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Avatar n tn after ingesting food or drinks and keeping a detailed record of all foods, drinks and pulse readings. It will show with a good degree of accuracy any allergies or sensitivity, including hidden or delayed sensitivity, which is usually very difficult to attribute to the offending substance. Gluten and wheat are the major offenders and dairy is next. Your immunity is low, so it's easier to catch a "bug". Let it run its course, unless it worsens.
Avatar m tn They will occur in the most unlikely places like the facial bones or the ribs etc. They are not confined to the joints like any other illness. She will also get reoccuring tonsils without any fever or other flu like symtoms except maybe a runny nose sometimes. On occasion she will get small pimple like rashes with puss in them around the upper neck and upper back and a butterfly like swelling under both eyes where the cheek bones are.
1657646 tn?1302281413 ve been out in the sun for extended periods of time. While my blood work comes back negative for lupus, my rheumatologist says that lupus can have overlapping symptoms. So do I have lupus, but it's not showing up in blood work? Will lupus eventually develope more?
Avatar m tn ve developed digestive disorders and speaking to my parents recently dad was saying that it sounds allot like when my mom developed an autoimmune disorder, They been trying to diagnose her for years. She may have Lupus, or something similar, she has been diagnosed so for with Hasiomoto's disorder (thyroid has completely stopped functioning) Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated...
Avatar f tn You seem to have a lot of Lupus symptoms or at least some sort of autoimmune symptoms. your rash by the way could be part of lupus or it may just be your allergies. when do you go to a rheumy?
Avatar m tn saw dermatologist too thinks its not lupus thinks its keratosis Pilaris, but told me to take this test started with an A long word, he said it will determine if i have lupus. I have itching all over my legs and stomach area, and still have discharge sometimes and numbness and tingling in the left piny and leg about once or twice a day since January. What could it be?
Avatar f tn Just sinus problems and the occasional Lupus rashes. I will look into Sjogren's. Could vaginal irritation be related to Sjogren's as well?
Avatar f tn My rheumatologist says there is a possibility that I have either lupus or sjogrens. I have a positive Ana and positive DNA . I also have occasional joint pain and extreme fatigue. Doctor wants tonstart me on plaquenil. I am currently having a reaction to synthroid so they wont start me on the plaque nil until I have that situation taken care of first. I also have multiple drug allergies.
Avatar f tn I was just recently diagnosed with lupus after having symptoms for 8 years. Yesterday the glands under my chin (on each side of my throat) have swollen up. The right one is bigger. and my throat is very sore. Is this a problem with lupus or is it just something like allergies. I wouldn't even be wondering about it, but I haven't even been sneezing so far this year with the pollen (very unusual). Just wondering.
Avatar f tn I've spent the last day or so researching a possible link between allergies and MS. After I posted a question yesterday regarding my husbands allergies and his MS, it seems that the general consensus among the MS community is that there is no major link. However, I started wondering how the anti-myelin antibodies crossed the blood brain barrier in the first place. Antibodies just shouldn't be crossing the blood brain barrier.
370181 tn?1595629445 So, if your grandpa has GOUT, you could end up with Lupus, or just a lot of food allergies. You could end up with ANY NUMBER OF AUTOIMMUNE PROBLEMS. I bet that PsA is also an autoimmune problem and it may be the only problem you ever have. Don't worry about the "what ifs". Just enjoy life while it's good. Do what ever activities your body allows today, cause you don't know if you can do it tomorrow!
Avatar n tn He did a chest x-ray and tested me for whooping cough (pertussis). He then decided that it was probably allergies or asthma and gave me nose spray, steroids for a week and an inhaler. Nothing worked. I finally went to an ENT who scoped my throat this morning and he discovered that my TONSILS were huge! I am back on steroids and Augmentin (antibiotic) for 10 days. The cough was just so bad and got to the point of gagging. So, my advice would be to keep looking for the problem.
742950 tn?1232594165 There is a possibility it can be. Other things that mimic lupus symptoms are lymes, rocky mountain tick fever, fibromyalgia, MS and low Vit. D. Here is a web site that might help you sort out the lupus question: SYMPTOMS: Lymes: fever, headache, chills, severe muscle pain, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, rash, cough, lymphadenopathy (?), arthralgia (?
Avatar f tn The clicking of the joints is a sign of arthritis (either RA, osteo or lupus)
Avatar m tn I think that it is advisable to pursue the allergy testing that I have listed and to give allergy shots if necessary. If your dog is only afflicted with allergies and does not have Lupus or other infections than he may also benefit from the medication Atopica. Which is for allergic skin disease. Allergy treatment is daunting because there is no cure for allergies, and they require a lifetime of treatment.
Avatar f tn Did they do an anti DNA test for Lupus. If that is negative it probably is not Lupus. Lupus can cause nerve damage. People can have several health issues at a time. Ovarian cysts are common 98% they are benign. Many resolve themselves. I would see a neurologist who specializes in MS as Sarah suggested. The Bells palsey needs further neurological investigation to rule out MS.
Avatar f tn Hi and welcome to MedHelp. The symptoms you listed do sound familar to lupus symptoms. Additional investigations for positive ANA: 1. antibodies to double stranded DNA: if possitive highly suggestive of SLE, related to disease activity. 2. antibodies to ENA: 3. rheumatoid factor: present in RA or Sjogren's syndrome. 4. cardiolipin antibody 5. C3 and C4: These are depressed in acive SLE and rise w/ disease remission. 6.
Avatar m tn My daugher is 13 years old and has had the following bloodwork and symptoms: Low WBC 2.8 (for over 4 months); Positive ANA 1:1280; Positive Chromatin 1.8; rashes; fatigue; aching, allergies and acne. I've been told by one doctor that she has some sort of auto immune disease, but doesn't think it's SLE because she tested negative for anti-DNA test, an anti-SM test and an anti-RNP. While another said it could possibly be SLE.
Avatar f tn I have Celiac/Sprue disease. asthma, allergies, and Atypical migraines. I have been told once you have an autoimmune disorder you are high risk for others. Recently I was told my Atypical migraines are considered autoimmune based on recent research. Are asthma and allergies also considered autoimmune disorders? Asthma and severe allergies developed in my late '40's 5 years after I was diagnosed with Celiac/Sprue. Atypical migraines developed this past year.
Avatar f tn We saw the dermatologist and allergist for testing (lupus, arthritis, allergies) and all testing showed negative. Later she would get hives more often. She will often get hives now from just showering (not from soap, just when the water hits her). Very cold weather also breaks her out in hives. She began later having other symptoms like swollen hands. They didn't always look obviously swollen but she said it was hard to bend them.
Avatar n tn My wife has been Dx'ed with Lupus for a while now. She initially did chemo and steroids to get everything under control, and while she is usually fine, she does deal with a lot of fatigue. She started having noticeable cardiac issues (flutters, racing, chest pain) over the summer, which eventually resulted in a Holter monitor. She had her f/u with her cardiologist yesterday and was diagnosed with PVCs.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm 19 and have lupus sle, it keeps me from gaining weight and i'm beyond skinny. Right now i'm not on any medications for my lupus expect for blood pressure medications since my lupus is in my kidneys but anyways I want to know how to gain weight. I can't get out of the 80's and I'm sick of being a walking stick figure. Anybody knows how to help, and I'm 4'11 also.