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Avatar f tn My husband makes a very loud, sudden involuntary snorting noise most of the times that he sniffs and swallows, or sometimes just when he swallows. It sounds like it's coming from his nose, and it's the worst when he's sick or dealing with allergies, but still happens when he's entirely well. He says he's had this problem since he was a kid.
Avatar n tn Then (after midnight, at my pc) the need rages and I have to look to the upper left corner almost every 5 seconds and it drives me nuts. Is this due to the allergies or do I have OCD? How to cope with it? Perhaps it's brain tumor? Thank you for any answer anyone may have.
Avatar n tn Could just be something wrong with her throat if she has allergies or something like that. Also could very well be a tic. I would ask your doctor about this.
1618236 tn?1408072214 Could be a sign your asthma is back, but i don't know. Why would a tic make you have phelm? It sounds like allergies to me. But i'm not a doctor so just my opinion.
Avatar n tn My 8yo son has recently been diagnosed with TS and we suspect our 5yo son may also have a motor tic disorder, if not actual TS. I find that both of their tics can be in the waning or even non existant phase for a bit, and the minute they have any kind of nasal congestion, the tics reappear. Anyone else noticing this or understand the connection?
Avatar f tn Have you seen a neurologist? They can often determine if strep is to blame for the tics. But, to me, it does sound like it may be related. My daughter started have tics when she was 4. She had been sick with a flu just before her dx. But, she is now 12 and it did end up being Tourette's. I have always wondered how strep may cause all the tic disorders. The good news is that most kids with TS have a mild condition.
Avatar f tn I've posted both on a few different boards about this cough that our son (5) started about 6 months ago. It's getting worse. When it first started back in the spring it sounded more like a clearing of the throat and we thought it was just a little tic that would go away, but it's obviously not, and now it's what you see... very physical and loud. It happens every day, various times.
Avatar f tn Since you have experience with this, could you tell me if your throat tickles? Or is your tic like a hiccup where there is no irritant, just a spasm that is the hiccup? I only know what I read about tics. I have never experienced a tic myself. In your opinion, from how my daughter describes this, does this sound like a tic to you? Also, she doesn't cough in her sleep, and when she's talking she is never interrupted by the cough - as soon as she stops talking, she coughs though.
Avatar n tn Hi. I my daughter who is 3 has been making a noise. So far it has been only in the Spring and now in the fall. I was thinking because of her fathers history it may be due to allergies and it was her way of dealing with a post nasal drip. I took her to the doctor and he said it was a tic. Not being satisfied with his answer for the noise I took her to an allergy specialist. She had an allergy test done and it came back with known allergies due to grass, pollen, and molds.
Avatar n tn m just wondering if this could possibly be something else or if this is just a new aspect of the Motor Tic Disorder. If you have any ideas or similar experiences please let me know.
Avatar f tn I have tic syndrom characterized by a bunch of complex motor tics these usualy get worse at night or when i am alone i am currently taking no treatment or medication for this because i belive i can manage to live with it ( i also have ocd, add and posibly ptsd) However there is one thing that really bothers me and im not sure if its a tic or some sort of sexual dysfunction.
Avatar m tn 00 worth of treatment we know it is not Turrets, Wilson,s disease, and supposedly any neourological problem. We have checked for allergies, hormones, and tumors and have no answers yet. She is seeing another Psychiatrist who has put her on Celexa and it seems to help more than anything else. The problemis she still feels anxious almost all of the time and she cannot control her twitches which is bothering he social life.
Avatar n tn sir ,my son 7yrs autistic child(regressed type),draws the hands in front of eyes and vigorously shake the hands (from fore arms only) and at that time the trunk is stiff and he will do it for few minutes. some times he vigarously shake the either of the lower limbs of hands. is chorea or tic disorder.more over these symtoms appear only during when he is excited and symptom free during sleep.
Avatar m tn It could be any number of things, the most likely being post-nasal drip due to sinus infection, a cold, virus, allergies etc... Trying giving him an antihistamine and see if that helps. Or an age-appropriate child's cold medicine. The air could be dry and irritating this throat. Try having him suck on children's throat lozenges, or drink something when it happens.
Avatar f tn Our son has a chronic eye blinking tic. He started to blink his eyes really hard recently. It started out as a right,than left eye wink then became both eyes blinking. He started out constantly winking and escalated to blinking every second for hours. We felt very worried about this as his friends are also asking him why he is blinking. The frequency varies all the time. One day it can be a really bad day of blinking and yet another day it is better .
Avatar f tn Generally, at this age, you ignore the tics. You need to think of the tic as a variation of OCD behavior. The tic is something that needs to be done so that the individual has a feeling of "rightness". When the child is old enough to get the sensation that the tick is about to happen then habit reversal training can be attempted - that is usually around 11 or 12.
Avatar n tn You may benefit from evaluation by a movement disorder specialist, who may be able to better characterize your movement and confirm whether or not it is in fact a tic. He/she can evaluate you and confirm the diagnosis of tics and whether or not you have Tourette's. Together, you can decide whether or not treatment of your tics is indicated. I will continue this answer on a separate post due to word count limitations imposed by the website.
Avatar f tn My daughter is 4 1/2 and has been clearing her throat since the age of 2. I have done a lot of research and everything i find says it could be allergies or a tic but is extremely hard to diagnose until the age of 6. When i ask my daughter why she clears her throat she says shes not so i assume she has no clue shes even doing it. She says her throat doesn't itch. My husband and I are both use to the noise so we don't notice it as much as other people around her.
Avatar f tn Hello Sysmom, did you ever hear anything back from the initial poster mom? I am going through the same thing with my son right now. Constantly clearing his throat while eating and sometimes even not when he is eating. Did you get any resolution? I don't know if this is a tic or a throat issue. It's only been going on about a week now, but I can't decide if I should take him to the doc or not.
Avatar m tn The last symptom, which is the strangest, is a pressure in my throat like a fist trying to open in my throat. I have no allergies or illnesses currently and am slightly lactose intolerant.
Avatar m tn Have you consulted a doc, physc. or a neurologist for evaluation? I had Tourettes as a kid (around 11 or 12) but it was a mild case and went away in about a year. I am sure they may have some drugs to help and speaking to an expert could give you a better understanding to what is going on. Let me know what you find out. Best of luck to you and your daughter.
Avatar n tn It sounds like your son has a tic disorder. My daughter started with eye blinking when she was 4 and she ended up having Tourette's Syndrome. It is not the weird cussing disease you have heard of in the movies. In fact, coprolalia (cussing) happens to a very small percentage of kids with Tourette's. There is a spectrum of tic disorders. Chronic motor tic disorder is then there are moventment (like your son's that last for a year or more, but no vocal (sound) tics).
Avatar n tn There are a couple of other possibilities too. He may have dry eyes (due to allergies) or he could even need glasses. I used to blink a lot when i was younger thinking it would clear my vision. If he isn't even five yet it may be hard to test him. I would mention those possibilities to the doctor and have him tested.
Avatar n tn It used to do a lot of face touching or wiping and yes it does seem to increase when he is upset or tired and cranky.
973741 tn?1342342773 He has started something new which is a vocal tic. It at times is a complex tic but most often is a simple tic of making a noise. When he is tired, he does it often. While I'm thinking it perhaps is anxiety based I do wonder if it is related to his nervous system regulation issues as well. If this has become a regulating tool. It is not too uncommon for sensory kids to have tics as well as kids with other nervous system disorders such as add/adhd.