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Avatar f tn How do you feel about step kids being in your maternity pic. My boyfriend suggested his daughter be in our pic. But I told him no. I just think that is weird to me. We can take regular family pics together. I don't mind that but taking maternity pics with her just doesn't sit right with me. What is your opinion on this?
Avatar f tn Hello! So, this is fairly simple to do. If you are using our app, you must log into the 'full site'. Then you will be on your profile page and you will see in the upper left hand screen a place for an avatar. You click on that to add a picture for your 'profile picture'. It will say browse pictures and your pictures should then open up for you to choose from (the ones you have saved).
Avatar n tn Hello i'm caroline and i'm a working mum i'm 39 years old and have 3 kids. Toby my oldest child is 10. non of my children have ever had a day off school and i was wondering what the big red rashes all over his body is.
387782 tn?1205120241 I never realized there was a section to add photos on here, well I loooove pictures so I posted some and I'm sure I'll post more, I tried to post pictures where I was percocet free...
Avatar f tn I live in a house full of people (my SO bros n gfs and 2 kids and 2 dogs n mom n dad) Due to financial issues at the moment, So its a lot of people and honestly I don't want them around kissing my baby or holding her all the time after shes born but idk how to address this issue.
Avatar f tn There are sick people out there stealing pictures from others and of others kids. I just got harrassed by a guy pretending to be a pregnant 16 year old and he threatened he would hack and steal all my pictures if i didnt send him a nude picture proving im pregnant. So watermark your pictures help protect yourselves and your kids there are tons of free watermark apps out there. Be careful! This world is sick.
Avatar n tn Your daughter is still young and has not likely come into contact with all possible allergens yet. It is also possible to develop allergies to things we were never allergic to before. Try benadryl for kids and follow up with your doctor.
Avatar f tn Incidentally, see if his mom has some baby pictures of him that she can bring over. Then compare the baby pictures of your boyfriend to photos of your daughter. (Comparing pictures to pictures is the best way to do this, not photos of him to her in person wiggling around and in color.) You'll probably see a match and that might also help calm him down.
Avatar m tn Does anyone know how they test a six year old for allergies. My kids is constantly suffering from what I thought was colds but now I want to see if it is Allergies/Bronchitus/Asthma?
Avatar f tn @BCD13 this is my last pregnancy so I just wanted to capture this moment and get the other kids involved as well. Trust me I don't feel my prettiest right now.
7550897 tn?1397354347 Can i have sum advise on wat to expect as a single parent with kids back to back....
Avatar f tn I had them done with my first pregnancy I'm going to gain with this baby as well its nice being able to look back at them. An it's something I can show my kids when there older!!!
Avatar f tn Youforget so much about pregnancy (and i already have 2 kids). I get such a kick out of the pictures looking back, even though i alwaysfeel fat and ugly pregnant. Wheni look back i smile and think i was cute pregnant! And all the memories come flooding back. Totally worth it!
172023 tn?1334672284 Ladies, I've seen a lot of ultrasound pictures posted lately. Many contain your full name on them. Please be sure that if you don't want your full name out there, that you find a way to remove it prior to posting. You never know. We've had at least one member stalked when someone took offense at something she said. Please remember that this is a public website, and any identifying information you put out there is available to everyone.
Avatar n tn t gained any weight in a year! Next week he is being tested for environmental allergies. Thanks for any info.
Avatar f tn When I was pregnant with my first the hospital gave us free 3D ultrasound pictures. We loved them. Now that we are pregnant again I sorta want to have them. Only no free ones. Wouldn't it show favoritism later on between the kids? Do for one do for all, right? Ir am I stretching? What do y'all think?
218870 tn?1240255655 has anyone with children left an alcoholic? what happened to the kids? I left my husband a year and a half ago and my attorney told me to bring pics and stuff like that, but he ended up getting the kids unsupervised every other weekend. I immediately took him back because i was scared for the safety of my kids. I can guarantee if the smoke alarm went off, he would not wake up. He doesnt take care of them at all, I cant guarantee they would even eat.
2082492 tn?1366727308 I am very nervous about taking maternity pictures. I'm going take them at 32 weeks. I'm not sure on what to wear or anything about them. Do i want my husband to match what i wear or just wear whatever. It's so confusing. I know i will be big but i still want to look my best in the pictures. If anyone had these pictures taken can you please give me any type of advice. Thanks so much!
Avatar f tn So I was thinking I could just take her to get pictures taken, out 2 eat and cake and ice cream later and then have a "celebration" at the end of January when we get our tax return. Does this sound like a good idea? I just want her 1st birthday to be special.
Avatar f tn My 2 year old has communication trouble too. What we've been working on with him through therapy is communicating via pictures. If he wants a particular toy, he hands us the picture and sometimes will sign "please". If your daughter is going through therapy, this may be something to try out. Use pictures of different emotions and ask her which one she feels. Use a mirror to show her what feeling she is expressing versus what feeling she chose.
Avatar f tn If price was the issue I would bring a camera, take pictures yourself, then go to a photo place and give the pictures that extra something like the name, date and both info. It would end up being pretty cheap.
Avatar f tn Been having pain behind my eyes like a pin feeling and a dull pain along with soreness around eyes when I move them around. Also been having dryness/itching. All symptoms have been happening for the past year. Eyes are also pushed forward the left more obvious than the right. My doctor thinks it's just allergies but is referring me to an ophthalmologist she said that he will look behind my eyes but who really knows?
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