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155701 tn?1230047101 I would consider seeing a Naturopathic physician and/or exploring homeopathy. I've had better experiences with homeopathy than I have with all of these drugs prescribed by my physicians ! There is also saline nose drops that work wonders for me... they are called "J's Nose Drops" and you can purchase them over the internet. Good luck !
520378 tn?1220869301 I just started using homeopathic remedies to treat my sinus and ear problems, can anyone tell me there experiences about homeopthy, i did all the research about this form of treatment but what i want to know is personal experiences with using these remedies. Did you ever use homeopathy and if so, did it work for you? Thanks! Mellisa.
Avatar f tn I have tried almost every medicine,alopathy,homeopathy,ayurwed,etc.but to no avail.Its just the degree of problem goes less.But is not cured.I have itchy nose,throat,watery eyes,cough always,nose blocked at night,etc. Can anyone suggest anything?
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed with allergies and a "reactive airway" for years now. Recently I have been working with Hospice and have to go into homes of smokers. I find that since working for Hospice that I have recurrent bronchitis (severe) with fever, chills, malaysia, about every two months or so. Is there any naturopathic treatment that would help me keep from getting sick so much? I realize this topic could cover many areas of ENT issues, but any response would be appreciated.
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Avatar n tn I will second the homeopathy suggestion. My son's allergies turned out to be from adrenal insufficiency, so the hydrocortisone he must now take is controlling his symptoms. However, it was not until after I took him for treatment by a homeopathic doctor that he began to have relief. Do you have digestive disorders also, or is it more nasal and throat reactions? Also, I believe Enzymedica has an enzyme formula called Allerase, designed to reduce allergy symptoms.
Avatar n tn yes its possible u've to take medicine until u cure. homeopathy is safe medicine and it don't has side effects.
Avatar f tn There were some good studies done in France that discovered definite immune system reactions to homeopathy. In the late eighteen hundreds, homeopathy and herbalism were the main forms of medicine in America. A group of robber barons, who with their thievings from the railroads they bankrupted to create the great investment houses that recently brought down our economy for the third or fourth time, got together to decide which form of medicine to bankroll in order to maximize their profits.
5860291 tn?1379191935 My aunt says it really needs a very good homeopath and the right medicine in the exact right power and the right diet to cure a disease with homeopathy. As far as my reading up on homeopathy goes, homeopathy is like a vaccine. Body is exposed to minute amounts of similar particle creating the disease and the body cures itself. The body only needs minute doses in a calm environment (removing dietary exposures) to work intricately ( according to aunt).
Avatar m tn You should consider homeopathy for your food allergies. And yes (after reading your other post), food allergies can definitely cause bloating and it is common for your heart to race after being exposed to a food or chemical that you are allergic to.
Avatar n tn On the 1st nigh Husband and wife have sex on the 2nd night wife was passing blood through urine. Came home on the 3rd. She visited here doctor who prescribed some homeopathy. After she did a urines test at LAB-A. Test results show that there was a urinary tract infection. She starts her treatment.
Avatar f tn In the US, homeopathy was the main form of medicine until the AMA got it banned toward the end of the 19th century, when the robber barons decided to throw their investment in with allopathic medicine. But homeopathy is hit and miss, trial and error, so whether that's your remedy or not would be better dealt with by seeing a homeopathic physician. In the meantime, there are some symptomatic remedies that might help, such as Calm's Forte for sleep.
Avatar f tn The principle of homeopathy relies on the placebo effect. Homeopathy should be used in complementary with other evidence based medicine treatments as homeopathy used alone can be dangerous because if the lack of therapeutic effect or proof that the treatments is actually valuable (ie giving homeopathy to someone affected by a virus that would requires antibiotics is dangerous because we don't have no data other than the placebo effect that homeopathy is therapeutic).
8128718 tn?1397045474 I will be 31 weeks exact tomorrow and was wondering what medicine is good to take for allergies? I also have this cough with allergies but i dnt know what to take that is safe for baby.
Avatar n tn ve been using homeopathy. Homeopathy addresses the root cause by training the body and immune system to do not react to harmless agents (allergens). In other words, works at a deeper level to help prevent further allergic responses –even to poison ivy-.
Avatar n tn My shih tzu had allergies what over the counter medicine can I purchase to give to the dog that will not be harmful he wheezes
1075109 tn?1281835691 There is absolutely no data on how well homeopathy works for anything. That's not to say there isn't any research on homeopathy, there is in other countries, especially lately France, but anything that lacks patentability has very little money for the kind of research that would determine in double blind studies how well any natural remedy. Quite frankly, the data on medication is quite deficient, using very small samples and very short term experiments.
Avatar f tn Doctors were planning to start me on methotrexate but I decided to try homeopathy and my homeopathy doctor gave me Silicea 30 in the beginning and for a month I did not see any major changes but after that she repeated the medicine and in higher dose as well Silicea 200 (three doses) and I started to see big improvement in pain and lumps, lesions drained itself some formed the opening on the surface without surgical intervention and some just drained internally into the circulatory system.
Avatar n tn Beat Spring Allergies with Bacteria
Avatar f tn There is a large debate ongoing now on homeopathy right now. I mean very recently homeopathy received a severe blow and they are thinking about removing all homeopathic remedies from the pharmacies because they failed to prove that it was working better than a placebo. That being said consider that the placebo effect is strong and it could help you but since i just told you homeopathy is not working and is not supported by science I jus induced a nocebo effect.
Avatar m tn t quit the Pristiq quickly -- if you do decide to stop taking it, it must be done very carefully and slowly as it can cause a severe withdrawal, so play it safe and easy. Homeopathy, and natural medicine generally, prefers people to be off medication for it to work, and this is more true with homeopathy as drugs that do similar things can antidote it. Some homeopaths are more strict about this, others less so; it depends on how traditional their practice is.
1076391 tn?1258412241 t interfere with medications you might be on, whereas other natural remedies can. On the other hand, natural medicine, and especially homeopathy, often doesn't work very well if you're on medication, partly because of medication's effect on the liver and digestive tract. Both allopathic and natural medicine are trial and error; neither is as scientifically based or as effective as is contended by both sides.
Avatar f tn I know how you feel.
Avatar f tn re talking about it. It does exist in homeopathy, and is called hypericum when it is, which is the Latin name for the plant. For some people St. John's Wort has proven very effective for depression. For others, not so much. You have to try it to tell. Usually, herbal medicine is used in combinations, not just one herb, but you can try it.