Allergies to bunnies

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Avatar n tn Its ok , just clean cage often & wash your hands afterwards.
Avatar m tn Hi allergenic, I just finished reading your comments. You said you were holding a cat the other day, stroking and petting the cat. You also stated you had no asthma. Are you aware that male cats have more dander than female cats. I know this because I had allergies too to several different things. I 'd like to say that your allergies are getting better, but I doubt it. I'm guessing you've had an allergy test this is why you know that you are have animal dander allergies.
740456 tn?1260449809 Hi Ok, so some time this week we will be boosting out menagerie from 13 furry friends to 15. the new additions are 2 bunnies, a darf and.... a slighty bigger one? lol they arent mine..... Anyway, one is about 6month old, the other is about a year. Anyway, we have to bring them from inside a house, to a car and then from that car back to the other house. I've heard bunnies are SUPER sensitive so i was wondering if anyone would have any advice on how to make the move easier on them.
Avatar f tn My oldest started crawling at 5 months old (very early) and the youngest closer to 7-8 months old. It was NOT harder for them to learn how to crawl. However, like evthing4reason said, you will get dust bunnies floating around if you don't swiffer regularly (just use the dry swiffer). My daughter's have hardwood floors with rugs and we love it!
178590 tn?1294176767 OMG---are those real bunnies?! Sooo adorable! Love the little bottom teeth too! So cute!
397460 tn?1268533736 We recently adopted a rabbit and are at a loss to try and understand its behavior. Prior to coming to live with us, she had been kept in her hutch 24/7 and had not been handled.We have her a mth and she gave birth to four healthy kittens a week ago. We are being as gentle as possible with her and have not touched the babies.She is allowed to roam the garden,( it is safe) all day, just put to bed in her shed at night. She seems glad to see me in the morning.
Avatar f tn All of the allergies i;ve ever had have been internal not external so if it is allergies,this is a first. I try not to let it annoy me,but it does! Its mostly around my lips/mouth and chin area and other areas of face..
1935851 tn?1332348173 So there were bunnies out in our yard and I went to let my dog out on the leash and I didn't realize there were bunnies and she ran after them, causing me to slam my tummy into the sliding glass door... My tummy hurts so bad now..
Avatar f tn This time next year we will have our little bunnies! :) Hope you all enjoy your day! God bless!
2013578 tn?1341812012 hi...sorry there is not much activity or a holistic Vet on this forum any longer. I am a cat owner who does like to treat naturally whenever possible, I know for cats a product thats well known and used for this type of problem and I can't see why it couldn't be used for bunnies too....(?) Its an amino acid that strengthens the immune system so they can fight off this on their own, its usually viral in cats... but if in doubt at all please speak to a Vet first.....
Avatar m tn Hi Olivia, I am so sorry that you lost your pet. You didn't say whether Ruby is a house rabbit or whether she is kept outside or in hutch. Either way, she will certainly feel the loss of her mate and will certainly be lonely. Spending more time with Ruby and giving her extra attention during this time will certainly help her. She was used to the presence of her friend and will take comfort in your presence and attention.
Avatar n tn Hay, hay, hay!!! You should be sure your bunny is getting hay as part of her diet. Provide hay all the time. She may have urine scald, and she'll need to go to a vet if that's the case. I hope she feels better soon. try adjusting her diet appropriately i the above is the case.
185634 tn?1257071139 Thanks buddy - have a great day. I have family coming over as many know - it will be very nice.
Avatar f tn Around 1pm I was checked for dilation and was told the the baby was stuck in my birth canal. I had to do some different things to try to get him unstuck, but it wasn't looking like it was helping.. At 5pm I began to push, the epi was wearing off and I had to have them add more medicine, a total of four times, throughout the pushing. I was pushing for a total of 2 and a half hours before the doctor finally decided to use forceps. The doctor had to cut me.
956292 tn?1334054869 (So sad, LOL) But I need to if I am going to be able to get through Christmas. We are hosting AGAIN...I am sorry I have not been here as much, and have left others to rend to our forum, for that I am sorry. I hope this too shall pass.
Avatar f tn I had the same issue. It was the brand I was taking. I don't recommended bunnies because I tried them also but stopped them once I realized that lacked TONS of vitamins the baby really needs like calcium and potassium. I take centrum prenatals and they are a life saver.
16779510 tn?1456360285 Lol gummies not bunnies
397460 tn?1268533736 My pet Dwarf rabbit, 8mths old, female, has a lump the size of a walnut, on the end of her backbone, under the skin.She seems to be in good health otherwise with a good appetite.Her coat is shining and glossy and her eyes are clear.She has become a bit snappish in the last week but still wants me to hold and pet her. I will be seeing the vet in the next 36hrs but was wondering if anybody knew what is wrong?
Avatar m tn For me its fuzzy around the edges lol my bf and I tend to go at it like bunnies (tmi) haha but yes :)
Avatar f tn I've tried everything I'm 38 weeks and I'm not dialated or effaced at will come when it's ready..and I don't think you can be induced early..