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Avatar n tn I think that it might be possible for allergies to result in blood clots in the following way... the body's allergic reaction during an allergic skin rash releases fluids which can build up, making a person's legs swollen, particularly noticeable in the ankles and lower legs where the elastic in one's socks bind.
1972385 tn?1343830676 This can cause the element to overheat and burn out.The strap is elastic and can stretch to put the right tension so as not to restrain your mouth from opening in case you need to open your mouth at times.But the problem with elastic,it wears out.Evidently it is either old or defective.The fix is to cut it and sew in a good piece of elastic.It became comfortable after awhile.It beats having dry mouth.I looked at other chin straps on the market and they looked bulky(2 straps)and uncomfortable.
Avatar n tn Their immune systems unleash a barrage of chemicals against proteins in these foods, causing the misery known as an allergic reaction. People with food allergies usually react to just one or two specific foods. In children, cow's milk, eggs, and peanuts are likeliest to trigger reactions. The only way to beat them is to avoid the offending foods. This isn't always as easy as it sounds.
Avatar n tn At times the itching is so bad it drives me crazy. I've had allergies in the past, so tried everything to get this to go away. It was so embarrassing to talk to my doctors about, even my Ob-Gyn who is very understanding, but couldn't help. I've been buying VS bras and lingerie for years. I'm a DD and it is very difficult to find a bra that fits and looks decent. I finally thought maybe I'd developed an allergy to the latex in their bras. Looked on the Internet and lo and behold find all of you!
461838 tn?1255793816 One could, of course, attach the broad elastic to any cap or bonnet and stretch it around the lower jaw to the desired tension. At least, if the cap fits well on the head and doesn't cut off the circulation. What I've made is only a 3rd generation prototype I'm describing. If I were business oriented I'd have it patented and make millions. But I'll leave that to somebody else to do. The invention is good.
Avatar m tn It never occurred to me that elastic (such as underwear) is latex. For years, I have been told the rashes I experience all over my "below the waist" area were yeast problems and have used various creams and powders. My issues involved shiny red itchy skin, open sores/wounds, wet areas, etc. (Nasty and painful) Recently I was having a similar outbreak and noticed when I changed from one pair of sweat pants to another, the symptoms got better / almost gone.
Avatar m tn hi i took went to see my doctor ,with the same thing and im 64 and ive always had trouble with my skin allergies, im allegic to elastic,however he said i had acne,and ive never had this before ,i was also told by an on line doctor that it is a form of dermititus that accures above the shoulder blades,and he told me to use betnovate cream and caridan anti histomine tablets for two weeks this does help but it does reacure,and to try not scratch it as this will itch even more
Avatar f tn i am wearing a bra that makes me itch almost everytime I put it on. This is the 2nd time. First it's the itch, then a rash. There is no soothing for it b/c everything I try to put on it burns. I don't know what to do......
Avatar n tn You could be allergic to the elastic or to the fabric. Either that or they are an irritant. Because the rash is limited to that area it is doubtful that it could be anything else.
Avatar m tn At first I thought it was a spider bite or huge mosquito bite, but I always wear underpants with elastic unless they could bite through there. I thought it could even be a (god-forbid) bed bug bite. Then I put hydrocortisone on it and it went away in about two weeks. Then this week I have two - one on each side. One is bigger than the other, so I am putting cortisone on them again. What in the world is this? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn Just wondering if anybody has had any experience with post-surgical complications and allergies. I am female, age 60 and have various food allergies and am allergic to sulfa and penicillin. I also have very sensitive skin and just developed dermatitis on my groin, where the elastic of my panties meets the skin. I can't seem to tolerate the elastic anymore.
299912 tn?1341626700 I used to go all the time for various things here and there, only to have all my symptoms passed of to stress and anxiety (which turned out to be true, I suppose as I am still okay besides this!). I plan on making an appointment with the free clinic tomorrow, but that could mean another month or so before I can even see a doctor. Obviously if it gets worse or other symptoms develop then I will go to the ER I suppose. Has this happened to anyone else before?
Avatar m tn This formula has tendency to fill up the holes appearing inside the cheek areas and also repairs the dark circles presence naturally. Slowly and slowly a reddish appearance on face may appear, which means that this formula is working effectively to make your face look bright, glowing and young. All process of firming, tightening and enhancing its visibility is done by this anti aging cream and that too without any signs of side effect or allergies.
Avatar n tn Hello, Carba mix is a chemical that is used for the processing of rubber.If you are having allergies to carbamix then it has to be contact dermatitis (allergic or irritant). Prevention of the offending agent is the main treatment.You can also take antihistaminics like benadryl or Claritin if there is any itching. Topical steroid creams are the mainstay of the acute treatment.You can start with a potent steroid and wean to a less potent steroid cream.
