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Avatar m tn //***.*****.com/allergies/all-modality/allergies/miscellaneous/which-alternative-therapies-are-used-in-the-treatment-of-allergies-and-how-effective-are-they.html which seems like a great resource. I've tried QBC (quercitin, bromelein, Vitamin C) mixes and had some luck with those, but only if I remember to take them all the time.
Avatar f tn my drs said clariton, zyrtek and mucinex were all fine aswell for colds and allergies...
Avatar f tn My vet says my golden retriever has allergies - food and grass. Have tried various pet food for sensitive skin, some very expensive, and also using Malaseb shampoo weekly. Don't see fleas - ever. She's inside alot but takes lots of walk and plays in the back yard. She chews her paws, scratches everywhere. Have used Benadryl but I hate to think she will have to live on that. Nothing really seems to help. What to do? Have heard fish oil, Vit 3, Omega 3's, help.
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Avatar m tn www.****.com www.****.com . I hope this helps you. (((HUGS))) hope you feel better fast.
Avatar m tn My Mom has a 12 year old Yorkie/Cairn Terrier mix that has been coughing for several months. Has had him to the vet several times, they gave her medicine and antibiotics for allergies and bronchitis. A few weeks ago he had the diarrhea, the vet told her to mix pumpkin, hamburger & rice together...that worked, until a few days ago. She is talking about putting him to sleep. Would like to learn more about the dry hacky cough that he has...and why the diarrhea came back.
Avatar f tn Hello. I already have a almost two year old son and I've always wanted more kids at least one more. After TTC for over 8 months I recently had a miscarriage, it was very devastating for me but I was still hopeful that we can have another baby soon. Lately my husband has been saying that he is fine with our son and doesn't think he wants anymore kids. He says it's because he is already so busy and doesn't think he has time for more and I already complain about his work schedule.
Avatar m tn Does anyone know how they test a six year old for allergies. My kids is constantly suffering from what I thought was colds but now I want to see if it is Allergies/Bronchitus/Asthma?
Avatar n tn He also put me on Astelin which has helped a ton and he said Docs cant be so quick to judge and just call everything allergies. The reason I dont have allergies is I am just congested in the face and nose I dont have anyother sypmtoms such as Itchy anything or sore throats.
231441 tn?1333892766 Hi! I had a stuffy congested nose throughout most of my pregnancy too! I bought a good humidifier and used saline nasal spray. This website is very helpful as well to determine if in fact you're suffering from just nasal congestion or allergies. If you've never suffered from allergies before, chances are i'ts nasal congestion caused by all the hormones in your body, and your mucus glands going haywire. It's very annoying not to be able to breathe freely!! http://www.
5347058 tn?1381188426 Is it possible for cats to have seasonal allergies like people do? I have a 2 year old male cat and he suffers from the occasional runny nose and watery eyes. It seems to start right about the time my allergies get bad. It lasts for a couple of days and then he is fine. I was just curious because he acts fine other than the few symptoms he has.
Avatar n tn t gained any weight in a year! Next week he is being tested for environmental allergies. Thanks for any info.
Avatar m tn Many people develop allergies to chemicals and products if they are around them a lot. I developed an allergy to acrylic nails after working with them for a while. I had never had a problem with the solution before. Just wear gloves and don't touch or breathe in bleach from now on.
Avatar n tn What kind of vacuum does the maid service use? This is very important, because many of those professional vacuum cleaners spew out so much dust it's unbelievable. Dust is one of my worst allergies, and shows up very graphically on skin tests. You might want to ask the maid service to start using a vacuum with a HEPA filter. This greatly reduces the amount of dust going back into the air when the vacuum is running.
1404300 tn?1281299312 She has been on steroids all her life to treat allergies. She is now displaying symptons of cushings. My vet is of the opinion that the prolonged use of the steroids is probably to blame. He also believes that what was first diagnosed as diabetes may also be related to the extensive steroid usage. I would like to change her diet and feed her home cooked food. I am sick of pumping chemicals into her. Can anyone offer me advice?
Avatar f tn Due in April and my 2 kids will be 20 months apart trying to find a double stroller that will work with my babytrend car seat. I'm looking at the baby trend double stroller or the countour Optimus lt stroller anyone have reviews on these, thanks!
740516 tn?1360942486 and it does NOT have a good reputation....too many grains that cause allergies plus now they are changing some ingredients for even worse read this clip.. What alternatives do you have available for cat food there in Brazil???
Avatar n tn Do you know what your iron levels are like? You might be anemic which can cause the lightheadedness and headaches and such. Also if you are on hormonal contraception it can cause some similar symptoms so talk to your doctor or a contraception nurse and discuss whether that is it. It could also be symptoms of Chronic fatigue syndrome (which I suffer from) which is normally diagnosed after adding up many symptoms and ruling other things out or it could be a simple bug.
Avatar f tn I have been an allergy sufferer since I was a kid. My allergies had been dormant for several years until this year. In the beginning my sinuses were draining and I was ok just dealing with the annoyance of a constant stuffy nose, and sneezing. Eventually I was only waking up with mild congestion which would clear up once I sneezed several times in the morning but then my nose and sinuses would be really dry. One day I had severe eye pain in my left eye.
Avatar f tn I think allergies are for the most part genetic. I was born right on time and have hayfever like my mum, my cousin was overdue and has loads of allergies, her mum (my auntie) is allergic to far my kids have not shown any signs of allergies (7 & 5) but they have both been brought up with cats and dogs and we live in the countryside so I think that helps desensitise.