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Avatar m tn Your symptoms of dizziness, lightheadedness, if are relieved by eating something, indicate that you might be having episodes of hypoglycemia. Inadequate sleep can also cause tiredness, fatigue and dizziness. Other causes for these symptoms are inner ear infections; brain disorders heart problems, fever, stress, low blood pressure and anxiety. Please consult your GP who will examine you and may ask for blood tests for evaluating blood sugar and CBC. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn I have recurring dizziness. I am particularly curious about allergies, as I have addressed all other possible causes that I am aware of. Episodes started at about one month apart, but very severe (repeated vomiting); now more mild but every ten days or so. Symptomes do not match Mayo Clinic definition of Meniere's. Again, most curious about possible allergies. Thanks.
Avatar n tn Has anyone experienced severe dizziness/tiredness from thier allergies this year? I started feeling this a few weeks ago and the doctors say nothing is wrong with me but allergies are affecting me.....I've had allergies my whole life and have never been like this, I feel very tired/out of it/dizzy most of the day and only feel better when I'm anyone experiencing these symptoms or can relate, please help???
Avatar m tn I, too, get some dizziness when my allergies are acting up (unfortunately, I suffer from year round allergies, but spring and fall are my worst) You may want to try an over the counter decongestant or antihistamine to see if they help. Of course, if you are under a doctor's care or on any other medication, please check with your doctor first before trying any of these. Hope you feel better.
Avatar m tn Many things can cause dizziness. It could be something in your home that you are allergic to and when you go outside you begin to feel relief because you are no longer breathing in the irritant. My suggestion is to see a doctor and have some tests done to see what is causing your dizziness. Stress can also cause many health problems that can result in dizziness too. Lets face it, we live in very stressful times and we are all affected in one way or another.
Avatar f tn I have meds to take for this but was so dizzy I could not get up to get them and everyone was asleep already. I woke up the next morning and the dizziness was still there and has not gone away since. My cardiologist has ruled out my heart being the cause of the dizziness and my primary dr has ruled out vit B12 or Magnesium deficiency as well as anemia and an electrolyte imbalance.
Avatar n tn I do suffer from allergies but the antihistamine and decongestant has had no affect on dizziness and funny heart feelings. Thanks, Terri. (I'm 44 and my blood pressure is normal sitting and standing, not overweight).
Avatar f tn The doctor told me to not worry more than likely not but they have to do it just to rule it out, everyone around me seems to think it is allergies! I have had allergies in the past as of with dust and really itchy eyes but never has it made me dizzy like this but I guess allergies can do that to you, has anyone experienced this?? I'm so worried!
Avatar f tn It is most likely a sinus infection or allergies or even a cold. The blood is most likely coming from congestion in your sinuses that are inflamed. Try putting a heat pad or if you don't have a heat pad use a clean sock filled with dry white rice and tie it off so it won't spill out of the sock and put it in the microwave until it's warm. Check to make sure it's not too hot and lay it on your forehead by your nose and eyes where the pressure is.
1810724 tn?1316932924 I was told my my Neurologist after having been hospitalized and much testing that I have a seizure disorder and possible MS. The dizziness, eye pain and increase migraines are new symptoms that are driving me crazy.
1743658 tn?1311220846 I am getting dizziness way to much and i still do not know what is causing it if anyone out there knows what the dizzie spells are coming from please give me ur feed back thanks o and i get dizzie from the point to where i cant even see anything at all for about 2-3 mintutes this last one today has really scared me.
345124 tn?1234483278 this is what I've been doing for my "new" summer allergies that come with an dose of dizziness and at times vertigo. I can handle everything except the dizziness/vertigo. As soon as I feel it coming on and my ears feel stuffy I pop a Claritin, some Flonase and ibuprofen if it comes along with sinus press again.
Avatar n tn The symptoms you list do not sound like allergies and sinus infection do me (dizziness, confusion, SOB, and head numbness). By head numbness, do you mean of the skin or inside your head?
Avatar f tn I have had a pressure headache, but sometimes just pressure at the top of my head, and dizziness when I turn my head for 6 weeks. Sometimes it causes a headache all over which I had a MRI done to rule out brain tumor. Sometimes I have nausea with it. I saw a ENT to find out if it was sinuses, and it's not sinuses or allergies. I feel like the top of my head is heavy. He referred me to a neurologist which I have to go through my regular doctor first, before I can get a referrel.
Avatar n tn After the sinus infection cleared, my pressure and dizziness went away and I felt better than I had in a long time. This dizziness and pressure had been going on for two years. I also experience car sickness when the head pressure is there and I end up feeling very dizzy when smelling cologne. This week the symptoms have returned after spending a few hours outdoors. The trees and bushes are just starting to bud.
Avatar f tn i had that thought before that it may be allergies.. but can all these symptoms be constant with allergies?
Avatar m tn I have a strange feeling for almost 3 month now , namely a dizineess and foggy brain symptoms . It is like I am drunk all the time . I cannot focus or concentrate anymore .And the symptoms are 24hrs/day .No other symptoms but sometimes I have rapid hearbeat .I have high blood pressure (140/90) and high cholesterol (220) . I was checked by a cardiologist and there is nothing wrong with my heart . I did an MRI (head and neck),doppler test;they came negative . Can anybody help me with this problem?
Avatar m tn Hey I'm 22 male been diagnosed with high Bp been a stressful month or two and for the last month or so I've had pressure above my nose, popping an stopping up of the right ear(when being active or at the gym) and dizziness in my head I've had a ct scan of the head/brain said all was normal doc said my nasal was swollen some sinuses in my left ear I've took allergy meds nasal decongestions and antibiotics for weeks no help is this anxiety or what?
1215847 tn?1266443248 m having spells of chest flushing accompanied by dizziness, headache and blurred vision. Doctors say it is anxiety after having had ECG, echo, stress test. I know it is not anxiety. In addition to the chest flushing et al, I also have intermittent bone pain mostly in my legs that, at its worst, has made me incapable of walking for 30+ minutes. I'll throw in itching and hives. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Avatar n tn It is possible that it could be from the flu.I would wait and see if you feel better soon.I had those same symptoms and it ended up being a ultser so you never know.
645800 tn?1466860955 ve had some allergies as an adult, but they got much worse a couple years before the neurological symptoms got bad. Actuallly, my dizziness got really bad first, which sent me to a oto-neurologist, who tested me for allergies and found strong reactions to many things, and I started shots. He said that my dizziness was not related to the allergies, and didn't find any reason for them. A couple years later, I woke up with tremors, then fatitgue, lots of dizziness, and more fun (not!) stuff.
Avatar m tn Have you any allergies, a good few of the symptoms you mention can be attributed to an allergy, the Meds you mention you take can also give you allergies if you are prone to them. Also a lot of varying food, put it into your search engine we also have an allergy site here on Medhelp if you think it could be that.
Avatar n tn This sounds like it might be anxiety symptoms or panic attacks. All of those symptoms can be related to anxiety. Allergies may also play a role but I have become very stressed out to the point my throat/nose seem very congested and unable to breathe. Since you are posting on here, the symptoms are properly worrying you so I would check it out with your doctor (at the very least, it will be nothing and then you wouldn't have to worry and increase the anxiety related to it).