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Avatar f tn For many, allergies are seasonal and mild, requiring nothing more than getting extra tissue or taking a decongestant occasionally. For others, the allergy is to a known food, and as long as they avoid the food, no problem. That means, for instance, having to take sick days to cope with symptoms so severe you can't work, or not being able to go outside on a day with a high pollen count, if that's your primary allergen.
1644331 tn?1372333656 I have food allergies, outdoor allergies, asthma and for the last 10 years have suffered from chronic sinusitis. These sinus infections occur two to three times a year. The worst part of all of this is the constant mucus which seems never ending. It has greatly affected my ability to sing which is my passion. When it goes into an infection I get the same symptoms that one would if you had the flu. Hot cold severe headache nausea it can be painful just to hold my head upright.
Avatar f tn hey guys, I'm 4 weeks pregnant and the whole time I've been getting sinus allergies from mine and my partners dogs!!
Avatar f tn She had thought maybe Labyrinthitis but since my symptoms have worsened not improved she now thinks I should see a Neurologist. I have an appointment but can't get in for a month. Anxiety was mentioned since I had quit smoking due to the dizziness, but ruled out when I pointed out that I had quit because I was dizzy, not dizzy because I had quit. I am really weak and my head is really foggy.
Avatar f tn Hi, Severe persistent allergies can be treated with newer options of treatment like leukotreine inhibitors, allergy shots, mast cell inhibitors etc. These options should be chosed considering individual symptoms and their severity. Best.
Avatar f tn A lot of people with dysauto also have allergies, but then again a lot of people in the general population have allergies so I don't know if any statistically significant correlation has ever been found. Searching Pubmed and Google scholar right now, I don't see any articles about allergies in dysautonomia unless I'm missing something. I'm not sure if that could possibly point to MCAD/mastocytosis or not. Does anyone know if masto is ever triggered by traditional allergens?
Avatar f tn I'm 35 and have developed severe food allergies. I began noticing symptoms last year. I had my first sever reaction in April, requiring an Epi-pen and a visit to the ER. In the past 6 months I have had to use my Epi-pen 4 times. Each time requiring a visit to the ER. I am allergic to soy, tomato, peanuts. I can't seem to eat anything that says "natural flavoring", soy is in everything. I did not test allergic to tree nuts, but for some reason, I can't eat those either.
Avatar f tn anyone having severe allergies...what r u taking ? --is children's. claritin ok?
Avatar m tn This is a VERY new concept of patients who have severe dry eye symptoms but very few abnormal findings on examination. One thing you didn't mention was whether your corneas show "staining", but I'm betting not. Search Boston Foundation for Sight and read what they have on the topic, and also consider contacting them - they are very friendly on the phone.
Avatar f tn These medications all help to relieve short term symptoms of allergic reactions. However, there is a way of preventing the long term symptoms of allergies. This is through a process known as immunology, more commonly referred to as an allergy shot.
Avatar n tn I think that yes it may be allergies I have my eyes irritating and mine is from plants and gardens, also we have a lot of heat where i live in California.I have treid drops , they dont really work well , itchy scalp can also be allergies I am told .
Avatar n tn If parties are allowed make sure he doesn't eat any cookies, cupcakes, cakes, etc.
Avatar f tn Can being allergic to something make you more prone to developing more allergies?
Avatar m tn If so I would keep a food diary to enable me to see what was causing symptoms. Severe symptoms need medical investigation and treatment as severe allergies can cause anaphylactic shock.
Avatar n tn Last fall and this fall I had the same symptoms that my doctor could not figure out. Namely, I got weaker and weaker every day until I was completely bed-ridden. This fall when it started i noticed I had bad post nasal drip, chest pains (tightness) and breathing difficulties and severe shortness of breath. Can allergies and or chronic sinus infections make a person so weak and fatigued that they can not function normally?
Avatar n tn It's about two years since I stopped taking Zoloft. I tapered off the medication and immediately afterwards began experiencing super-sensitive allergic reactions to the environment. This was not a withdrawal symptom - I experienced the normal withdrawal symptoms during the tapering phase, and they all stopped once I had completely stopped taking the medication. However, in the two years since, the acuity of my allergies has increased at least threefold, if not more.
Avatar f tn My 5 1/2 y/o german shepherd has severe skin allergies. We have been going to a dermatologist who has done the allergy testing, multiple rounds of various antibiotics and steroids. Then he developed MRSA and was placed on injectible antibiotic. Once the round of injectible antibiotics were done and the steroids finished, he developed severe itching, blackened skin and hair loss on the underside of his body.