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Avatar f tn hi im deathly allergic to metal pericings. it takes about 2 weeks to get into my blood stream and attack my heart (heart attack). tried it twice in my life. i'm wondering if it's just the nickel or if it's all metal. i have my silicone implant nov 4th and i'm trying to find out where i can get an allergy test. thanks so much.
404138 tn?1308941656 Another thing to consider is congestive heart failure or any other condition that might lead to fluid retention and restrict breathing. If your dog exhibits symptoms intermittently, do you have a digital camera capable of taking short videos? That will help your vet determine a proper diagnosis. There's no point in self-medicating until the underlying problem is diagnosed.
Avatar f tn It could be asthma or it could be allergies, too. The two are hard to differentiate, so it's possible to have either one or even a mix of both. If the doctor finds you to have asthma, they should have given you an inhaler, just in case. And if you have allergies, then start using allergy medication to reduce your symptoms. I would talk to your parents and tell them you are serious and have trouble breathing at times.
Avatar n tn GIven you age it is very unlikely that you did have a heart attack. It is more likely that this was a gallbladder attack, or something related to the GI tract as this occurred after eating. The bottom line is that I cannot make the diagnosis over a computer and you need to be seen by a doctor. In most cities there are free clinics where physicians will see patients pro bono. In your case the tests involved are not very expensive a( EKG and gallbladder ultrasound).
784382 tn?1376931040 it can be due to high blood pressure, low blood pressure including bleeding disorders causing anemia, heart diseases like arrhythmias, attack, cardiomyopathy, medications like blood pressure drugs , antidepressants, metabolic disorders like hypoxia, hypoglycemia, dehydration. in women, internal bleeding or hemorrhage, anemia, infections, endocrine disease like thyroid, pituitary gland and adrenals, allergies may cause wheezing, low blood pressure, can trigger sinusitis and resulting dizziness.
Avatar n tn A heart attack more accurately termed myocarial infarction is heart muscle damage...usually there is heart cell necrosis (dead), but sometimes the heart cells go dormant and with blood /oxygen to the deficit area the cells can be revitalized. About 5 years ago, I was had had an MI and my first symptom was congested heart failure...I was shocked to hear as I thought my problem was with my lungs!!
Avatar f tn I am having band allergies, from itchy and watery eyes to sneezing, coughing! Men, name it, I have it. Am 21wks pregnant now, yay!! But What can I do? Is it safe to take meds for it? If it is safe, what meds will be good?
Avatar n tn ve even had a mild heart attack, chest pain radiating from the chest to the lower jaw is a symptom of a heart attack, if you have any dizziness or feeling sick then see a doc straight away
Avatar f tn m about 7 weeks into all this anxiety business and have learned that the more I think about my breathing the same thing happens to me, started getting anxiety when I ended up in emergency cuz I thought I was having a heart attack, but like everyone else in here, EKG was ok and blood work was fine, but ever since then any little thing I feel around the chest area I think I'm having a heart attack, been snacking on almonds lately cuz I hear its good for you and your heart, but last week while
Avatar m tn I take Singulair for my asthma and it works wonders, but I am told, it's effect on allergies is very minimal. I have lots of allergies too but I have noticed, that over the counter meds like Alavert (or Walgreen's version) or ones similar, are better with allergies. My father says Singilair does help with his nasal polyps, but he also agrees it doesn't do anything for allergies.
1348086 tn?1370783185 With that said, when I begin having an anxiety attack I get short of breath, feeling like I am having a heart attack, etc. However, lately I have been getting like I can't breathe without any other symptoms of a panic attack. Yesterday I went up some stairs and I got to breathing really heavy and it just felt like as hard as I was breathing I couldn't get any oxygen.
Avatar m tn I have no idea anymore what cause is or what to do. By shock I mean like the heart palpitation was so big, strong, or scary that it scared the heck out of me.
1524304 tn?1326396974 Definitely go and have a check up. It sounds like asthma or some serious allergies and there are medications for that, so it should make life easier for your b/f and for you to not worry so much. Did you notice that fastened and irregular heart beat on occasions or more often as it may also be an indication of arrhythmia - again, it doesn't have to be serious.
Avatar m tn He then made my do a echo and a stress test, which lead him to conclude that my heart was doing fine, and that i had no heart attack. My ejection fraction was 70%. Is a high ejejction fraction enough evidence against heart attack. Can I trust this heart specialist when he says that there was no heart attack on the grounds of an echo and a stress test.
Avatar f tn If you think you are experiencing either a stroke and or a heart attack, you should go right to the ER.
Avatar n tn feels like an arrow going thru...could it be reflux, angina, or heart attack, sometimes the sharp pain between my shoulder blades takes my breath.. Also, not much stress or worries in my world either...
447939 tn?1235061943 I promise you that you have not had a heart attack. You had your heart checked out a little while ago and they said that your heart was fine and the chances of your heart packing in so soon after the best heart test in the world are too remote to even mention. You are young and you are healthy (despite your fears). It is easier said than done but you need to try and accept this sweetie.
Avatar m tn I was having the same symptoms as you and I had exactly the same tests as you. If you had had a heart attack or were on the verge of having one, or were heading in that direction......those tests would have shown that and they'd have you in the cath lab for the same procedures I had! Now stop all the "what iffing" and second guessing the doctors. If you're still bothered by chest pains, see a cardiologist if you haven't already. I'm betting it's FFD............
Avatar f tn I can tell you one of the biggest red flags for a woman however in a heart attack situation is shortness of breath no matter how small or large the shortness seems to be.....but that is only one of seven.....if all women recognized that fact it would not be the number one killer of women....we tend to explain everything away or wish it away.....look at those two sites and if you say yes to even a third of the symptoms i would want the answers.......