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Avatar n tn Last fall and this fall I had the same symptoms that my doctor could not figure out. Namely, I got weaker and weaker every day until I was completely bed-ridden. This fall when it started i noticed I had bad post nasal drip, chest pains (tightness) and breathing difficulties and severe shortness of breath. Can allergies and or chronic sinus infections make a person so weak and fatigued that they can not function normally?
Avatar n tn ve read up on non-allergic rhinitis and agree that some of my symptoms are probably caused by non-allergic rhinitis, but some things just don't seem to fit. I've never read anything that linked seasonal symptoms to non-allergic rhinitis. So my question is, can things that would normally cause allergic-rhinitis like pollen, dust, and mold also cause non-allergic rhinitis?
Avatar n tn Can one experience "late-phase" allergy symptoms like malaise, fatigue, headaches, Eustachian tube dysfunction etc. without EVER experiencing "early-phase" symptoms like runny nose, itchy eyes etc. ? I do occasionally have a scratchy throat, but this is very seldom. I have been experiencing these "late-phase" symptoms for several months now, and was recently diagnosed (via skin ***** test) with allergic rhinitis to dust mites and pollen.
Avatar m tn I have read recent studies from Universities such as John Hopkins that state that Allergies can be debilitating on its own and can make you feel weird symptoms, such as the arthritis like aches and others on my list, possibly due to histamines. I had mold in my room for approximately more than a year, not an extreme amount, but it was there. Right next to my bed... basically a couple of inches from where I sleep. I believe I might have Mold Toxicity instead of Allergic Rhinitis.
Avatar f tn These medications all help to relieve short term symptoms of allergic reactions. However, there is a way of preventing the long term symptoms of allergies. This is through a process known as immunology, more commonly referred to as an allergy shot.
Avatar m tn Ensure to take the required dosage for the required number of days. In allergic rhinitis the symptoms are usually triggered by an allergen. These allergens, when exposed to initiate immune mediated reactions which will result in the symptoms you experience. The allergic history usually runs in families. So, the problem can be tackled at three levels. At the allergen level, where you can consult an allergy specialist, who after doing some skin tests, will be able to specify some allergens.
Avatar n tn He also put me on Astelin which has helped a ton and he said Docs cant be so quick to judge and just call everything allergies. The reason I dont have allergies is I am just congested in the face and nose I dont have anyother sypmtoms such as Itchy anything or sore throats.
Avatar n tn Nasal obstruction and rhinitis can be simulated by allergic and non-allergic means. Environmental allergies can lead to nasal symptoms when there is exposure. Non-allergic rhinitis can be stimulated by posture, foods, medications, environmental changes, etc. Studies have shown that nasal patency can decrease with lying down and is sensed more frequently in patients already with allergic rhinitis.
345124 tn?1234483278 this is what I've been doing for my "new" summer allergies that come with an dose of dizziness and at times vertigo. I can handle everything except the dizziness/vertigo. As soon as I feel it coming on and my ears feel stuffy I pop a Claritin, some Flonase and ibuprofen if it comes along with sinus press again.
Avatar m tn Hi there, The commonest cause of rhinitis is allergies. You may try taking warm water as it may provide some relief. Take some over the counter medications like chlorpheniramine or cetrizine for symptomatic relief. Drink plenty of water and fluids. Steam inhalation may provide some relief. If the symptoms are severe or persistent a clinical examination may be necessary. I sincerely hope it helps. Best luck and regards!
Avatar m tn Oral anti-histaminics and nasal corticosteroid spray against prescription may help to alleviate allergic rhinitis symptoms. I suggest you to consult an ENT specialist. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn Hello, I commisserate with you. Certainly sounds like rhinitis. I have had allergies all my life. I took all the over-the-counter remedies and also prescription nasal sprays. All until very recently. About 5 months ago I began taking a powerful antioxidant called OPC-3. It is dissolved in water in the morning and it has relieved my allergic symptoms almost completely. If you would like more information just let me know. Hang in there.
Avatar n tn Do you have associated symptoms of fever, sinusitis or rhinitis? Is there any past or family history of allergic reactions? Have you tried any medications for your symptoms as yet? Have any investigations been done? It would be advisable to get a chest xray, and CT scan of your sinuses done. You need to consult your doctor for a proper clinical evaluation and to rule out sinusitis, rhinitis, pharyngitis, asthma and any allergies as the cause of your symptoms.
548980 tn?1214822412 If yes, blog allergies to tempurpedic. I have been having the same symptoms and I was told this. I stopped sleeping on my mattress last night so I don't know for sure, but like you I will try anything!!!
Avatar f tn It should be differentiated from vasomotor rhinitis and Atrophic rhinitis for which consult ENT specialist. Take care and regards.
Avatar m tn Hi, in vasomotor rhinitis, the symptoms occur in response to a trigger, like eating spicy food or going outside in the cold. The primary treatment is simply avoiding the things that trigger your symptoms. Dymista (azelastine and fluticasone nasal spray) treats nasal congestion, sneezing, and runny nose caused by seasonal allergies.
605877 tn?1301700646 If you have allergies, you could have rhinitis (clear nasal discharge) that moves into such a position at night that causes the noise, if you have a sinus infection you could have congestion, if you have acid reflux you could have swelling in your sinuses... Can you give a little more information as to your symptoms, maybe I can try to help? Thanks!
5431850 tn?1381682097 So is anyone experiencing rhinitis of pregnancy (nasal congestion & dry blood in nose)? If so, how bad is it for you, did it last your whole pregnancy? Besides being a little nauseous here and ther, I have no other pregnancy symptoms, which scares me of course. I go to the OB/gyn tomorrow, I'm 9w5d, do you think they will be able to hear the heart beat through doppler? They say it's possible by the 10th week but has anyone else got to hear the baby through the doppler so early?
Avatar m tn I have had allergies for about 6 months now. I went to the doctor and she told me i had rhinitis. My symptoms include my nose always being clogged up which causes me to breath through my mouth and it also leaks fluid out of my nose sometimes. I also have gotten some scaly rashes around my eyes. Ive been given some allergy medicine to take but it hasnt really worked.
Avatar m tn Once I identified my food sensitivities and stopped the foods, especially milk, my allergies almost went away. For dust allergy, put a dust cover over your mattress and pillows to hold the dust mites and their feces inside. They are the main issue with dust allergies. Clean out your heating and AC ducts and keep filters changed out. Besides all this, my parents keep an air filter running at all times in their room.
519035 tn?1348275773 However a skin test would be more helpful in diagnosing the allergen like pollen, dander or dust that is causing the rhinitis. Allergic rhinitis is often diagnosed by medical history only. Skin tests only confirm it. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
8339276 tn?1400262023 I'm constantly sneezing and sniffing all over the place , allergy-like symptoms. I sneeze so much I feel like I'm hurting the baby. I swear I want to get checked just in case?? Or should I be fine?? My next apt is next Friday.