Avatar n tn Hi, Skin rash that is itchy is usually due to allergies. A simple rash is an inflammation of the skin (dermatitis). Contact dermatitis is caused by things your skin touches, such as chemicals ( in elastic, latex, and rubber products), cosmetics, soaps, and detergents, dyes and other chemicals in clothing and plants like poison ivy, oak, or sumac. If he can identify whether he has had contact with any of these in the recent past, then any one of these could have triggered this rash.
Avatar n tn I am sorry. Have you had your ovaries checked? You can have a benign tumor or cyst pressing or blocking things. I went to doctors for several years. I had a tumor pressing on organs. I had it out no more issues with my stomach. It may not be that but it gets over looked because they have to look at the ovaries.I was checked out by a gynecologist but she looked my uterus. Had a CT scan and it did not show up. Had my gall bladder out. Ended up in the ER throwing up. Was sent to a Gastro.
Avatar n tn I am 20 years by the way, and suffer from minor health issues such as allergies for which I have to take daily medication so I can breathe properly, and skin depigmentations I've had all my life which remind me of vitiligo, which is supposed to be an auto-immune condition. I've heard a bad functioning immune system is a predispositioning factor for tumor development, so I'm a bit concerned.
Avatar f tn Hello im 23 years old i have bags under my eyes due to a couple pf stressful years of staying up all night studying all im askin is if its got to the stage where its permanent or temporary if i get enough sleep for a long period will the bags be eliminated or at least reduced ???
Avatar n tn I have recently become intolerant to a lot of foods - kiwi, banana, tomato, soy, and pretty much everything in the list of foods associated with latex allergy.I also sometimes react to latex products - blowing up balloons, an elastic band on my wrist, using a rubber eraser, band aides, some glues - these leave me with wih a sore rash, and red inflamed dry flakey skin.
Avatar m tn Subsequently I was referred to a dermatologist that is performing a TRUE patch test to test for environmental allergies. I have not had any environmental allergies in the past, and have not been able to isolate an environmental allergen as the cause. I have changed detergent, stopped using dryer sheets, changed shampoo and cosmetics, etc. all to be fragrance-free, etc. I have tested my home for dust mites (negative).
Avatar f tn I would probably also prescribe diflucan for at least two treatments, and possibly a steroid cream to alleviate the inflammation. One more thing to try while you are waiting to see a gynecologist or dermatologist--Crisco applied to the skin in the itchy areas is very soothing. Hope this helps!
Avatar f tn Flaring up of acne can be due to hormonal fluctuations, stress, and use of heavy makeup etc.Itchy skin can be due to allergies, inflammation or infection. Pre ejaculatory semen does contain few sperms. Missed period is the earliest sign of pregnancy. Did you miss your periods? If yes than do consult a gynecologist. If your periods come on time seeking medical opinion for above mentioned symptoms will definitely help. Do write to me again. Best of luck and regards!
Avatar n tn After consuming alcohol my palms and foot soles itch profusely and if i continue to drink, the tiny itchy spots under the skin would start to grow and be filled with liquid. Other than this I have no food allergies, and no allergies to any medicine. I have not introduced anything new in the cosmetics or creams that i use. I had no skin problems before. i do not have temperature or any other symptom. Please help!
763054 tn?1314056721 It truly pisses me off! My food allergies are easier to avoid, and just get general hives allover as well as a fever if I eat something I'm not supposed to. It's harder to avoid everyday stuff that *may* injure you. I'm a dog groomer, and I use my hands a lot EVERYDAY.
Avatar n tn most people with rubber allergies say they got it from prolonged exposer to the chemical compounds of rubber and elastic. but me, this is just one of the many allergies passed down to me from my father.. i have dealt with it my whole life.. it is so severe that i dont even have to have direct contact with it to break out in what looks like 3rd degree burns, water blisters, the body part that touched it swells up to 3x its mornla size and i become extremely tired nauses and dizzy.
Avatar n tn People who are more severely affected may wear pneumatic stockings every day for an hour or two to reduce the swelling. Once the swelling has been reduced, the person must wear elastic stockings up to the knee every day from the moment of rising until bedtime. This controls the swelling to some degree. Ask your doctor about these possibilities. I hope this helps you!
519487 tn?1211900073 There is also an interesting association of unique food allergy among persons allergic to latex. People allergic to latex are frequently allergic to bananas and sometimes other foods like kiwi, papaya, avocados and apricots. This association with food allergy is real, but the cause of the relationship is uncertain. Ref:
Avatar n tn I have to wait another week to see my doctor, who will then decide if I need to go to a dermatologist. But I am losing my mind over this.
443136 tn?1210539925 I highly suggest a food challenge diet to test for allergies. After doing this, I was able to isolate about five other food substances I was reacting to. The allergic responses, like sulphur belches are from sulphur/sulfite allergies and foods that are high in them. The challenge diet will help you isolate if sulphur is an allergy for you as well, but it certainly was the cause of those symptoms for me.