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Avatar n tn I have been drinking red wine, cranberry,pmigranite for a long time I started toreakout in a rash only on my legs,I went to orange juice and it happened again why now?
Avatar n tn It is easy for me to surmise that it is the sulfites, because it was the inexpensive wines I had been cooking with. I have no doubt, since white wine and red wine affected me exactly the same way. Kindd explained that they have more sulfites than other wines, which I actually knew, so I knew what was making me feel like I had the flu. Avoiding anything with wine in it definitely does the trick.
Avatar m tn My girlfriend and I made sangria with red wine (merlot). When we drank it I had that annoying itch somewhere between my throat and ear. The concoction consisted of: Merlot wine Red seedless grapes Strawberries Oranges Lemons & limes Pineapple Brandy Triple Sec I have at one time or another eaten medium sized portions of any one of these fruits and never experienced and itchy allergic reaction... but when all combined, it was an obvious reaction.
Avatar f tn I seem to have a weird symptoms when I had drinks. I would get itchy all over my body when I had beer, (red) wine, whiskey, rum, brandy and don't have such problem with white wine, vodka, gin, and tequila. And I would get really sick if I had whiskey or rum (even with the small dose). What's wrong with me? I looked it up and it seems like the only connections between those beverage are oak casks (maybe not for beer though).
Avatar n tn Most troubling are Antihistimines, anit-anxiety meds and Niacin. I am also allergic to latex, red wine, etc. What class are the anti-viral drugs for the supression of HSV-2? I was recently diagnosed, first symtoms occured after a monogomous marriage of 14+ years. Thx.
13285008 tn?1429289536 Like tomatos, basicly everything what got the color red ;), sauerkraut, chocolate, beer, wine, cheese and so on. As soon as you eat sth histamine rich your body reacts with a allergic reaction. To diagnose HI it needs an common blood test, nohting special ;). To our time there are dietary supplements already available which can help you to handle it. For example I'm using Daosin, it makes it possible to eat everything, even if histamine rich or not.
Avatar f tn I'm in my 2nd trimester and drank a glass of moscato. lol Baby is doing fine, I'm not big into drinking but felt like some wine, and I don't take chances with red wine because my Mom was allergic to it (and yay for me, I have all of her other allergies...
Avatar m tn I do not have diabetes according to my labs (A1C and BG). Additionally, I have dry, red allergy eyes. I believe the eye issue is caused by my allergies, although I have read about Sojrens syndrome (I am male, and have no other symptoms aside from dry eyes and mouth). I was wondering if an of this rings a bell for the med help community or its doctors? I am hoping that dry mouth and nighttime urination after wine aren't red flags for liver disease.
Avatar n tn After I drink alcohol, I get red, itchy, and hives over my body the next day.Right after drinking, I am fine, and don't see/feel any reactions. However, after sobering up, or waking up the next day my body becomes bright red and itches intensely. However, this reaction does not start until I stand up. If I were to drink, lay down, sleep, and then wake up. I would have no reaction until I physically stood up out of bed?
Avatar f tn Do any you ladies think its safe to drink red wine while your pregnant???
Avatar f tn It's safe to drink a glass of red wine.
Avatar f tn Ive had 3 glasses of red wine while I've been pregnant. The doctor says it's alright. But by any means you should not drink everyday or get drunk. once in awhile is ok but don't over due it or get out of control.
Avatar f tn I don't think it matters it's still red wine/alcoholic I guess just go with whatever you perfer, I don't think taste would make a difference it is really only a different taste doesn't make any bottle different to the other unless of course the percentage is more or less depending on I'd say it's brand and price :)
Avatar f tn What do u think of the idea of having a glass ore red wine once a week?
Avatar f tn before I knew I was pregnant at about 5-6 weeks I had a family dinner and had a some glasses of red wine. I am now 8 weeks and have been feeling so guilty lately even though I didnt know about the pregnancy . Should I be this worried?
Avatar n tn I have always heard that it is ok to drink red wine or wine during pregnancy. Is that true? If so, how often would I be able to drink it throughout my pregnancy?
9023883 tn?1402943375 t seem right you can drink that and not regular flavored wine. I thought red wine had quiet a bit of alcohol in it. (Just curious not old enough to drink anyway!
Avatar f tn Hello, Friends! I'm not a big wine drinker: what wines, if any, have you found DO NOT aggravate AF or SVT?
Avatar f tn Yes I have a glass of red wine occassionally and know others that have also drank red wine during pregnancy. I think in your first and second trimester it's one glass if red wine every week and once you get closer to the third trimester it was one glass a day. I was a little doubtful about it at first but after doing a lot of research I found that a glass of red wine is fine, it also has benefits for you and the baby bc red wine clears up toxins in the body as well.