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8128718 tn?1397045474 I will be 31 weeks exact tomorrow and was wondering what medicine is good to take for allergies? I also have this cough with allergies but i dnt know what to take that is safe for baby.
Avatar f tn So I have allergies and im wondering if theres any medicine that I can take? and help me out.
7945295 tn?1397658820 Do any of you lady's take zyrtec for allergies? I don't like taking anything period but my allergies are sever. I claritan with my son but I feel like zyrtec works better. I was told its just as safe but figured I'd see what you lady's take.
7165624 tn?1395647767 I was told by my doctor that you can take just about anything but to stay away from the d. Take Claritin but not Claritin D, etc... Look for that d word on any sinus or allergy meds.
Avatar f tn I've been coughing up mucus and have a runny / stuffy nose for the past two months almost . Nothing I do has helped . I've tried Tylenol cold medicine and Claritin . Idk what else to do. But it hasn't gotten better . I thought it was getting better a little bit , but then went back to the way it was . I've talked to my doctor about it and he said its nothing and to try Claritin.
Avatar n tn Is it okay to take? All the wind and crap has absolutely thrown my stupid allergies outta whack.
Avatar f tn I know how you feel.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know what kind of allergy medicine you can take, if any? I'm 34 weeks.
Avatar f tn What medicine can I take for allergies?
7406493 tn?1453999212 Have you ever taken medicine allergies while pregnant? If so what kind? I need so comfort taking something before I lose my mind. the doctor or nurse haven't told me yer I called them twice ...they will call me back they say..anyway until tomorrow when I call them & demand my answers I could really use some I been there before answers. ..
2022859 tn?1342283129 I bugged my midwife incessantly and she precribed me a generic allergy medicine (its the same as claritin) she also gave me a nasal spray because i was complaining so much lol. Thankfully my allergies have died down but when they get really bad i take my allergy medicine. So just ask your doctor or midwife if they'll prescribe you an allergy medicine or if they'll aprove an over the counter medicine that you can take.
10366239 tn?1409616907 I suffer from terrible allergies. Most days I try to avoid taking meds but days like today my eyes are watering, I can't breathe, my throat itches, and my gums are swollen. What kinds of allergy medicine do you use that might be safer than others? If I have to take it I want to make sure I take the safest kind.
Avatar f tn My dr. Recommended sudafed. But I dont like taking medicine while pregnant so I didn't try it. My allergies aren't that bad though...
Avatar f tn Ladies please help!!! I've always had super bad allergies and the only thing I've found that works is DayQuil/NyQuil and obviously can't take that being 10 weeks pregnant. I seriously miss being able to breathe! Anyone know of a SAFE and effective allergy/sinus OTC medicine I can take???
Avatar f tn I found out I was pregnant at 9 weeks. I haven't had my first appointment yet but my allergies are going crazy. Does anyone know if I'm allowed to take allergy medicine or any kinds I'm supposed to avoid?. Thanks in advance ladies.
Avatar n tn I've had severe allergies for 24 weeks! My whole pregnancy. I have been coughing and sneezing for this long! Now for a month now I have had ear aches, and sore throat. I take claritin once daily, delsum cough medicine, benadryl at night, for the pressure in my ear I plug my nose and mouth and blow air until I hear and feel a mild POP or use steam for nasal problems, I use saline non medicated nasal spray and gargle salt water, I'm gonna buy a humidifier to help too.
Avatar f tn Sooo.
Avatar n tn puedo usar claritin para mi perro tiene muchas alerjias ledi benadril pero no funciona muy bien?
10355619 tn?1409542183 Thank you guys!
Avatar f tn My doctor allows me to to take Claritin cause I have really bad water retention in my hands but still would want to double check with your doctor.
Avatar f tn The only allergy meds safe for baby is claritin all others can harm the baby.
Avatar f tn I also have really bad allergies and take medicine all year round. I'm 20 weeks and also due in August. I stopped taking my meds at first and was completely miserable with bad headaches and allergies. My OB told me that I was aloud to take my Claritin d for now but since the decongestant can make your blood pressure go up I will just have to watch as I get closer to my due date. She told me I could switch to regular Claritin if this start to effect my blood pressure.
Avatar f tn Im 27 weeks and having really bad allergies. Anybody know whats safe , good to take??
Avatar n tn My mother has been suffering from extreme allergies for the past two months. She has always had allergies since she moved to the U.S. nearly 20 years ago. But this is the first year, it's been this bad. When she wakes in the morning she habitually has nosebleeds and sneezing fits. Her nose is regularly "clogged". Claritin doesn't work for her anymore. And when her doctor recommended NeilMed, it alleviated some of her symptoms but only for a short time.
Avatar n tn Hello, Side effects of singulair are many varying from non serious ones like nausea,abdominal pain,headache,heart burns and GI discomfort to serious ones like anaphylaxis,liver damage and depression and hallucinations.You can take zytec(cetrizine) for your allergies but it is also not without side effects.They may vary from allergic reactions to raised heart beat,seizures and liver damage.