Allergies symptoms during pregnancy

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Avatar f tn my doctor told me I only could take benadryl nothing else not even my regular claritin that I take all the time. I would ask your Dr.
Avatar f tn Has anyone taken Benadryl during pregnancy. Nothing is controlling my allergies and I'm only sleeping 4 hours a night and that's thr only thing I can think that might help. Or any other suggestions.
Avatar f tn Yous doctor can probably prescribe some allergy medication that are deemed safe during pregnancy. I have been using a Neti pot every day for months now, with saline solution: you can try this natural way and see if it brings any relief (I also use an inhaler for my asthma).
2863077 tn?1436670789 ve had it off and on since I was about 3 months. Sinus infections are also much more common during pregnancy. So could be any of those too!
Avatar f tn I have been told that plain Sudafed (Phenylephrine) is safe to take during pregnancy, but I have been trying to research online different medications that are safe to take during pregnancy and it says that Sudafed shouldn't be taken, or should not be taken until the last 3 months of pregnancy. I have taken in 3 times so far during the last 2 weeks to try to calm my nasal congestion, but now I am afraid that I am just doing damage to the baby.
Avatar f tn One retrospective study showed an increased risk of cleft palate formation following maternal use of diphenhydramine during the 1st trimester of pregnancy; however, later studies have not confirmed this finding. Signs of toxicity and symptoms of withdrawal have been reported in infants following high doses or chronic maternal use close to term. Diphenhydramine has been evaluated for the treatment of hyperemesis gravidarum.
Avatar f tn I had allergies really bad at the begging of my pregnancy i got allegra d 24 hours and it helped out allot and my baby girl is healthy as can be
Avatar f tn Yes Benadryl is safe during pregnancy. Just don't take over the amount posted on the package!
Avatar f tn Hi! Congratulations! If you were my patient, I would advise you to take the absolute minimum medication that you can get away with during the first trimester especially. BUT having said that, Allegra is pregnancy category C which means that it CAN be used in pregnancy if the benefits out weigh the risks. Hope this helps!
Avatar n tn My doctor recommended that I take Claritin in the morning and if I still have symptoms later in the day,then take a Benadryl. She said using two antihistamines is better than one and those are safe during pregnancy. It's worked for me.
Avatar f tn Then they went away and I only had an issue with allergies one other time during my pregnancy and that only lasted like a week.
Avatar f tn Also, the best suggestion I received during my last pregnancy when it came to congestion was to get a humidifier. Ours was only a $20-30 one from Walgreens but was a life-saver!
231441 tn?1333892766 // Peanut allergy can cause a severe reaction called anaphylactic shock in which the allergic person has such trouble breathing that they die.Also the unborn child come into contact with small traces of peanut. This initial contact sensitises the child so that she later has a severe allergic reaction when she eats peanuts or foods containing peanuts.
Avatar f tn I was cleared to take zyrtec during my last pregnancy and with this one. Benadryl is ok after the first trimester.
Avatar m tn Many people with wheat allergies have healthy happy children despite eating wheat throughout the pregnancy. Some people develop food or wheat allergies during pregnancy. Some people have food allergies with subclinical symptoms aka symptoms that don't really present in an obvious way and they continue to eat the offending foods without knowing. Again, her knowing is actually a huge ADVANTAGE.
11803947 tn?1430842645 That doesn't do anything to me ;/ I was on high dose with allegra, zyrtec, atarax, and a few others and the sprays before pregnant. Over the counter med doesn't help but thank god today got better after the bloody nose.
4966438 tn?1367027650 I'm having the worst allergies possible. Haven't had them at all during this pregnancy until I hit Idaho and Washington. It's horrible..I'm going nuts. I can't breathe out of my nose. Hubby is a truck driver I've been cruising but headed home next week. Any suggestions?? Any meds ok to take??
Avatar f tn Benedryl is also a safe medication during pregnancy!
Avatar f tn Hey girls I have a question... I'm 5 weeks and my baby's daddy is throwing up yellowish and he said some like white foam idk that's what he said.. Is that normal?? He sleeps a lot and it also seems like he's getting a cold or allergies and he takes medicine for allergies or the cold and nothing takes it away could it be he's getting most of the symptoms? I was also told that usually when that happens that the guy gets these symptoms is usually a girl...?
Avatar f tn I have done a septrum operation but no change. I have visited an ENT recently and was told its allergies, however don't know what I'm allergic too due to visit an allergist soon. However lately I've been feeling tired, light headed at times, blocked nose, dry mouth and wake up during the night out of breath. Do you get these symptoms?
Avatar f tn Your immune system lowers while pregnant so your body dosnt affect your baby. That's why they recommended you to have a flu jab. So chances are you will pick up some bugs. There an awful summer cold going round at the min.