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Avatar m tn Don't let the words confuse you: latex mattress, natural rubber mattress, and natural mattress can all be used to describe products that are far from all-natural. Most so-called natural rubber mattresses are actually a blend of natural rubber and synthetic latex (styrene-butadiene rubber, or SBR), which can offgas unhealthful fumes and cause allergic reactions.
Avatar f tn It sounds like you may be allergic to some of the chemicals from the paint since latex paint does not have natural rubber in it OR from the actual latex in the masking tape that they may be using protect some areas from the paint, which, btw, is full of latex! You know, asthma is closely related to allergies and when allergies of any kind are triggered, asthma can easily kick in too. I found an informative link on this subject which you can visit here:
1150172 tn?1302132501 s ILD. Generally, memory foam mattress toppers with an ILD of 15 or below and latex foam mattress toppers of an ILD of 28 or below are sufficient.
Avatar m tn It is harder than I thought to accurately estimate the risk of transmission under "ideal" conditions - 100% compliance with meds and always using condoms (latex or other safe material) . . . . I would like to get the risk lower than the most basic 10% risk avoiding contact if any ob's, 5% with meds, 2.5% with condoms . . . . the studies suggest it could be lower with good compliance, but it is hard to estimate without better data . . .
Avatar m tn I suffer from all sorts of allergies including pet allergies, trees, and pollen. Does anyone know of any natural ways to get rid of my severe allergies? I'm tired of prescription medicine because they cause more side effects than good and just do not work for me. PLEASE HELP~!
Avatar n tn Found natural companies that make natural shoes but even natural latex may contain carba mix. Not willing to take that risk on shoes that are a couple hundred dollars worth. If any company can guarantee that their shoes are free of carba mix, then we would be willing to spend the $. It seems like shoe companies do not even know what carba mix is! Frustrating! I was in contact in Crocs one time and they said their shoes are safe for him.
656078 tn?1226369310 Mostly it is found that those who are allergic to mango fruit allergens show cross reactivity to latex,avocado, mugwort pollen, birch pollen, celery, carrot, and apple.Moreover,it is seen that people who have allergies to natural latex in turn may react in a similar way to Avocado, Banana, Chestnut and Kiwi fruit and may even develop anaphylaxis to these foods. To confirm to which allergens you are allergic ,you need to undergo allergy testing. Skin tests are used for this purpose.
1613602 tn?1306199123 For the past two weeks i've had shortness of breath at random times, and i've pinned it at allergies(even though i don't even know what i'm allergic to. I know it's not latex because the only time i've been exposed to latex in the last two weeks was yesterday.) I want to start taking something, and was wondering what the best product I should use is. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn Polyurethane condoms are used when people have allergies to latex. They are just as protective in preventing HIV and most STDs.
Avatar f tn s in honor of my diligence in staying online wayyyy too long, with weary eyes, helping others understand cross reactions in latex and food allergies --- in doing so, I outlined the latex, food cross-reactions to you suggesting you check for latex allergies at your next appt., when actually, you stated in your post latex is an allergin!!! Because of this blunder, we have probably helped so many members who will happen upon this information -- which is a really great thing!
1844975 tn?1318900277 Also are you allergic to latex? Sometimes a severe latex allergy can react to trace latex from people handling your foods. I'm not sure what you can do to help that, but it's something to think about. I would STRONGLY suggest getting in touch with a dietitian who could help work around your allergies as well as talking with an allergist specialist.
Avatar m tn I have a latex mattress and it is cost some major bucks, but I got tired of sleeping around the coils in my old mattress. It should last for more than 20 years.
1529238 tn?1324672658 I switched all the bowls in the house to ceramic, took away any rubber or latex toys and thought things would get better. The areas of missing pigment are less pink than when he came home with me, but it seems like he's licking all these other things more. I'm wondering if this is just a habit that he's gotten into and if there is something I do to get him to stop licking so much?
Avatar m tn If I am allergic to latex, are there any other condoms that offer a safe alternative?
Avatar n tn latex is one of the simplest tape allergies to avoid as several tapes are latex-free. for instance, Dynarex options a latex-free patch, paper, and fabric tape. Andover options a latex-free cohesive wrap and all 3M medical tapes are latex-free. • Allergies to the tape: this implies that you simply are allergic to one thing in the material of the tape. To avoid this kind of allergies, several makers build hypoallergenic tapes.
Avatar n tn I am allergic to many things including latex. The nuvaring says it is latex free but the main ingredient ethylene vinyl acetate can be used to make latex: to quote: "Just add water to this solid grade polymer and it quickly responds by dispersing into latex particles that are useful bonding agents in composites.
885829 tn?1240864261 The most likely triggers for acute urticaria are allergies to pets, horses, latex and foods, such as shellfish and nuts,bee or wasp stings,allergies to medicines,Viral infections, such as glandular fever and herpes, dental and sinus infections, fungal infections, blood transfusions and vaccines. The cause of chronic urticaria is often more difficult to identify.
Avatar m tn m allergic to Latex now-latex tape-the latex band they put around the arm to draw blood. Never had this before Tx.