if I wear it? Would it hurt the baby?
Avatar n tn Its my 2nd pregnancy, but my first was about 5 years ago so can't remember everything. How soon do you start getting the clear, elastic like discharge? Important not sure if I'm suppose to be getting it already.....
Avatar f tn The sagginess and firmness of the scrotum is related to the sagginess and firmness of the skin. With age the skin tends to sag and so is the scrotum which is made mostly of skin (the skin loses its elastic fibers which hold it tight together like elastic bands).
Avatar n tn Cramps are normal. Your body is growing and stretching for your baby. But if you feel like you just need to call your doc then go ahead but it's normal.
Avatar f tn No need to worry. The reason pregnant women wear loose fitting and stretchy clothing during pregnancy is for their own comfort. No harm can come to the baby.
Avatar n tn I have recently become intolerant to a lot of foods - kiwi, banana, tomato, soy, and pretty much everything in the list of foods associated with latex allergy.I also sometimes react to latex products - blowing up balloons, an elastic band on my wrist, using a rubber eraser, band aides, some glues - these leave me with wih a sore rash, and red inflamed dry flakey skin.
5492463 tn?1368752646 They say to use olive oil and message your perineal (the skin in between vgina and anus) to prevent tearing, I've heard it makes it more elastic down there, for if ur giving a vaginal birth .
Avatar n tn I knew what it was and would apply cold packs to the area but where I got the fastest relief was to stop wearing elastic leg panties, you know, the type that the elastic goes right across the area of cath insertion. Try high leg cut cotton type without elastic and see if this helps. It did for me. Joan.
Avatar f tn I already have a 2 year old. But I've been wanting to have another child and I don't know what's wrong . I have sex almost everyday or almost every other day. Is there anything that I can do to help increase my fertility. I'm willing to try anything my daughter is getting close to be in school so I would like to start a new addition to the family for her .